Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For Immediate Release

Amazing Stories Seeks Bloggers

Amazing Stories, the World's First Science Fiction Magazine, is preparing for its return and is now seeking experienced bloggers with interests in science fiction, fantasy and horror, their sub-genres and their impact on or relationship to film, television, gaming, anime, comics, audio works, visual arts, fandom, publishing and science.

 Since completing two well-received Volume Zero Relaunch Prelaunch issues (required for Trademark registration & to honor our friends)  the Experimenter Publishing Company has been notified by the USPTO that it will be granted its marks; during that same time work was begun on the first stage of the Amazing Stories website, Frank Wu has completed the artwork for Amazing Stories' first new cover in over seven years and numerous other great things have been happening.

In anticipation of the forthcoming roll out of the new website, Amazing Stories is now seeking the assistance and participation of fans and bloggers from across the genre spectrum.

If you think you might like to write for Amazing Stories, now is your chance.  Please email ( Amazing Stories and request an information packet.  

Visit the website and the blog and watch Amazing Stories grow!  Http://

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