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Pro Se Productions and Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief/Partner in Pro Se and Author of the novel YESTERYEAR, announced today that a series of stories set in the YesterYear universe Hancock created in his novel would be debuting on November 4th from iPulpFiction! is the brainchild of Keith Shaw and is a venue where short stories, both Classic and New Pulp, appear as individual tales and can be downloaded and enjoyed at extremely reasonable prices. "This," Hancock stated, "relationship with iPulpFiction is a natural fit for Pro Se, but especially for TALES OF YESTERYEAR (the name of the series of short stories from Hancock to appear on the site).  This is a chance to tell tales of the Heroic Era, the Golden Age of my cast of characters.  And the fact that they will appear regularly and be extremely affordable only adds to my excitement about this partnership."

Tales of YesterYear will feature stories from 1929-1955 in Hancock's YESTERYEAR Universe and will add insight to events in the first novel and coming tales, but also will work as stand alone Pulp adventures.  The first four stories to kick off this series are actually drawn from the novel itself, taken right from the pages of the fictional book that is the axis the story turns around.  "These tales," Hancock explained, "are a great jumping on point and that's why they showed up in YESTERYEAR.  You get the origin of the Heroes basically and some of the earliest stars in that pantheon. But many have requested even more tales from this part of the story, from this era.  So don't worry, there'll be all new never before published stories from the fifth one on in this series as well."

The initial story, THE FIRST YESTERYEAR, introduces the series and will be FREE and available on November 4th.  Next will be MURPHY'S WAKE, probably the most popular tale of the YesterYear mythos thus far, the origin of The Night. This intriguing Pulp tale debuts on December 2nd for 50 cents!  January 2nd sees the release of ONE GOOD EYE introducing yet another hero at a price of 75 cents!  The fourth tale, FOR FLAG AND COUNTRY, goes live on January 27th for the fantastic price of one single quarter!

TALES OF YESTERYEAR revisits an era held dear by many Pulp fans and mixes in Hancock's own characters with that period of history, weaving action, adventure, excitement and mystery into this familiar, yet new world of Heroes and Villains!

Pro Se Productions-



Amazing Stories Project Announces Editorial Advisory Board; Commissions Cover Art

Hillsboro, NH 10/21/11 - Steve Davidson (Crotchety Old Fan) who recently acquired the Trademarks for Amazing Stories, has announced the creation of an Editorial Advisory Board to assist in the re-launch of the world's first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.

Currently serving on the board in a voluntary capacity are four former editors of Amazing Stories - Barry Malzberg, Patrick L. Price, Ted White and Joseph Wrzos (who edited under the pen name Joseph Ross).  Their tenures as editors of Amazing Stories spans nearly three decades and includes some of the most volatile, challenging and innovative periods in the magazine's history.

Each of the board members has made important contributions to the genre, servingvariously as authors, agents, editors, collectors and historians. Their combined experience with the genre provides the Amazing Stories project with access to an unparalleled wealth of information.

Steve has also commissioned Frank Wu, multiple Hugo Award winning artist, to create a re-imagining of  Frank R. Paul’s inaugural cover illustration for the magazine. The cover art will be made available on a variety of different media and will be used as a fund raising and promotional vehicle.

Additional details about the Amazing Stories project can be found in Steve Davidson's monthly column on the review blog Grasping for the Wind (10/21/11)

Those interested in following the project can visit the magazine's website at Amazing Stories Mag (sign up for a newsletter is available there) and on its Facebook page.

Steve Davidson is a science fiction fan, blogger, curator of the Classic Science Fiction Channel website, author of several paintball books and currently edits the news and information website for paintball - 68Caliber.  He made application for the Amazing Stories trademarks in 2008 and was granted the marks in September 2011.

Steve can be contacted directly at (please put "Amazing" somewhere in the subject line) or by calling 603-290-0351


Cover: James Burns
The Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" comic book by Bobby Nash and James Burns is now available for digital download at DriveThru Comics.

About Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!"
November, 1941. Ace Air Adventurer Lance Star accepts a dangerous mission into an enemy stronghold to stop the Nazi’s from uncovering plans for a weapon long believed destroyed. Lance flies a solo mission to Kiev where he is to plant explosives and destroy a weapons facility when he runs into an old enemy. Now, Lance is faced with a choice. Complete the mission? Or take down the Sky Ranger’s greatest adversary? He’s only going to get one shot at this. Will he choose the mission or revenge?
Featuring high-flying adventure, aerial dog fights, explosive action, and stunning artwork, Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is pure pulp fun from start to finish.

Lance Star: Sky Ranger
"One Shot!"
Written by Bobby Nash
Art/Letters/Colors by James Burns
28 page DriveThru Comics Digital Edition

Page 1.
Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is now available for digital download at DriveThru Comics.

Learn more about DriveThru Comics at

Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthology volumes 1, 2, and 3 and "One Shot!" are also available in print and digital editions. Visit,, and for more information and updates on future Lance Star: Sky Ranger projects.

The Great Detective Goes Corporate in Holmes Inc.

Cover: Ty Templeton
The Holmes and Watson clans are at it again at

HOLMES INC. is the brainchild of Toronto comic book impresario Ty Templeton, instructor at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, a training ground for up-and-coming writers and artists. Contributors to the comic are students and alumni of the TCW, many of whom are graduates of Ty’s famous Comic Book Bootcamp. With this project they’ve put to work what they’ve learned at the TCW to show off their skills, and created a great comic in the process.

Cover: Leonard Kirk
The stories in Holmes Inc. feature the descendants of the Holmes and Watson families, in the present day. Throughout the many decades since the Master Detective died in 1935, the descendants of Sherlock, Mycroft, and Watson have managed to keep their family together for generations, serving King, Queen, and country for nearly a century, as the agents of HOLMES INC.

Digital Copies of Holmes Incorporated are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the following sites: Drive Thru Comics, The Illustrated Section, My Digital Comics, and You can find links to each at

Print copies of the 52-page Holmes Incorporated #1 are currently $5.95 per copy. Print copies of the 80-page Holmes Incorporated #2 are $6.95 per copy and can be ordered through PayPal. For single issue sales please send $5.95 (#1) or $6.95 (#2) plus appropriate postage (see below) to Postal rates are $2.00 within Canada, $3.50 to the U.S. and $7.00 to Europe. Please contact Sean Menard at for postage quotes on multiple copies.

Page from issue 1
You can learn more about Holmes Inc. and the characters at

You can learn more about Ty Templeton at

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Jungle Jim’s African Adventure!

Treacherous mermaids in the Sargasso Sea, mysterious death in Accra, an alien race beneath Mombasa and Voudou sorcery in Haiti? All this and more inside....
Jungle Jim is a bimonthly African pulp fiction magazine featuring genre-based writing from all over Africa. This inaugural issue contains three stories and the first part (in a series) of The White Darkness - a real-life account of cult film-maker Richard Stanley's extraordinary experiences in Haiti as recorded in his private diaries while filming a documentary on Voudou for the BBC.
Issues 1 – 5 are now available on Kindle through Amazon UK.

In the United States, you can purchase the Kindle edition for $2.99 at

The Jungle Jim editors are constantly looking for writers and illustrators to join their galactic quest. You can learn more about African Pulp Fiction by visiting Jungle Jim at You can also join them on Facebook at

The Peerless Peer Heads To Germany.

Win Scott Eckert announced on his blog [] that a German translation of Philip Jose Farmer's classic Sherlock Holmes-Lord Greystoke pastiche The Peerless Peer will appear in 2012 from publisher Atlantis Verlag.

This new German edition will also feature Win's afterword that also appeared in the 2011 edition from Titan Books (currently selling on Amazon).

The Game is Afoot!

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Earth Station One Digs Up Your Favorite Dead and Undead Characters

"I like your dress."

Earth Station One Episode 83 is now live at
Direct link:

Continuing into the haunting season we thought that it would be fun to talk about our favorite dead and undead characters. Plus, we visit the Hellmouth and chat about the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with Nancy Holder, writer of Domino Lady, Buffy, and more. Nancy also climbs inside The Geek Seat and we discuss her upcoming pulpy projects. But wait that’s not all, we also will be talking to our friend Kevin Parker about Netherworld, one of the largest haunted houses in the south.

Domino Lady & Buffy Writer Nancy Holder

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast that we like to call: Our Favorite Dead and Undead Characters

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:05:03 Rants & Raves
0:24:36 The Geek Seat w/ Nancy Holder
0:52:18 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1
1:37:48 Our Favorite Dead and Undead Characters
2:24:58 Kahn Report
2:37:38 Count Down to Halloween w/ Kevin Parker of Netherworld
2:52:05 Shout Outs
2:56:45 Show Close

Earth Station One Episode 83 – Our Favorite Dead and Undead Characters is now live at Direct link:

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Bobby Nash’s DEADLY GAMES! Kindle Edition Now Available.

[Official Press Release]:

Deadly Games! Author Bobby Nash
BEN Books is proud to present Deadly Games! a thriller by Bobby Nash on Kindle for the low price of $3.00. You can purchase the Kindle Edition of Deadly Games! through Amazon’s Kindle Store at

The print edition of Deadly Games! is also available at for the low introductory price of $11.99.

About Deadly Games!:
Deadly Games! A madman's death triggers the most deadly game of all!

They played the most dangerous game of all and death was only the beginning...
Six years ago, Police Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West were instrumental in the capture of notorious master criminal Darrin Morehouse. Their story played out in the media, rocketing both Bartlett and West into local celebrity status.

Today, Morehouse, still a master game player and manipulator, commits suicide while in prison. His death initiates one final game of survival for the people Morehouse felt wronged him the most. At that top of the list are Bartlett and West, who must set aside their differences to save the lives of Morehouse's other victims and solve one last game before a dead man’s hired killers catch them and his other enemies.

Deadly Games! is a fast-paced action/thriller featuring action, suspense, murder, and the occasional gunfire from Author Bobby Nash, the writer of Evil Ways, Domino Lady, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and more.
Written by Bobby Nash
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 956 KB
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: BEN Books (October 25, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Lending: Enabled
Language: English
Related Categories: Fiction / Thrillers
Kindle Price: $3.00
The Kindle Edition of Bobby Nash’s novel, Deadly Games! is now available for $3.00. You can purchase the Kindle Edition of Deadly Games! through Amazon’s Kindle Store at

The print edition of Deadly Games! is also available at for the low introductory price of $11.99.

Visit BEN Books at
Visit Deadly Games! author Bobby Nash at

The print edition of Bobby Nash's novel, DEADLY GAMES! is now available at Direct link:

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Press Release – For Immediate Release
GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER Now Smites Evil—via Kindle!
Puritan Swordsman’s Adventures Debut on Amazon’s Popular e-Reader

Smithton, IL (October 27, 2011) White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in Kindle format of
Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, the multi-award-nominated Sword-and-Sorcery anthology co-created by Van Allen Plexico (SENTINELS; LUCIAN) and Kurt Busiek (Dark Horse’s CONAN; ASTRO CITY), among other New Pulp luminaries.

The book contains seven stories that see the dour Puritan battling evil both demonic and all-too-human, on land and sea, in deserts and forests and frozen wastes.

Having witnessed the travesty of the Salem Witch Trials first hand, Cain leaves his home and family behind to fulfill his divinely-decreed destiny. Now, armed only with his flintlock pistols, imposing mortuary sword engraved with angelic runes, and his unshakeable faith in his holy cause, Cain relentlessly pursues the arch-demon Azazel, corruptor of Mankind, across the globe. Along the way, he clashes with pirates, savages, monsters and madmen.

“New Pulp” all-star scribes Scott Harris, K. G. McAbee, James Palmer, Ian Watson, David Wright, and Brian Zavitz join writer/editor/co-creator Van Allen Plexico in delivering seven savage tales of holy vengeance.

Says Plexico of this new electronic edition: “I was extremely proud to bring GIDEON CAIN to the world as part of another publisher’s paperback line. Now I’m equally excited to see the grim Puritan hacking-and-slashing his way onto Kindles, by way of White Rocket Books! Having the involvement from day one on this project of the guy who wrote one of the greatest CONAN runs ever—Kurt Busiek—should guarantee readers of what kind of Sword-and-Sorcery adventure they have in store here.”

Originally published in trade paperback in 2010 by Airship 27, GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER was nominated for three Pulp Factory Awards (two for Best Story; one for best artwork). Additionally, Plexico and Watson were nominated for Best Pulp Writer by PulpArk. The new Kindle edition presents all seven stories in their entirety, along with the Introduction by Busiek, at the low price of only $2.99.

White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats. White Rocket books have hit the Top 15-by-Genre and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Editor Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.

On sale as of October 27, 2011, GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER is a $2.99 e-book from White Rocket Books.

# # #

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PRO SE PRODUCTIONS announces today that PULP ARK 2012, The Official New Pulp Convention, will be held April 20-22, 2012.  PULP ARK will be held once again in the scenic Ozark Mountains in Batesville, Arkansas, a town with a rich history and full of life all its own that sets it apart from other small town venues.  PULP ARK 2012 will be held at the Independence County Fairgrounds in Batesville with ample room for vendors, guests, panels, and multiple outside activities!

"This is our second year," Tommy Hancock, PULP ARK Founder and Coordinator states, "and even though our first year was in many ways indicative of the first year of anything, we actually have quite a lot to live up to.  With our 30 or so guests last year, we found the perfect mix of Convention and Creators' Conference.   We found a formula that works for PULP ARK that is a little different than other conventions and conferences and we have to make sure we continue that aspect of it.  Also, though, we have to make sure PULP ARK 2012 is an event that brings in fans from all over Arkansas, nearby states, and from wherever else, fans that will interact with our guests and make it a successful weekend for all.  So, with our eye on keeping some of the closeness that developed on the conference side of PULP ARK, this is all going to be a full blown Fan's Convention experience as well.  Guaranteed."

Hancock states that announcements will be forthcoming with details regularly concerning PULP ARK 2012 and can be found at!pulp-ark.  

"We have," Hancock said, "returning guests and will be revealing those in the next day or so.  We are also pleased to announce we have many new guests  attending, including writers, publishers, artists, and several cool enthusiasts and performers.  One such group is the Clockwork Mechanalists, a fantastic Steampunk group out of Memphis, Tennessee.  Steampunk is an exciting area of interest and, in my opinion, as pulp as anything can be and the Mechanilists will be at PULP ARK to entertain and educate us all!"  Hancock stated that future announcements would provide more information on the  Mechanalists, Steampunk, and even a surprise announcement related to the Mechanalists and the Convention/Conference.  Hancock also promised that other guests and performers would receive similar spotlights as given the Mechanilists here in coming announcements.

PULP ARK 2012 will also have several contests going in association with the event.  "We will once again," Hancock stated, "present the Pulp Ark Awards for excellence in Pulp Fiction in the previous year.  But there'll be other awards presented in an unique way as well.  We'll be announcing several writing and art contests within the next week and the prizes for some of them are actually exciting prospects for the winning creators."

A major selling point of PULP ARK 2012 to guests, exhibitors, vendors, and performers who may be interested in attending is that there is no charge for single table space and no membership fee for vendors, guests or performers.  "We want these people to come and entertain and meet fans.  At this point in our life as a convention/conference, it's most important to us to make sure PULP ARK has a great lineup of guests and talent."

With the promise of releases and announcements rather consistently from now until PULP ARK 2012, Pro Se Productions invites you as fans, writers, creators, performers, exhibitors and vendors to be a part of PULP ARK 2012!  Email Hancock at or call 870-834-4022 for more information and remember to check out!pulp-ark for regular updates!



Dillon and The Legend of the Golden Bell: From a Modern Black Perspective
 As written by Brent Lambert, ALL PULP Staffer

When I first heard the term “post racial” being thrown around I was put off by it.  It seemed like terminology invented for the sole purpose of creating a false reality and to create cultural repression.  Whoever thought the advent of an African-American President somehow spelled a symbolic end to racism was smoking something real good and I still want some of it. 

The other idea proposed by this concept of “post-racial” was a bit sneakier and less obviously wrong because it’s an idea that’s been pushed on those America has considered “other” since its inception.  Assimilation.  That was what I felt was at the real core of this “post-racial” word.  Minorities were being called to lay down their cultural heritage and grievances in the name of this unseen new racial harmony that supposedly miraculously sprung up after November 2008.  Fortunately, most of us weren’t that stupid.

So what does any of this have to do with Derrick Ferguson and his novel, Dillon and The Legend of the Golden Bell?  Well, some might look at the novel, see the character of Dillon and see what might be the world’s first post-racial pulp hero.  Dillon is African-American, but you could see him as any race and he’d be just as enjoyable.  One of his best friends is a white man and the friendship, thankfully, is one that exists without any sort of racial footing.  In fact, one could argue that every character in the novel could be white and you’d enjoy it all the same.  I agree except for the fact that it would be implying Derrick had no racial concerns when constructing this story, which is something I just can’t buy. 

See, I’ve had the unique pleasure of discussing race in general and in terms of writing with Derrick.  So can I assure everyone that he is without a doubt a black man and is smart enough to not buy into the political correctness of the supposed “post-racial”.  The thing with Derrick is that he’s nuanced and I believe he’s so nuanced that some things in this novel could only be picked up on by someone who’s had the black experience.  So race is very much in Dillon and The Legend of the Golden Bell, but it does not have to be shouted from the rooftops.

 Too much of our media with a black focus has to scream “black, black, black” and Derrick avoids that trap.  It’s a tempting trap to fall into because there is such a severe lack of quality black media that aspiring black artists feel the need to take the entire burden on their shoulders.  Derrick contributes even more than I think he realizes because he avoids that pitfall.

Let’s look at Dillon to see the nuance I was talking about.  Derrick gracefully dodges the “Macho Guy” stereotype that plagues African-American male characters from TV to comic books.  Yes, Dillon is tough and he is undoubtedly an ass kicker, but the difference is that the core of his character isn’t centered on those things.  Derrick defies the stereotype of the black man as a mere macho and as a deadbeat father in a one-two punch through the character of Brandon.

Dillon shows a great deal of vulnerable emotions through his interactions with Brandon and becomes the boy’s surrogate father throughout the story.  He takes full responsibility for the young man and seems to really be the only character truly concerned with taking this young man on a dangerous mission.  Without ever having to get preachy, Derrick uses Dillon to spit in the face of the idea that the black man is lacking in paternal instincts.

A term popular amongst urban inclined people my age and younger is “swagger” or “swagga” if you want the hip spelling.  I think the term holds a particular affinity for black men because it harkens back to the 20s and The Harlem Renaissance.  Our vision of that time was everyone was cool whether they were a slick gangster or a skit skatting musician.  There’s a sense that black men in that time period commanded their respect simply by their presence and got it.  It’s something to aspire to and therefore those who seem to command that kind of presence are admired.

Even though the word has seen a bit of a resurgence, the essence of “swagger” is something that permeates the black male consciousness as far back as The Great Migration.  Look at the classic character of Shaft if you want a more modern example that represents this ideal.  He’s nearly unshakeable in his self-confidence and makes everyone around him better as they admire his bravado.  It’s easy to venture into Mary Sue territory with these kind of characters, but thankfully Derrick knows better.  Dillon is a worthy inheritor of this tradition.  He displays soap opera worthy suave with an equal dose of Herculean bravado.  On top of all that there’s a good bit of Imaro’s raw intensity thrown in the mix.

Dillon ultimately is a critique of this idea that to create racial harmony one must let go of culture.  He is a guy entrenched in a very racially focused world, but he elevates himself past it without giving up his identity in the process.  Dillon is capable of loving a white man as a father figure without having to worry about the oft-used label of Uncle Tom.   The fact Derrick is able to work past that sub-conscious complex and get a black audience to genuinely believe in Dillon’s blackness without divulging into the insanely urban is a testament to his skills as a writer.


ON SALE NOW- PRO SE PRESENTS #3, the latest issue of Pro Se Press' monthly Pulp Magazine, is now on sale!  This issue features the novella, THE HUNTER ISLAND ADVENTURE by well known New Pulp author Wayne Reinagel.

Never before in print, THE HUNTER ISLAND ADVENTURE features characters from Reinagel's INFINITE HORIZONS Universe and his PULP HEROES trilogy.  "Infinite Horizons," according to Reinagel, "explores the secret lives and revealing the unrecorded adventures of the greatest heroes and villains to ever walk the Earth.

"In the worlds of Infinite Horizons, the question is explored, what if the Victorian and Pulp era adventures actually occurred in our universe. And taking into account all of the events that have happened since that time, how would this have altered the pulp heroes from the 30’s and 40’s? The answers to these questions are presented in the first trilogy of Infinite Horizons novels entitled Pulp Heroes.

"Pulp Heroes is an epic adventure, spanning two centuries in time and linking the incredible lives of history’s most popular Victorian Age adventurers of the 1800’s with the greatest action heroes of the Pulp Era and an assortment of well-known, real-life figures."

THE HUNTER ISLAND ADVENTURE is a story about Pam Titan, Doc Titan's cousin and an adventurer in her own right, and three associates who end up on a wild adventure all their own.  Although available in ebook form, this will be the first time that the story has appeared in print.

"We are more than honored," Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions says, "to be the home for Wayne's novella.  Known for his epic storytelling and adventures that span decades, even centuries, full of his own creations as well as reinterpretations of real historical figures and literary characters, Wayne also proves he's extremely capable in telling gripping tales in a short form.  And now you can find out how capable in PRO SE PRESENTS #3!"

Pro Se's
Pro Se's CreateSpace eStore:
And Available soon from 

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Press Release – For Immediate Release

LUCIAN: Dark God’s Homecoming--Now Available for Kindle!

Acclaimed SF/Action/Mystery Pulp Debuts on Popular E-Reader

Smithton, IL (October 26, 2011) White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in Kindle format of LUCIAN: Dark God’s Homecoming, the acclaimed Science Fiction/Action/Mystery pulp by Van Allen Plexico (SENTINELS; GIDEON CAIN).

Drawing inspiration from the fantastic pulp-SF tales of Roger Zelazny (Chronicles of Amber), Jack Vance (The Dying Earth) and Philip Jose Farmer (World of Tiers), LUCIAN introduces us to the Dark Lord of the Golden City, an arrogant and selfish god whose insurgency to rule in Heaven failed and led to his exile on the human-occupied worlds of the far-future. When circumstances conspire to bring him back to his celestial City, Lucian discovers that most of his fellow gods and goddesses have been murdered and that, as the devil, he is of course the prime suspect. Now he’s on the run, barely a step ahead of his vengeful brothers and sisters, seeking evidence to prove his innocence (at least this once!) and to find the real killer—before his fellow gods catch him and end his immortal existence once and for all. Along the way, he becomes saddled with a beautiful and resourceful starship captain, who may force him to confront the hard truths about himself—if he doesn’t kill her first!

Says Van Allen Plexico of this new electronic edition: “The response this book has received in its paperback format, from Airship 27, has been more than gratifying. Readers seem to love this black sheep of a character and find themselves enjoying rooting for the bad guy! Now that it’s available on Kindle, I’m hoping it finds a whole new audience that will take the Dark Lord into their hearts!”

Pulp Fiction Reviews said of LUCIAN: “Fans of Jack Vance and Roger Zelazny will eat this up. Good stuff start to finish."

Van Allen Plexico is best known for the popular SENTINELS series of contemporary superhero pulp novels, as well as for the sword-and-sorcery anthology GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER (with Kurt Busiek and others) and the ASSEMBLED! books, exploring the history of Marvel Comics’ Avengers. In 2011 he was nominated for Pulp Story of the Year (by the Pulp Factory, for “The Red Flame of Death,” from GIDEON CAIN) and Writer of the Year (by PulpArk).

White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats. White Rocket books have hit the Top 15-by-Genre and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Editor Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.

On sale as of October 25, 2011, LUCIAN: Dark God’s Homecoming is a $2.99 Kindle e-book from White Rocket Books.

Steed and Mrs. Peel Return!

Boom! Studios has announced that Steed and Mrs. Peel issue #1 will be in stores January 2012. Written by Grant Morrison with illustrations and a cover by Ian Gibson, this comic book mini series is based on characters created for the classic British TV series, "The Avengers".

From writer Grant Morrison -- "The Golden Game Part One: Crown and Anchor!" Your favorite Avengers finally return! When Tara King is kidnapped by a mysterious organization, John Steed and Emma Peel must reunite to solve this mystery. Featuring gorgeous art from Ian Gibson, best known for his work with Alan Moore on "The Ballad of Halo Jones." A science fiction/spy fiction mash-up from Grant Morrison and two of TV's most iconic heroes!

32 pages, $3.99.

Boom! Studios', "Steed and Mrs. Peel" is a 6 issue mini series starting in January 2012.

For more information on BOOM! Studios and their offerings, visit

Meet ThePulp.Net

ThePulp.Net is a fan-produced Web site devoted to the pulp magazines of the 1890s through the 1950s. ThePulp.Net debuted March 26, 1996, as .Pulp on America Online. Its initial concept was for a Web site devoted to The Shadow. But eventually that changed to encompass additional pulp characters and books.

From the TPN site, "In mid-1995, we found it difficult to track down Web sites about pulp magazines. You had to search Yahoo (there wasn’t a Google then) and otherwise just surf the Net looking for pulp-related sites. Out of that frustration grew the seed for ThePulp.Net."

.Pulp started with links pages to Web sites devoted to The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Spider and a page to other pulp-related sites, plus a brief history of the pulps that was originally published in 1979. In July 1998, ThePulp.Net got its own domain name and really began to grow.

In addition to turning 10 years old in 2006, ThePulp.Net celebrated another milestone in January 2006 when the site surpassed 500,000 visitors. It is their hope that it won’t take another 10 years to reach one million visitors to the site. ThePulp.Net was created to help pulp fans increase their enjoyment of the pulp magazines.

In addition to information on the heyday of the pulps as well as new pulp, you can find links to other pulp sites, pulp publishers, blogs, websites, character bios, and more. ThePulp.Net is a treasure trove of pulp information.

You can visit ThePulp.Net at
Tell ‘em All Pulp sent ya.