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TIPPIN’ HANCOCK’S HAT-Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock

(I would like to extend a personal apology to Jeff Deischer, author of the book reviewed below.  I intended to have this review posted last week, but due to issues far beyond my control, I could not.  Doesn't mean it's right to break a promise, My sincerest apologies, Jeff.)

THE WAY THEY WERE: The Histories of Some of Adventure Fiction’s Most Famous Heroes and Villains
By Jeff Deischer
Published 2011 by Westerntainment

One of the many fantastic things about literature in general and about Pulp specifically is the richness and variety woven into the novels, stories, and tales that make up the genre.   Not only are heroes good and larger than life and villains evil and over the top, but there is a depth to these characters and the events creators thrust them into, a depth that over years has been explored in a myriad of ways. 

One of the most fun of these, in my opinion, is the work of creators and scholars to not only establish timelines for these fictitious creations and their marvelous escapades.   Although many people might find actual history boring, there’s something inventive and exciting about taking a literary character and matching their exploits to a particular year or event, tying our fantasy into our reality.  And an even cooler step beyond that is finding connections between one character and others, connections that given the right phrasing and tweaking become familial or uncover possible links that could lead to here to yet untold adventures.   Several works of this type have been written in the last several decades, including chronologies, timelines, or just full on stories bringing characters you’d never imagine being drawn together into the same realm.

Jeff Deischer, author THE WAY THEY WERE, is one of those writers and creators who not only imagines the possibilities, but sets out to establish them, not simply by telling tales, but by providing thought provoking articles and essays.  Drawing first from his own interest as a fan and reader, Deischer adds in research and analysis as he takes on several questions that have plagued Pulp fans for years and, in other articles, he poses brand new theories and brings characters to mind that at least I as a reader hadn’t given much thought to in a while.

Deischer tackles well-traveled ground by covering points various and sundry about Doc Savage and The Avenger.  He also takes on famous characters from horror literature, tying Dracula and Frankenstein and the Phantom of the Opera to timeframes and situations.  Surprises lurk within these pages as well, including a multi article study of the works of Jules Verne and a most excellent essay about the use of Antarctica and Mars in early Pulp fiction.   Regardless of it being James Bond or Gullivar of Mars, Deischer brings new life to old characters, breathing into them questions and theories that show a different light on them.   One of Deischer’s strongest points is his willingness to present ideas that run totally the opposite of established concepts and then go on to back them up.   Add to that a writing skill that is both engaging and entertaining, THE WAY THEY WERE reads as much like a multi chapter pulp tale as it does a collection of essays.

FOUR OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF HANCOCK’S HAT-Insight and detail add to the education into these fantastic characters that THE WAY THEY WERE provides.


Pulpfest 2011 has been another rousing success according to reports from many creators attending.  The winner of the 2011 Munsey has also been announced.  Congratulations to Anthony Tollin of Sanctum Books, the man responsible for reprints of THE SHADOW, THE AVENGER, and THE WHISPERER being available to fans today.  For full Pulpfest coverage on the Munsey this year, go to

And for a bit more on the floor coverage from the viewpoint of one of the leading creators of New Pulp, Artist Rob Davis, Partner and Co-Publisher of Airship 27 Productions stated-

"Hey, to all our pals who aren't in Columbus, Ohio for PulpFest. We are having a blast selling books and greeting people who come by the table. We had our best Friday ever sales-wise and Saturday was a very good day as well. Some old pals and new dropped by the table. I'd try to list them all, but I'm sure I'll miss someone-- Ron's much better at remembering who he chatted with than I am. I'd venture to guess that this show is pulling bigger attendance than Windy City (no mean feat!) and sales are brisk for the dealers. Ron and I attended the "What is SteamPunk" panel Saturday night and couldn't find seats! "

And from Win Scott Eckert-
I'm at the airport now, ready to head home. What a great show!

Friday night, although it was late, folks hung in there for FarmerCon's Philip Jose Farmer/Wold Newton panel/presentation. Technology willing, we'll have some video up on YouTube soon.

Ron did a fantastic job moderating the New Pulp panel on Saturday (thanks Ron!), and Duane, Bill, Greg, Wayne, and Art added a lot of insights to the writing process and why we love writing pulp, which the audience seemed to appreciate. My New Fictioneering reading was nerve-wracking, but fun.

The rest of the programming was great, with several presentations on the Shadow for the 80th anniversary, a presentation on steampunk, and on legendary pulp writer C.L. Moore.

The dealer room was excellent, and Meteor House did quite well with THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMER, volumes 1 & 2.

Although I made the list of final nominees for the Munsey Award, I knew I had no chance against the other great nominees, and the award went to a very deserving Anthony Tollin for his work on The Shadow, Doc Savage, Whisperer, and Avenger reprints. Anthony joined us for dinner a couple nights and regaled us with many stories. :-)

I brought a bunch of back stock of my various books, and they went like hotcakes. The PulpFest attendees were very gracious and extremely interested and supportive. I'll definitely be back.


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July 29, 2011

It's the Radio Archives Newsletter!

* New Doc Savage Audiobook: "White Eyes"
* New in Pulp Fiction: The Spider Volume 20, Doc Savage Volume 49, and The Shadow Volume 51
* New in Digital Downloads
* Deal of the Day
* The Critics Love "Python Isle"
* New in Classic Radio: Claudia, Volume 5

New Doc Savage Audiobook: "White Eyes"
The place: New York City. During the depths of the Great Depression, in the shadow of streamlined skyscrapers, reporters scramble for clues about an insidious wave of bizarre deaths - everyday citizens struck dead, the eyes in their lifeless bodies turned a sightless and ghastly white. The Blind Death has the teeming city paralyzed with fear; in desperation, civic leaders turn to the one man who can discover who or what is behind this gruesome series of murders: Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze.

From his offices high above the city, Doc and his band of trusted colleagues soon uncover a terrifying scheme to gather together all of the city's criminal elements as a single and seemingly undefeatable force. Their intent: to seize the wealth of the Man of Bronze and destroy him once and for all!

"White Eyes", the second in a new line of audiobook adventures from, is an epic tale of crime from the pen of Will Murray, heir apparent to Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage. Featuring dramatic narration by Richard Epcar, "White Eyes" is a roller coaster ride of action and excitement that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Produced and directed by Roger Rittner, who joined with Will Murray to bring you both "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series and the thrilling audiobook "Python Isle", "White Eyes" brings you ten hours of engrossing entertainment. Now available as both a ten audio compact disc collection priced at Just $31.98 and a ten hour digital download priced at Just $21.98, this new release from also features evocative cover art by Joe DeVito and two fascinating and exclusive audio interviews with the author.

Join the Man of Bronze for a suspenseful tale of action and adventure in "White Eyes", the new Doc Savage audiobook now available from!

New in Pulp Fiction: The Spider Volume 20, Doc Savage Volume 49 and The Shadow Volume 51If you're a fan of pulp fiction, you know that, in the 1930s and 1940s, there were three heroes who dominated the newsstands of America: the mysterious enemy of the underworld known as The Shadow, the tall and muscular Doc Savage, and a troubled and vengeful vigilante known as The Spider. Here at, we're delighted to carry a full line of double novel reprints featuring all three of these iconic supermen - including three new books that have just been released:

"The Spider Volume 20" features two thrill-packed adventures written by Norvell Page and Wayne Rogers under the pseudonym of Grant Stockbridge. First, in "The Devil's Candlesticks", a mystic murder spell falls over Manhattan, transforming America's moneyed aristocracy into ruthless fiends and criminals. Only The Spider can battle a horror league that has turned America's most wealthy citizens into lawless butchers! Then, in "Revolt of the Underworld", America's most ruthless criminals declare war on the Spider. Organized by the Fox, this tireless and devious band have succeeded in framing Richard Wentworth for the apparent murder of his fiancé Nita Van Sloan. Can the Spider successfully clear his name while also searching for the whereabouts of his beloved fiancée?

Then, in "Doc Savage Volume 49", you'll thrill as the Man of Bronze and his daredevil cousin Patricia Savage battle deadly menaces in two classic pulp novels by Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson: "The Terror in the Navy" and "Waves of Death".

Finally, in "The Shadow Volume 51", the Knight of Darkness battles strange supercrime in two thrillers by Walter Gibson: "The Living Joss" and "Judge Lawless".

These beautifully formatted issues, priced at Just $14.95 each, feature classic cover art, interior illustrations, full-length stories reformatted for relaxed reading, and many special features to add to your enjoyment. Radio Archives carries the latest issues of these exciting publications, plus all of the back issues as well, ensuring you hours of edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Be sure to stop by and pick up your copies of these new releases right away!

New in Digital Downloads
For years, entertainment on the go meant a transistor radio or a portable 8-track or cassette player. But nowadays, thanks to the new digital technologies, you can travel the world and take a world of entertainment with you to enjoy along the way!

Whether you enjoy your entertainment on your laptop, your cell phone, or one of the many small portable devices now available, when you're on the go, be sure to take the great sounding radio shows and audiobooks from Radio Archives right along with you. All of our digital downloads offer the same impressive audio fidelity as our compact disc collections and are available to you around the world around the clock at And, best of all, with digital downloads, you'll pay no postage or delivery charges!

This week, we're excited to feature our new line of audiobooks for digital download - including the Doc Savage adventures "Python Isle" and "White Eyes". "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series is downloadable, too, as well as radio classics like the long-lost daytime serial "Claudia", the mystery whodunits of "Philo Vance", the bizarre tales of "The Unexpected", and the hilarious misadventures of "Fibber McGee and Molly". Whether you're a fan of drama, westerns, comedy, detectives, or musical variety, you'll find it on the Digital Downloads page at Place your order, download your shows and, within minutes, you'll be enjoying some delightful audio entertainment.

Digital downloads from Radio Archive give you the best of everything: great shows, great selection, great sound quality, and all at great prices, too! Stop by today and see what's waiting for you!
Deal of the DayLooking for a great deal in entertainment? Then you can't go wrong with the Deal of the Day, a new feature now available at!

When you visit our home page, look for the bright yellow Deal of the Day tag on the top right hand side. Click on it and you'll see today's special deal. Sometimes a pulp reprint, other times a book, a DVD, or a compact disc collection, these limited time bargains are available at a fraction of their regular price - and there's no minimum purchase required! Whether you want just that day's special deal or whether you add it to the rest of your order with, the price you see is the price you'll pay - and that price will reflect a discount of 10, 20, or even 50 percent off the retail price!

But remember: the Deal of the Day may change at any time! If you like what you see, order it right away; wait and it may be gone!

Visit often and check out the Deal of the Day. It's a great way to stretch your budget, add to your personal library, and enjoy some timeless entertainment!

The Critics Love "Python Isle"For well over a decade, Radio Archives has maintained only the highest standards of quality, making our reputation by offering the very best audio fidelity, packaging, and customer service. So, when we decided to begin producing our own line of audiobooks, we wanted to make sure that they were the very best you could get anywhere at any price - and, thanks to the impressive talents of producer/director Roger Rittner and the skills of our world-class narrator Michael McConnohie, "Python Isle" had not only met but exceeded our standards and expectations.

But don't take our word for it! Here are some reviews that have recently appeared:

In "Mass Movement Magazine", Tim Cundle writes:
"It's an incredible tale of an ancient tribe of Solomon, a queen and a sorcerer locked in political struggle, pirates, New York gangsters, undiscovered islands, lost explorers, hijacked zeppelins and much, much, much more. Michael McConnohie's narration is nothing short of breath taking, capturing Dent and Murray's frantic pacing perfectly whilst bringing each and every character to glorious life. 'Python Isle' is an astonishing accomplishment that I can't recommend highly enough. Brilliant. Just...Brilliant."

In "Comics Bulletin", Penny Kenny writes:
"The skillful use of language and vocabulary is one of the delights of the story, and narrator Michael McConnohie's smooth, rich voice is more than up to the task of bringing it to life for the listener. Without overdoing it, McConnohie brings out the humor in lines that could easily be glided over, and he creates tension simply by the way he reads a passage. I don't think I'll ever be able to read a Doc Savage book again without hearing McConnohie's interpretation in my head. If you're looking for a fun action-adventure story, or if you want to try some of the original pulp fiction, you need to give the 'Python Isle' audiobook a try."

"Python Isle", written by Will Murray and directed and produced by Roger Rittner, is available as an eight audio compact disc collection priced at Just $25.98 and as an eight hour digital download priced at just $17.98. Join the thousands of excited listeners who are now thrilling to the audio exploits of the Man of Bronze. Visit and order your copy of "Python Isle" and our latest audiobook "White Eyes" right away

New in Classic Radio: Claudia, Volume 5If you were a stay-at-home housewife in the 1930s and 1940s, you were most likely a fan of the soap operas. Ever-present on radio, and later on television, these daytime dramas of romance, heartbreak, mother love, sacrifice, and somewhat overdramatized family life became a staple in the lives of millions of avid listeners - many of whom planned their daytime chores around the five-times-a-week adventures of "Our Gal Sunday", "Ma Perkins", "Stella Dallas", and the other dramas that dominated the airwaves between 10 AM and 5 PM.

But, in 1947, a new soap opera debuted that was far more quiet and gentle and down-to-earth than its strife-ridden neighbors on the radio dial. "Claudia", based on the best-selling novel and play by author Rose Franken, told the tale of Claudia and David Naughton, two newlyweds just beginning their married life. Young, enthusiastic, and very much in love, they weren't suffering from any of the crises or tragedies that were the common plot points of most daytime dramas. Instead, they were two people simply facing the many challenges of marriage and learning to live together as husband and wife. Thanks to insightful scripting, as well as charming performances by Kathryn Bard and Paul Crabtree in the leading roles, "Claudia" remains one of the unsung classics of radio's golden age - as well as one of the most entertaining soap operas ever aired.

In "Claudia, Volume 5", you'll enjoy 24 more consecutive broadcasts that were first heard in April and May of 1948. Priced at Just $17.98 for the six audio CD set and Just $11.98 for the six hour digital download, this charming series is one you'll want to share at home with your family - or keep it in the car and play one episode a day as you drive to or from work. Either way, we know you'll be delighted by the endearing adventures of "Claudia", now available from

Listen to this Newsletter!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this newsletter as an Audio Podcast! Click anywhere in the colorful banner at the top and you'll automatically hear the Radio Archives Newsletter, enhanced with narration, music, and clips from our latest collections! This audio version of our regular newsletter is a pleasant and convenient way to hear all about our latest products, as well as the newest pulp fiction reprints, special offers, and much, much more!


Readers of ALL PULP saw it announced here first.  An initiative to bring creators and publishers of what many consider the modern version of Pulp fiction together under one banner, a branding plan that would make Pulp publishers and creators easily identifiable, regardless if it was a Western pulp tale or a sci fi pulp opus, something that would link these various modern Pulpsters together.  A way to advertise, to unite, to push what Pulp is today without concerns of competition, sales, and who writes what for who.  A true recognition of 'If it helps one of us, it can help all of us.' that was first expressed in a statement on ALL PULP and not only gained quick support, but led to a brand that is now sported on books from various publishers, including Moonstone, Airship 27, Pro Se Press, Pulpwork Press, and others.  A brand and an idea that has grown quickly into a Movement.

New Pulp.

In an effort to capitalize on the support and involvement New Pulp has garnished since the man who initiated the organization of the Movement, Tommy Hancock, announced it, Hancock announces today a next step in the evolution of New Pulp.  While in many ways nothing will change, in other areas, improvements are being made and plans moving forward to insure that the New Pulp Movement isn't just something among like minded fans, but a major part of literature and social consciousness.

"New Pulp is still New Pulp," Hancock states, "just as it was outlined in my original statement and just as its sort of organically developed since then.   It's that development, that growth, that has sort of spurred the next step.  We could let New Pulp basically remain this open source thing that just anybody can pick up and use as a brand on their products and have a 'New Pulp' project here and there and most likely it would limp along forever and be okay that way.  But that's not what this whole thing was about, jsut sort of doing it halfway.  It's about getting recognition for creators and publishers of modern Pulp.  It's about increasing awareness, readership, and involvement in New Pulp, so creators can get their stories told, publishers and producers can get their product sold, and society as a whole can experience some of the best durned literature for the masses anyone could read.

"What's going to be happening as far as the Movement is concerned is some extra hands have been brought on and given formal positions within New Pulp to help facilitate more exposure, more material, more chances for New Pulp and all of us involved to get noticed, and more ways to make any creator's or publisher's association with New Pulp a positive and successful experience.  One thing New Pulp is committing to is that New Pulp will attend all three major Pulp Cons next year-Pulp Ark (The only official New Pulp Convention'Conference), Windy City, and Pulpfest.  Also, since people pretty much have already been asking me before they can use the New Pulp logo, that's a practice we're going to formalize for a couple of reasons.  One, so we can keep up with everybody who is involved in New Pulp and two, so we can at least have a say in quality control and make sure that the New Pulp logo is being applied appropriately.  It's still free and being a part of the whole New Pulp Movement still doesn't require you to take on extra work (unless you want to help out) or to sign your first born away.   This is just part of the evolution."

Provided below is the roster of Staff of the New Pulp Movement.  Hancock points out that, "This list is incomplete, although that's only by one or two spots.  And there can be more of almost everything on here as well, so if you want to help out, we can put you somewhere.  But remember, even when we start selling merchandise or producing books or whatever, that money doesn't go into anyone's pockets.  It goes back into New Pulp or to a charity New Pulp has partnered with."

Tommy Hancock-Coordinator
Megan Smith-Coordinator's Assistant
Sean Ali-Design/Advertising
Barry Reese-Online Promotions
Joshua Reynolds-Recruitment
Derrick Ferguson-Recruitment
Andrew Salmon-Merchandising
Mike Bullock-Editor in Chief,
Columns Editor - Hank Brown
Columnists -
Michael May "Pulptacular"
Jim Garrison "Pulp Magnet"
Sean Ellis - Title to be determined
Reviewers -
Andrew Salmon

The New Pulp Movement also has a Staff of Advisors, a board of three that will provide advice and insight to Hancock as needed and provide a vital support in that fashion.   Two of the three positions have been selected and accepted.

Ron Fortier
Wayne Reinagel

"New Pulp is about the creators and publishers that make it up," Hancock states.  "We're just trying to make it something they benefit from and are glad they are a part of."

Anyone interested in helping out with New Pulp or using the New Pulp logo can email Hancock at


In efforts to continue to bring Pulp fans the most comprehensive coverage of Pulp news of all types, ALL PULP has expanded its staff to include top notch reporters, reviewers, and commentators!  With the Spectacled Seven at the helm, ALL PULP has made a name for itself in being a major source of Pulp news and discussion for nearly a year.  With both the increase of awareness among fans and the public of ALL PULP along with the continuing increase of interest in all things Pulp, it was determined more hands were needed to man the juggernaut that is ALL PULP!  Current ALL PULP staff, leading off with the new Staffers and ending with the Spectacled Seven are as follows-

 JOSHUA PANTALLERESCO comes on board as ALL PULP'S Assistant Editor.   Joshua has published "I Am..." a poetry book and is working on a new collection. He also penned an essay, "The Modern Day Perceval" In the collection "Secrets of the Dragon Riders". Joshua has served as one of the editors for Northern Flight, an arts and literary magazine. and has published a non fiction piece "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and the fiction piece "Imaginary" as well. Veritas, Joshua’s first comic, is completed and now available. He is currently working on two novels and now will be assisting with editorial duties at ALL PULP as well as working in the trenches as a full time staffer, providing reviews, columns, and interviews several times a week!

ADAM L. GARCIA, one of the up and coming faces in the New Pulp Movement, is an award winning writer, most notably for his work on revitalizing the classic pulp character THE GREEN LAMA via Airship 27.  Adam isn't a one character writer, though.  He's working on various other projects, including original Pulp characters as well as mutliple projects that go beyond Pulp.  Adam will be providing news stories as well as his own unique take on Pulp via reviews and editorial columns.

BRENT LAMBERT, is an aspiring author working on his first novel and is excited to be able to expand not only his experience, but his knowledge as well by joining ALL PULP and delivering the best in news, reviews, interviews, and commentary on the world that is Pulp!
FRANK SCHILDINER, Pulp Author and Creator, joins ALL PULP's ranks, ready to bring all his best to news coverage in the Pulp World.  Frank has had work published with Airship 27 Productions and is one of the many creators involved in the Infinity Comics Group.  Frank is also working on a novel and a whole universe all his own, for Pro Se Press, where he also acts as the editor of Pro Se's 'MASKED GUN MYSTERY' line of short stories
JOSHUA REYNOLDS is perhaps one of the most prolific writers of the New Pulp Movement.  A partner in Pulpwork Press, Joshua has also written for Airship 27, Pro Se Press, Moonstone, as well as other New Pulp Publishers.  Currently, Joshua is writing for Black Library as well and has a WARHAMMER novel coming out in the near future, not to mention a ton of other really cool projects that are so secret even Josh isn't allowed to know about them.  With all of that, Joshua will be bringing his views and thoughts to ALL PULP every week!

Suzanne Fuller, an aspiring writer, hails from Scotland and provides reviews that are entertaining, comprehensive, insightful, and do what a good review should-Helps the reader make a decision about the book and keeps the reader coming back looking for Suzanne's next review at ALL PULP!

CHUCK MILLER, New Pulp Author and Creator, is the mastermind behind one of the internet's best New Pulp characters and accompanying universes, The Black Centipede!  With Pro Se Press publishing the first and future volumes of the Centipede's adventures, Chuck is readying to work on other projects as continuing to expand the Centipede's wild and wacky world, turning out the occasional column or interview for ALL PULP in the process.

Tommy Hancock,Editor in Chief of ALL PULP,  first and foremost, is a Pulp fan. What form it comes in really doesn't matter. Book, Movie, Radio, Comic...Orange, not really a deal for him. This has been a lifetime condition for Tommy and went to the next level very early in life as he became a writer and, soon following that development, an actor. He has performed on stage since high school, formed and disbanded (mostly) a community theater all his own, and is now Drama Ministry Director at his church. He also has a background in audio drama. He was a newspaper reporter at 14 and has lived a variety of experiences in his time. Currently, he is Editor in Chief of Pro Se Press and the founder and coordinator of the PULP ARK Creator's Conference/Convention. He is also a published writer, his first novella published by Airship 27 Productions. He is currently working on projects for Airship 27,  Moonstone, Decoder Ring Theater, and his own Pro Se Press.

Barry Reese has spent the last decade writing for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, West End Games, Wild Cat Books and Moonstone Books. Known primarily for his pulp adventure works like The Rook Chronicles, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray and Savage Tales of Ki-Gor, Barry has also delved into slasher horror (Rabbit Heart) and even the fantasy pirate genre (Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island). His favorite classic pulp heroes are The Avenger, Doc Savage, John Carter, Conan and Seekay.

From his secret lair in the wilds of Bethlehem, Georgia, Bobby Nash writes. He is an author of novels and short stories like Evil Ways, Fantastix, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Domino Lady, Sentinels: Alternate Visions, Full Throttle Space Tales: Space Sirens, A Fistful Of Legends, and the upcoming Green Hornet Chronicles and Secret Agent X among others. He also writes comic books and graphic novels like Life In The Faster Lane, Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, Demonslayer, Fantastix, Yin Yang, I Am Googol: The Great Invasion, and Lance Star: Sky Ranger, among others. For more information on Bobby Nash please visit him at,,,, and, among other places across the web.

Much like removing a bandaid I suppose the best way to get through this is to rip it off as quickly as possible, accept the pain and move on: My name is Derrick Ferguson and I'm from Brooklyn, New York where I've lived most of my life. Married for 28 years to the wonderful Patricia Cabbagestalk-Ferguson who lets me get away with far more than is good for me. My interests include old radio shows, classic pulps from the 30's/40's, comic books, fan fiction, Star Trek, pop culture, science fiction, animation, television and movies...oh yeah...movies. I'm currently the co-host of the podcast BETTER IN THE DARK where my partner Thomas Deja and I rant and rave about movies on a bi-weekly basis. To date I've written five books: "Dillon And The Voice of Odin", my love letter to classic pulp action/adventure with a modern flavor and the sequel, "Dillon And The Legend of The Golden Bell" ; "Derrick Ferguson's Movie Review Notebook" and its sequel "The Return of Derrick Ferguson's Movie Review Notebook." Both of 'em packed full of movie reviews that I think are pretty damn good otherwise I wouldn't be asking folks to pay hard earned cash for 'em, now would I? ; "Diamondback Vol I: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time", a spaghetti western disgused as a modern day gangster/urban crime thriller. Anything else you'd like to know about me, check out my Live Journal: The Pulpwork Press website: or Better In The Dark: Or hit me up on Facebook. I ain't hard to find!

Ron Fortier had been writing professionally for thirty-five years. He is best known for his work on the Green Hornet comic series for Now Comics and writing Alex Ross’ first comic project, Terminator:Burning Earth for the same company. Four years ago Ron co-founded Airship 27 Productions with artist Rob Davis. The company produces brand new novels and anthologies featuring classic pulp heroes from the 1930s, to include Ron’s revival of Captain Hazzard. Their books are published by Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans. Ron also maintains a weekly blog at his website ( and writes a review column, Pulp Fictions Reviews found at - ( He is a frequent contributor to Moonstone Books pulp fiction anthologies and is currently writing and self-publishing a new comic series, Mr. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts from Rob Davis’ Redbud Studios plus working on three new weekly webstrip comics. Redbud recently published Ron’s pulp comic graphic novel, The Boston Bombers. Email Ron at Airship27@

Writer, editor, publisher, and historian Van Allen Plexico stands at the forefront of the pulp revival movement and the new wave of prose superhero fiction, with popular works including his “Sentinels” novels, “Sherlock Holmes,” “Lucian,” and “Gideon Cain” (with Kurt Busiek). His big-selling “Assembled!” books garnered praise from the original Marvel creators themselves. He has been published by Airship 27, Swarm Press, White Rocket, Rittenhouse, Adamant Entertainment,, and Pro Se Press, and is the publisher of White Rocket Books. He and his family live near St Louis. Visit him at and/or at .

Sarge Portera: As someone recently pointed out to me, I'm a 3rd generation pulp enthusiast whose dad & grandfather created an obscure pulp hero, Doc Diamond, that they self-published! Being nurtured on comicbooks, movies, science fiction & actioneers since childhood it would only be natural for me to help establish & maintain the following FB Groups with me darlin' daughter's able assist: Bronze Pastiches, Purple Prose Pulp Parade, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Fan Club, Silhouette Pastiches & Worlds of Doc Diamond!

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"Talons of the Red Condors" Now Available At iPulpFiction.Com

Talons of the Red Condors: Bill Spangler
Bill Spangler’s Lance Star: Sky Ranger story, "Talons of the Red Condors" is now available at for the low price of only $1.00.

Flying rebels have captured the Panama Canal, threatening to destroy it unless their ransom demands are met. Lance and the Sky Rangers soon find themselves fighting an old enemy who's come back from the grave!

Check out the "Talons of the Red Condors" bookshelf at

Release schedule for Lance Star: Sky Ranger tales on iPulp:
06/17: Lance Star: Sky Ranger - Vol.1 #1: Attack of the Bird Man by Frank Dirsherl (now available)07/07: Lance Star: Sky Ranger - Vol.1 #2: Where the Sea Meets the Sky by Bobby Nash (now available)07/27: Lance Star: Sky Ranger - Vol.1 #3: Talons of the Red Condors by Bill Spangler (now available)Visit the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Library at

The Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Interview Round Up:
IPulp Fiction’s Keith Shaw:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Frank Dirscherl:
Airship 27 Air Chief Ron Fortier:
Airship 27 Artist/Designer Rob Davis:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Bill Spangler:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Bobby Nash:

Visit the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Library at
For more information on iPulp Fiction's offerings, please visit
For more information on Airship 27 Productions' offerings, please visit
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


AIRSHIP DAEDALUS spins an exciting tale of two-fisted pulp adventure, set against the backdrop of 1920s exploration, science, mysticism and derring-do.  Written by Todd Downing (Ordinary Angels) and drawn by Brian Beardsley (The Devil’s Own), Airship Daedalus follows the adventures of Captain “Stratosphere” Jack McGraw (ace pilot) and his crew: Dorothy “Doc” Starr (medic & occult expert), Carl “Rivets” Holloway (mechanic), Edward “Duke” Willis (comms & munitions), and Charlie “Deadeye” Dalton (sharpshooter).  Sometimes aided by Stede Bonnet and his Sky Pirates, Captain Stratosphere scours the globe in search of rare artifacts to keep from falling into the hands of the devious Aleister Crowley and his Astrum Argentinium.  Crowley’s primary weapon in his quest for world domination is the mega-Zeppelin Luftpanzer, commanded by his right hand gal, Maria Blutig.  With powerful magic and fanatic followers on their side, the Astrum Argentinium and the Luftpanzer pose a major threat to the natural order, thus a secretive organization founded by scientists and industrialists has set the Daedalus II on its course to be the “Shield Against the Darkness”.

Sunday, July 24, 2011



By Dean Koontz
Bantam Books
402 pages

Seems like there is a new trend in wrapping up great, fantastic literary journeys.  The folks at Warner Brothers wisely split the last J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book, “The Deathly Hollows” into two truly amazing movies, the finale now showing in theaters everywhere is a superb adaptation of the book’s climatic ending.

Likewise writer Dean Koontz went deliriously overboard in relating the final conflict between the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein and his pathos filled creation, the so called “monster” now known as Deaucalion and offered it to his legion of fans in two parts.  “Frankenstein: The Dead Town” is a truly fitting resolution to not only the first part of the narrative, “Lost Souls” but the entire five book series.

One of the common traits of most successful pulp writers today is that they are prolific.  The tons of words they produce daily is staggering and would make the old pulp writers proud.  Koontz is no exception in this ability.  Whereas being fast does not assure quality, only a professional competency his readers have come to expect.  Of all his series, the new Frankenstein books are easily some of his most enjoyable action heavy offerings yet.

In part four, “Lost Souls,” the town of Rainbow Falls, Montana, was being invaded by clones created with super nano-technology in a hidden missile silo long abandoned by the military.  The twisted genius behind this assault on humanity was the surviving clone of the first Victor Frankenstein; his goal, the complete eradication of all life, human, plant and animal, on the planet. Battling him at every step is Deucalion, that stitched together protagonist.  Whereas in this series, he is a near indestructible superman who has developed a truly beautiful soul and is determined to fowl his mad creator and save the world.

The fun of this, and the previous volume, is the eclectic band of town citizens, all of them unique, eccentric characters in their own right, who ultimately band together as Deucalion’s army and bravely aid him this apocalyptic battle that has the fate of all mankind resting on its outcome.  Koontz is truly a master tale spinner and in “Frankenstein – The Dead Town,” he is at his best.  And that’s saying a lot!



Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are thrilled to announce the release of the third and final chapter in Michael Vance’s WEIRD HORROR TALES trilogy. WEIRD HORROR TALES – LIGHT’S END, is an amazing, page turning suspense thriller that is one of this author’s finest works to date and a fantastic culmination to this masterful terror filled series.

Welcome to Light’s End, a small, quaint little fishing town on the rugged coast of Maine.  It’s a quiet place much like many other such communities throughout New England.  And yet there is a presence of evil about the streets and byways of this harmless appearing hamlet. For here, amidst the age old Yankee traditions of its citizens lurks a dark secret, a brooding, religious philosophy which infects every aspect of daily life.

Dare you enter Light’s End and uncover what lies beneath its pleasant, homey façade?  Dare you challenge your sanity and confront the sublime horrors that await you here, in this cursed nexus of dementia.

Award winning author, Michael Vance unleashes his dark imagination in this tense, gripping novel of sheer terror that readers will never forget.  Often compared to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Vance’s work is not for the faint of heart, featuring a cover by famed painter Keith Birdsong and ten interior illustrations by Eric York.  Bolt the door, lock the shutters and keep the candle lit, the end is near, Light’s End.


ISBN:  1-613420-14-5

ISBN-13 978-1-613420-14-0

Produced by Airship 27

Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers

Release date: 08/05/2011

Retail Price: $21.95

Digital copy available: 07/22/2011 @




By Percival Constantine
Pulpwork Press

192 pages
Release Date – May 2011
ISBN 10 – 1461050596
ISBN 13 – 978-1461050599
(Suspense – thriller – pulp adventure)

What happens when you put the best parts of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft together then mix them up with a little bit of Modesty Blaise?  Answer, you get Percival Constantine’s coolest new pulp hero, Elisa Hill.  From the opening action sequence to the last climatic battle with a cruel and vicious assassin, “The Myth Hunter” is a super charged thriller that never lets up.

Even when dealing with exposition scenes, Constantine shines in this adventure.  His writing has matured greatly since his last book and “The Myth Hunter” captures the reader’s interest with a fluid ease of storytelling that is both polished and suspenseful.  Learning that a little is often better than more, he gives us bits and pieces of Elisa’s past, when she was a mercenary tomb raider, seeking out the world’s ancient treasures solely for personal gains.  Yet somewhere along the way, echoes from her parents’ teachings take root and she learns to value the non material treasures of the world, particularly honor, loyalty and courage.

Now she is out to discover the secret to the whereabouts of the fable lost Lemuria with the help of her university allies and a truly bizarre Japanese changeling.  But there are also dark forces gathered against her such as the secret society known as the Order and their roguish agent, Lucas Davalos.  Davalos and Elisa were once partners, now they are on opposite sides and a victory for one could mean death to the other.

“The Myth Hunter” is a solid, masterful thriller by a young writer realizing his tremendous potential.  Another publishing note, “The Myth Hunter” is the first book from any publisher to bear the New Pulp logo brand signifying a very exciting movement in the field.  Based on the classics of old, new pulp thrillers like “The Myth Hunter” are blazing into the future to thrill and excite an entire new generation of readers.  Isn’t it time you bought a ticket on this train?


Theater of Vampires, a Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery by Guido Henkel
by Suzanne Fuller

Having enjoyed Demon's Night despite not having much of an emotional connection with the investigating Protagonist Jason Dark, I was looking forward to reading Theater of Vampires. Already comfortable with Henkel's writing style, I was excited to see his take on everyone's favourite creatures of the night. So I dived head first back into his dark, foggy world. With familiar characters reappearing for your nostalgic pleasure and new ones shuffling their way in. I was left feeling pleasantly surprised and sad that it ended so quickly.

The second book in a Series is a hard one to tackle. There's the worry of not being able to keep up the excitement from the first or keep the characters true to themselves without endangering the plot. And to tackle possibly the most over-done creature in horror literature takes guts.

The story was fast paced and hard hitting. The characters were all believable and fear quickened the pace of my heart when the creatures of the night appeared from behind their human masks.

The setting was indeed creepy but I was beginning to worry that it sounded an awful lot like a particular vampire story many of us know. The last half of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire took place in a theater, where Armand and his un-dead family tricked their human audience into believing the death performed on stage was acted, when in fact it was not. But, just before the book takes a turn away from following Rice's footsteps a comment from Selene, the supposed master of the vampires, says, “I swear, I couldn't bear another one like that insufferable blonde French guy De Lioncourt.” Which, of course, is a nod to Lestat. I had to place my cup of tea on the bedside table very carefully and hope that I didn't choke on the gulp I'd just swallowed. There was another nod to a classic vampire at the very end but I will not say for fear of giving away anything inside the plot. All that will be said about it is it was a very, very good last line. One that left a mark, so to speak.

If there was any complaint to be had about this novella it's that Sui Lin, Dark's young, beautiful accomplice is so skilled in the art of fighting that it almost seems as though Dark himself falls behind. It happened in Demon's Night and again in Theater of Vampires and no matter how much I love the strong, female character I worry that the series should be renamed A Sui Lin Supernatural Mystery.

With a great twist at the end that leaves you with many questions, for Dark's future, moral rules and how the rest of the stories will unfold if the conflict were to raise it's head once more. That is the wonderful thing about a series of stories, when you read the next instalment it's like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers.


The newest volume in Joel Jenkins’ sword & planet series, Strange Gods of the Dire Planet, is now available for pre-order from PulpWork Press! Order the book before the August 1st release date by punching in the discount code ZUEEWBQV before completing the order! Note: the discount is only available via the PWP site.  Also, tune into the August 1st Episode of PULPED! ( for an interview with author Joel Jenkins AND a special offer on this book!



The sixth issue of the PULP ARK award nominated Dark Worlds Magazine has just been released and it’s a doozy!  Over a hundred pages chock-full of fully illustrated pulp goodness, this issue is ALL-FANTASY, ALL THE TIME! Stocked to the gills with sword & sorcery stories by Everette Bell, Peter J. Welmerink, Joshua Reynolds, Martin Edward Stephenson, Joel Jenkins, David A. Hardy, Jack Mackenzie, and GW Thomas and art by MD Jackson, GW Thomas and Aaron Siddall and Sean P. Thomas, it’s available in both print and electronic versions from RAGEmachine Books!



From New Pulp Author, Bill Craig!-

"Just wanted to announce the official print release of Bullets and Blades: the short fiction of Bill Craig on This is my first release to bear the New Pulp Banner on the back cover. I am very excited about this from the stories contained to the beautiful cover rendered by our own lovely and talented Laura Givens. Mystery author Robert J. Ray who wrote the Murdock mysteries many years ago told me it evoked memories of the Conan covers by Frazetta that he read as a teen. Heavy praise indeed!"

From Amazon-

These are some of the collected works of New Pulp Author Bill Craig, featuring tales of fantasy, hard-boiled mystery, masked heroes, cowboys, and things that go bump in the night. So pour a shot of whiskey, turn down the lights and crank up some Jazz and settle in for some edge of the seat fun!

About the Author

A journeyman author who started writing at age 6 and published at age 40, making it only 34 years to become an overnight success. His burning ambition is to break Walter B. Gibson's world record for writing the most words in a single year...

Derrick Ferguson Suits Up With THE IMPOSTOR

A lot of times I’ll get asked can a superhero be a pulp hero and vice versa.  And I say sure.  Take Batman.  To me, he’s a pulp character who happens to inhabit a superhero universe.  Or the Challengers of The Unknown who to me are also pulp characters.  The lines can get blurry, especially with guys like Thor who is both a legitimate epic fantasy character (or at least he used to be back in the day) and well as being a superhero.  Now guys like Spider-Man, Superman and The Flash, I call them straight up superheroes.

What does all of this have to do with THE IMPOSTOR #0: “Suiting Up” by Richard Lee Byers?  Not much, to be honest with you.  But it was thoughts like that bouncing around in my melon of a head while I read the story.  There’s a lot of New Pulp as well as Classic Pulp for that matter that can also classified as prose superhero fiction.  When it’s done well, it can be just as much fun and as satisfying as a well-drawn or well-written comic book.

The story is as uncomplicated as a glass of milk: Working stiff Matt Brown is on his way home after a hard day of labor when the Earth is invaded by aliens.  But Matt’s Earth is protected by superheroes who valiantly throw themselves into the defense of their planet.  Not all of them survive and Matt himself is captured by the aliens.  He manages to escape and in the process, acquires some of the equipment and powers of the slain superheroes.  Now it’s all up to Matt to take on the invaders.

That’s it.  But considering that it’s an origin story, how much more do you need?  Mr. Byers sets up his character and the premise of the series in a neat, tight bundle that I found highly enjoyable Old School superheroics with a fine Silver Age DC feel to it.  While reading the story I was visualizing the action as if it were drawn by the 60’s Gil Kane.  I dunno if that was the vibe Mr. Byers was going for but that’s the one I got.  And I liked it.

Should you read THE IMPOSTOR #0: “Suiting Up”?  I don’t see why not.  Certainly the price is right.  You can find it here for free.  That’s right, I said, free.  And at 23 pages it makes for a quick, exciting read, just the way all good pulp should go down.  Mr. Byers has promised further adventures of his hero and I’m looking forward to them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Derrick Ferguson Takes A Trip To The DIRE PLANET

·  Paperback: 248 pages
·  Publisher: PulpWork Press; 1St Edition edition (September 15, 2009)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-10: 0979732948
·  ISBN-13: 978-0979732942

Not being an historian I’m not sure if Edgar Rice Burroughs created the Planetary Romance genre.  But I am certain that he refined it into something so unique and special that all anybody has to do is say “John Carter” or “Dejah Thoris” or “Barsoom” and most everybody even remotely acquainted with Pulp will know what you’re talking about.  Planetary Romance or Sword and Planet as some like to call it is a wildly popular genre in its own right.  Burroughs having struck great success with his Mars books pulled off the same trick with his Carson of Venus books.   In the 1980’s I discovered other books/series in the genre written by Lin Carter, Michael Moorcock, Alan Burke Akers and even…sigh, the “Gor” books written by John Norman.

Suffice it to say without going into detail that some of them I enjoyed and others I shook my head in downright disbelief that they ever got published.  I can happily say that DIRE PLANET by Joel Jenkins is one that I’m glad got published as it’s a wonderful example of what New Pulp is about.  Joel embraces the conventions of Burroughsian Planetary Romance but it does it with a modern day eye.  As a result it’s a book that at once feels familiar and fresh.  Just when you think you know which way the plot is going to go, Joel manages to find another fork in the road that takes you someplace else.

The Earthman taken from his native world to the planet Mars this time around is Garvey Dire and he doesn’t get there by mystical means.  He gets there by spaceship, the NASA Mars Orbiter.  Garvey Dire’s mission is not just one of exploration and discovery.  His mission is one of vital importance to the continued security and safety of The United States.  China wants to establish their own base on Mars.  And so the race is on.

It’s a race that ends in disaster when Garvey’s ship crash lands on Mars.  With his leg broken, losing air and blood, it seems as if Garvey’s story is over.  But that all changes when he sees the image of a gorgeous green skinned swordswoman in armor.  And it’s because of that image his life is saved as he’s transported 50,000 years back into the past and to a Mars unlike any he’s ever dreamed of.

It’s all here; flashing swords against ancient super science.  Hideous beasts and their even more hideous masters.  Noble warriors battling against grotesque humanoid creatures of astounding cruelty.  Captures.  Chases.  Escapes.  Fates worse than death.  And romance.  Garvey Dire finds it all on ancient Mars.

But what really makes DIRE PLANET a cut above other Burroughs inspired Sword and Planet stories is the political element.  Once Garvey gets hurtled back to ancient Mars, Joel doesn’t forget the U.S./China conflict and indeed, the way he cuts back and forth between the two time periods is in true Burroughs tradition as he was expert at juggling two sets of characters, leaving one set in a nail-biting cliffhanger at the end of a chapter then bouncing over to the other set of characters for a chapter then leaving them in a inescapable trap then going back and-

Well, you get the idea.  It’s a good technique that never failed to work for Burroughs because it’s a surefire way of keeping the story going.  Joel even manages to resolve the conflicts in both time periods in a manner that while it’s clever it also involved just a little too much bouncing back and forth through time for my taste.  Not that I’m opposed to time travel, mind you.  But I think that Joel figured that the only way out was to pinball various characters back and forth between the two time periods.  It’s a little bit dizzying but hey, if you’ve hung on with Garvey Dire all that way, you’re going to go on to the end and you won’t be disappointed.

I can’t finish this review without mentioning two of my favorite bits in the book; Number one is the revelation of who The President of The United States. And number two is that Joel apparently is psychic because he predicted one of the most popular devices in use today way back in 2005 when this book was first published.

So should you read DIRE PLANET?  You certainly should.  If you’ve never read anything by Joel Jenkins this is the perfect place to start.  Joel has been writing what we’re now calling New Pulp as long as I’ve known him and we’re talking roughly around 15 years.  And in all that time he’s built up quite the respectable amount of work.  DIRE PLANET is one of his best.

For more information about Joel Jenkins please visit:

The Vaults of Caladrex
Pulpwork Press