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Artwork © Jamie Chase
New Pulp Author Martin Powell shared a panel sneak peek at the Slaves of the Sagoths, as illustrated by Jamie Chase for the upcoming Sequential Pulp Comics graphic novel, AT THE EARTH'S CORE, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic sci-fi adventure. At The Earth’s Core is fully authorized by ERB, Inc. and will be in stores in 2013 from Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics.


New Pulp Author Jeff Deischer returns to The Book Cave to chat about his newest mind blowing novel, The Golden Age. If you are as big a fan of the Golden Age comic book characters as Ric is, you will love this novel.

Learn more about The Golden Age here and here.

Listen to The Book Cave Episode 207: The Golden Age now at


November 30, 2012
Merry Christmas from Radio Archives!
In 1980, a sort of perfect storm came together in terms of radio drama revival. Top talent of both the classic era of radio and modern entertainment worked hand in hand on Mutual Radio Theater, a multi genre show harkening back to classic anthologies of the past. Twenty fantastic episodes are collected in Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 4!

The Mutual Radio Theater aired every weeknight on hundreds of Mutual stations March-December 1980. Each program written specifically for radio included scripts penned by such radio legends as Arch Oboler, Norman Corwin, and Elliot Lewis. These scribes brought their formidable talents to bear on this kaleidoscopic show by providing solid scripts for every genre the show represented five nights a week. The writing blended well with the work of modern storytellers to make Mutual Radio Theateran instant classic.
And the stories themselves ranged the genre gambit. Each night's program featured a particular genre and was hosted by a different notable performer. Lorne Greene hosted Western Night on Monday. Andy Griffith followed on Tuesday with Comedy Night. Wednesday Night was Mystery Night hosted by Vincent Price. Love & Hate took center stage on Thursday, hosted by Cicely Tyson. Friday Night was Adventure Night with Leonard Nimoy as host.
Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 4 is a 20 CD set of programs as they originally aired, complete and uncut, with original commercials, and produced in full stereo-high fidelity! Comedy, mystery, adventure, romance, and horror. All can be found in Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 4! Twenty hours, twenty shows of great radio. $59.98 Audio CDs / $29.99 Download.  Until December 6, Save $20.00 on the Audio CD version. Introductory Priced at only $39.98!
“Get this and get it straight! Crime is a sucker’s road and those who travel it end up in the gutter, the prison, or the grave…”
These words delivered in an electrifying baritone by Gerald Mohr open each episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Volume 3. Featuring the classic Private Eye created by Raymond Chandler, this beautifully restored set from Radio Archives stars Mohr at his best as the two-fisted knight errant, solving mysteries and finding his own sort of justice in 1950s Los Angeles. Mohr’s thunderous, rich voice combined with tightly written stories and a dream team of supporting actors makes The Adventures of Philip Marlowe one of the best OTR detective series available today. A mix of tense crime drama and wry humor, both delivered expertly by Mohr, makes this set a must have for any Detective fan or OTR collector and it can be yours today at 50% off regular price!
The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Volume 3. Six hours, twelve shows, with Gerald Mohr as Philip Marlowe. Regular Price $17.98 – Christmas Special priced until December 6 for $8.99 Audio CDs / $4.49 Download.
Old Time Radio Christmas Gift Ideas!

Rocky Jordan, Volume 3 - Discover international intrigue and mystery this holiday season with Rocky Jordan, Volume 3!Featuring Jack Moyles as Jordan, this wonderfully atmospheric pseudo detective adventure series is a favorite among OTR collectors. The action centers on Jordan, an American and owner of the CafĂ© Tambourine in Cairo, Egypt just after the war. Although very similar in concept to Casablanca, Rocky Jordan quickly stands on its own as a witty, two-fisted program. Enjoy classic adventure at its best with this 10 hour collection. $29.98 Audio CDs/ $14.99 Download.

One Man’s Family, Volume 2 - One of Radio’s best loved dramas is one every family should own! One Man’s Family, Volume 2 chronicles the ups and downs of the Barbour family, a cast of characters that for over two decades were loved by many. Created by noted writer Carlton E. Morse, this program set the standard for not only family dramas well into the TV age, but also on how to gracefully age characters believably and still keep the audience coming back for more. Six hours. $17.98 Audio CDs / $8.99 Download.

The Big Bands on One Night Stand, Volume 1 - Dance through the holidays with The Big Bands on One Night Stand, Volume 1. You’ll find many treasures of the big band era, that timeless music of the war years and beyond, in this collection. Volume 1 offers twenty half-hour broadcasts dating from 1943 to 1952 and featuring twenty of the top bands and musical groups so popular at the time, including performances by orchestras that are still well remembered today - Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Stan Kenton, Ray Anthony, Louis Prima and more. 10 hours. $29.98 Audio CDs / $14.99 Download.

Afloat with Henry Morgan, Volume 1 - Spend your holidays on the High Seas with Afloat with Henry Morgan, Volume 1!Based on the real life adventures of Pirate Morgan, this well written program is one pulse pounding episode after another of conspiracy, adventure, blasting flintlocks and naval warfare. Featuring stellar performances, Afloat with Henry Morgan is equal parts Pulp adventure, thinly veiled fiction based on fact, and a rollicking, swashbuckling tale of buccaneers and brigands! Guaranteed enjoyment for any Adventure Fan! 7 hours. $20.98 Audio CDs / $10.99 Download.

The Planet Man, Volume 1 - Fans of Science Fiction, meet Planet Man, Volume 1! Very much in the mold of 1950s classic Science Fiction serials, this fun, fast paced program follows the adventures of Dantro, a sort of outer space Marshall working for the League of Planets! Follow Dantro and his crew as they travel the stars, keeping interplanetary space safe from villains, criminals, and ruffians of all sorts! If you like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, then Planet Man, Volume 1 is the perfect gift for you this Christmas! 10 hours. $29.98 Audio CDs / $14.99 Download.
Read by Nick Santa Maria and Robin Riker

During his ferocious first year fighting crime, The Spider faced the most amazing array of supercriminals ever spawned. The Black Death. The Red Mask. The Tarantula. The Fly. Few were as memorable as the 20th Century corsair called Captain Kidd. She—yes, she!—embarked on a campaign of cruelty unmatched in pulp history.
It began with the torture-killing of a innocent young boy—a loyal member of the Spider Club. The weapon employed was a knife with eerie electrical properties. Discovering the hapless body, Richard Wentworth vowed to avenge this insult to The Spider's power.
But Captain Kidd struck first! When a train roars into Grand Central Station, out of control and crashing to a brutal halt, authorities discover that everyone aboard, from the engineer and crew to the passengers, are cold corpses—electrified by a weird new weapon called the Green Fire!
Out of this rolling charnel house come the first clues to the Pirates—a roving band of modern-day buccaneers out to pillage greater New York. At their head, the deadly woman who has taken the feared name of Captain Kidd.
Once again, has selected one of the most electrifying Spider novels ever written for an equally-electrifying audiobook. Nick Santa Maria again takes on the dual role of Richard Wentworth, aka The Spider, Master of Men, for this powerful new entry in the Will Murray Pulp Classics series. Robin Riker enchants as Nita van Sloan and gives a powerful performance as the wiley Captain Kidd. Producer Roger Rittner brings his superb directorial expertise to the proceedings, which are enhanced by sound effects and a full musical score. So far, our audience tells us that each Spider audiobook has outdone the one before. The Corpse Cargo is no exception.
This Total Pulp Experience audiobook contains all three stories from the tenth issue issue of The Spider MagazineJuly 1934. $27.98 Audio CDs / $13.99 Download.

One of the most unique and popular pulp characters ever created, Kendall Foster Crossen’s The Green Lama fights once more as a Will Murray Pulp Classics Audiobook! Created to be competition for The ShadowThe Green Lama was Jethro Dumont, a millionaire who had gone to Tibet to become a lama and returned to America to fight crime! Surrounding himself with a team of companions, The Green Lama sets off on his first two adventures in this Audiobook, voiced by noted voice actor Michael McConnohie!Thrill to the inaugural exploits of The Green Lama! 6 hours. Regular Price $23.98 – Christmas Special priced until December 6 for $11.99 Audio CDs / $5.99 Download.
Great Audiobooks for Christmas
Doctor Death 12 Must Die! - One of the strangest villains ever to grace a Pulp page, Doctor Death, created by Harold Ward, is a madman mixing science and magic, controlling demons and zombies and bent on only one thing - the destruction of modern civilization! Challenged by a team led by Jimmy Holm and comprised of everyone from the President of the United States to America’s Public Enemy #1, Doctor Death must be stopped! Chill to the machinations of this madman in Doctor Death - 12 Must Die! 5 hours read by Joey D'Auria. $19.98 Audio CDs / $9.99 Download.
The Spider Wings of the Black Death - Pulp’s Master of Men, The Spider returns to audiobook action in Wings of the Black Death! Masterfully performed by Nick Santa Maria and Robin Riker, this audiobook features the first story of The Spider as written by Norvell W. Page! Fight along The Spider as he struggles to save New York from horrifying death at the hands of a manmade plague! Full sound effects and a period musical score make Wings of the Black Death a must have! 6 hours. $23.98 Audio CDs / $11.99 Download.
The Three Planeteers - Outer space adventure meets swashbuckling action in The Three Planeteers, classic space opera based on the Pulp tale by Edmond Hamilton! Ride along with an Earthling, a Venusian, and Mercurian- three interstellar companions very much reminiscent of Dumas’ Three Musketeers as they fight to save the Alliance of Inner Planets from the evil League of Cold Worlds. The Three Planeteers comes complete with aliens, planet to planet action, ray guns, spaceships and more, everything classic space opera needs, including fantastic voice work by Joey D’Auria! 6 hours. $23.98 Audio CDs / $11.99 Download.
Terror Tales, Volume 1 - Need that perfect gift for the Horror fan in your life? Look no further than Terror Tales, Volume 1!Featuring seven stories from the original run of Terror Tales, this audiobook will send chills down your spine and have you leaving the light on at night! These wild tales of horror from Paul Ernst, Norvell Page, and others strike terror into the strongest of hearts. Wonderfully voiced by Joey D’Auria and Michael C. GwynneTerror Tales is a guaranteed fright for sure! 7 hours. $27.98 Audio CDs / $13.99 Download.
Doc Savage White Eyes - an unabridged audiobook based on the novel written by Will Murray! Dressed all in white, his face masked, eyes blank as a blind man’s, a new foe calling himself White Eyes appears! And with him comes the Blind Death, killing New Yorkers all around, their eyes turning stark white! Only Doc Savage and his companions can bring an end to the criminal reign of White Eyes! This adventure of the Man of Bronze is produced by Roger Rittner and voiced byRichard Epcar! 10 hours. $39.98 Audio CDs / $19.99 Download.

The best of timeless Pulp now available as cutting edge eBooks! Will Murray's Pulp Classics brings the greatest heroes, awesome action, and two fisted thrills to your eReader! Presenting Pulp Icons such as the Spider and Operator #5 as well as wonderfully obscure characters like the Octopus and more, Will Murray's Pulp Classics brings you the best of yesterday's Pulp today!
He auctioned souls, the masked Man Who Dealt in Death. But he worked his devilish magic in a secret den that defied search warrants and nightsticks, while he stripped great men of their power and enslaved beautiful women. And only Richard Wentworth saw a fighting chance to link the Fifth Avenue holdup, the haunting sorcery of the leper, and the strange vanishing of the footlight queen in the weirdest, most horrible crime campaign the Spider has ever battled! Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.

The curse first fell upon the squalid settlements where Oriental folk lived their transplanted lives in growing terror of the new menace against which the white man's law could not protect them. But it burgeoned in murder and massacre until New York and her sister cities saw grim chaos on the horizon, rolling up with the swift deadliness of a man-made thunder-head. Only the Spider sensed the hidden purpose that launched the Scourge of the Yellow Fangs. And the Spider — Richard Wentworth to his friends — was a man already marked for ghastly death. Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks.

No one believed at first that America was in danger, that a little, third-class power could conquer the great United States. But the man who called himself Montezuma the Third — who had reestablished the barbaric Aztec Empire — was armed with a new, invincible weapon which caused his enemies literally to explode from within! The American people, helpless, began to dread the fetters of shameful slavery... Jimmy Christopher — that Operator 5 of the Intelligence who has so often saved our nation from disaster — gambled his bravery and loyalty against a beautiful woman's heartless wiles — with the lives of his dear ones, and America, at stake! Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks.

Terror Tales by Paul Ernst, Book 2
In 1934 a new type of magazine was born. Known by various names — the shudder pulps, mystery-terror magazines, horror-terror magazines — weird menace is the sub-genre term that has survived today. Terror Tales magazine was one of the most popular. It came from Popular Publications, whose publisher Harry Steeger was inspired by the Grand Guignol theater of Paris. This breed of pulp story survived less than ten years, but in that time, they became infamous, even to this day. This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Terror Tales magazine, all written by Paul Ernst, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.

Wu Fang is a Chinese criminal mastermind and scientific genius. With his hybrid monkey-men, he plans to conquer America. He is member of various secret societies and has spies everywhere. Opposing him is Val Kildare of the F.B.I.  His aides, reporter Jerry Hazard, archaeologist Rod Carson and newsboy Cappy, help him in his battles against the sinister man of evil known as Wu FangInspired by the Asian menace of Fu Manchu, Harry Steeger, publisher of Popular Publications, decided to publish a villain-centered pulp magazine series. And so, The Mysterious Wu Fang was born.  The series was written by Robert J. Hogan, who also wrote for G-8 and his Battle Aces and The Secret Six.  But after seven stories, the series was ended.  An eighth story "The Case of the Living Poison" was planned, but never was printed.

Captain Future… the Ace of Space! Born and raised on the moon, Curt Newton survived the murder of his scientist parents to become the protector of the galaxy known as Captain Future. With his Futuremen, Grag the giant robot, Otho, the shape-shifting android and Simon Wright, the Living Brain, he patrols the solar system in the fastest space ship ever constructed, the Comet, pursuing human monsters and alien threats to Earth and her neighbor planets. This is one of the legendary "final seven" Captain Future tales. After a run of twenty pulp issues, the quarterly magazine closed. But that was not the end of Captain Future. He returned in a series of short stories published in Startling Stories magazine, beginning with the January 1950 issue. Edmond Hamilton, creator of Captain Future and author of the majority of the full-length novels, returned to pen seven more Captain Future stories. His style had matured, as had his original audience, and these final seven Captain Future stories are considered to be some of his best. Captain Future left the pages of Startling Stories with the May 1951 issue, but editors left open the possibility that Captain Future might return some day. True fans are still waiting. Until then, Captain Future returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today's readers in electronic format.
All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats for the ultimate in compatibility. When you upgrade to a new eReader, you can transfer your eBook to your new device without the need to purchase anything new.
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Weird menace Pulps are a favorite of Pulp fans and none were weirder than Terror Tales! A magazine from Popular Publications, Terror Tales pulled few punches in stories of horror and fright definitely meant for adults! This beautifully formatted eBook features stories from Terror Tales written by one of Pulp’s best writers of the macabre, Hugh B. Cave! From an Island named Terror to a Sepulcher of Satan, Cave brings nightmares to life in these specially selected stories. Terror Tales delivers scary delight in every story, so enjoy a bit of well-crafted horror this holiday season! As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks. Regular price $3.99. Christmas Special priced until December 6th for $1.99.
FREE Spider eBook!

Receive an exciting original Spider adventure FREE! Part of the Will Murray Pulp Classics line, The Spider #11, Prince of the Red Looters first saw print in 1934 and features his momentous battle with The Fly and his armies of crazed criminal killers.
For those who have been unsure about digging into the wonderful world of pulps, this is a perfect time to give one of these fantastic yarns a real test run. With a full introduction to the Spider written by famed pulp historian and author Will Murray, The Spider #11 was written by one of pulp's most respected authors, Norvell W. Page. Writing as Grant Stockbridge, Page's stories included some of the most bizarre and fun takes on heroes and crime fighting in the history of escapist fiction.
Even today Page's scenarios and his edge-of-the-seat writing style are still thrilling both new and old fans everywhere. For those who have never read one of these rollercoaster adventures, you are in for a thrill. If you already know how much fun a classic pulp is, make sure you get a copy of this classic.
See what the Total Pulp Experience is for yourself. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.
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One of the top crime-fighters from the golden age of pulp fiction, The Spider returns in two thrill-packed adventures written by Norvell Page under the pseudonym of Grant Stockbridge. First, in “The Spider and the Jewels Of Hell” (1940), Tough, dauntless miners, accustomed to hardship and danger, paled in helpless terror as their homes were destroyed, their loved ones slaughtered! No one was safe, above ground or below, when The Killer walked among them. Only the Spider dared challenge the strangle-hold of fear that held an entire town in its deadly grip! Then, in “Recruit For the Spider Legion” (1943), Staunch supporter of justice and champion of the law Stanley Kirkpatrick, finds himself about to gain unexpected insights into the workings of the system when he himself is faced with the electric chair! Can the very man who has forever branded the Spider a criminal for his vigilante efforts join with his old enemy to battle the forces of Kali? These two exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading and feature both of the original full color covers as well as interior illustrations that accompany each story. Buy it today for $14.95!

The Knight of Darkness crushes crime in the classic pulp novels that inspired Hollywood's first two Shadow feature films! First, the bizarre terms of a dead man's will lead to a series of murders that will condemn an innocent man unless The Shadow can unmask the true killer in Walter Gibson's "The Ghost of the Manor," the inspiration for the 1937 film, "The Shadow Strikes." Then, the Dark Avenger hunts a sadistic blonde murderess and the masked supervillain known as "Foxhound" in Theodore Tinsley's violent novel that was filmed in 1938 as "International Crime." BONUS: Film historian Ed Hulse unearths rare secrets behind the making of the first Shadow feature films! This instant collector's item showcases the original pulp covers by George Rozen and the classic interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, with historical commentary by Will Murray. Buy it today for $14.95.
The Pulps' original "Man of Steel" returns in three action-packed tales by Paul Ernst and Emile Tepperman writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, The Avenger enters a "House of Death" to unravel the mysterious murders befalling the owners of strange gold medallions! Then, the fate of the nation hangs in the balance as Dick Benson attempts to prevent "The Hate Master" from being victorious in the presidential election! Finally, a single misstep could result in "A Coffin for The Avenger" in an exciting novelette by Spider-wordsmith Emile Tepperman. BONUS: a Nick Carter mystery by Bruce Elliott! This classic pulp reprint leads off with a knockout color cover by Graves Gladney, and also features Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and commentary by pulp historian Will Murray. Buy it today for $14.95.
Richard Wentworth, the Spider, swings into Pulpy action once more in The Spider #6 - #10 Double Novel reprints. Race alongside the Master of Men and his beloved Nita Van Sloan and trusted companions Ram Singh and Jackson as they risk life, limb, and sanity to keep New York safe from madmen and lunatics! Find out why the Spider is considered one of the top three classic Pulp characters still today! Each reprint contains two exciting pulp adventures that have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading and feature both of the original full color covers as well as interior illustrations that accompany each story. The Spider Volumes #6 to #10, regular price $14.95 - Christmas Special priced until December 6 for $7.47.

The Man of Bronze leaves his mark on Pulp once again in classic stories reprinted in Doc Savage #6 - #10 from Radio Archives! Follow Doc and his trusted friends and aides -  Monk, Ham, Long Tom, Renny, and Johnny - as they take on supervillains, would be tyrants, and strange villains of all kinds! Read Lester Dent at his best as Doc uses both brain and brawn to fight for justice and save the world once more! Each reprint contains two full-length Pulp novels reformatted for easy reading and also includes articles, illustrations, and other Doc related information to make the experience more exciting! Doc Savage Volumes #6 to #10, regular price $12.95 - Christmas Special priced until December 6 for $6.47.

Find out Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men in The Shadow #6 - #10 from Radio Archives! These classic tales beautifully reprinted and formatted for easy reading feature Pulp’s most mysterious hero as created by Walter Gibson. Each reprint features two full length Shadow Pulp novels as well as original covers and a multitude of extra material for the true fan! Follow The Shadow and his team of agents as they delve into the darkness of the city and fight the evil that hides in the night! Who is The Shadow? Wealthy playboy Lamont Cranston? Pilot Kent Allard? Or someone else! Join the mystery with The Shadow Volumes #6 to #10, regular price $12.95 - Christmas Special priced until December 6 for $6.47!

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Galaxy Press presents Stories from the Golden Age, a line of reprints and audio books by L. Ron Hubbard, at one time a prolific writer of Pulp fiction. These tales, including original pulp art and illustrations from the period, run the gamut of genres, including six shootin’ westerns, rollicking high adventures, chilling crime tales, and more! Along with the reprints, Stories from the Golden Age also features its tales as audiobooks, taking Pulp storytelling to another level. Thrill to classic tales of cowboys, pirates, heroes, villains and a whole multitude of other characters as written by Hubbard. All Stories from the Golden Age titles are specially priced until they are gone. Click here to see all the books that are available.

The shattering sequel to Fortress of Solitude.
The Doc Savage exploit that went untold for 74 years—Death’s Dark Domain!
In the aftermath of the evil John Sunlight’s pillaging of the secret Fortress of Solitude, a dreadful super-weapon has fallen the hands of a Balkan dictator intent upon seizing control of the vampire-haunted zone of desolation known as Ultra-Stygia. War is imminent. Monsters are loose in the disputed region. A strange darkness falls over the sinister landscape. Only Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, understands the terrible threat to humanity. And only he can prevent the terror from spreading…
There are unknown Things prowling the darkest patch of land on the planet. Haunted by creatures that might have emerged from the Hell’s lowest regions, ancient Ultra-Stygia has turned into a cauldron of conflict between rival countries. Monster bats careen through the night sky. Invisible Cyclopes patrol the scorched battleground. And a power beyond understanding robs men of their vision.
Can the 20th century’s premier scientist and superman untangle this Gordian knot of carnage before neighboring nations are drawn into an apocalyptic new world war? Or will the Man of Bronze succumb to an unstoppable power he himself has unleashed upon mankind?
From the frozen Arctic to the war-torn Balkans, Doc Savage and his fighting five follow a winding trail of terror to a blood-freezing climax.
Death's Dark Domain features a fantastic cover painted by Joe DeVito! Buy it today for only $24.95 from Radio Archives.

Back in print after 20 years! The rare Lester Dent-Will Murray collaboration resurrecting the original pulp superman...
Also available is the first Altus Press edition of Will Murray’s 1993 Doc Savage adventure, The Forgotten Realm. Deep in the heart of the African Congo lies a secret unsuspected for thousands of years. Doc Savage and his men embark on a quest to discover the secret of the strange individual known only as X Man, X for unknown. Before they come to the end of the trail, they find themselves fighting for their lives like gladiators of old!
No one knows who—or what—the strange being who calls himself “X Man” truly is. He was found wandering the ruins of a crumbling Roman fort, dressed in a toga, speaking classical Latin—and clutching a handful of unearthly black seeds.
Declared insane, the X Man patiently tends his weird plants until the day, impelled by a nameless terror, he flees Wyndmoor Asylum to unleash a cyclone of violence that is destined to suck the mighty Man of Bronze into the blackest, most unbelievable mystery of his entire career. For far from Scotland lies a domain of death unknown to the world and called by the ancient Latin name of Novum Eboracum—New York!
From the wild Scottish moors to the unexplored heart of darkest Africa, Doc Savage and his indomitable men embarked upon a desperate quest for the Forgotten Realm….
The Forgotten Realm features a spectacular cover painted by Joe DeVito! Buy it today for only $24.95 from Radio Archives.

By David White
This counts as the third time I have read a story where the Spider battles a threat against the world from the Orient. They have been some of the finest Spider stories, in my mind, that have been written. There is always a high degree of treachery and cunning that pushes the Spider to the very brink of death. This story is no exception.

The Spider starts thing off battling a tiger and a tigress, the first being actually ten feet long and of the seven hundred pound variety. The Spider in this instance proves that not only is he the Master of Men, but deadly beasts as well. The tigress is an Oriental beauty, whose glamour is matched only by her deadliness. All this and then we meet the diabolical Wang-Ba. He is known as The Turtle who will carry the world on his back. A stark raving mad genius that doesn't care how many bodies he has to climb to take over the world, he has what seems like an un-limited amount of resources to help him, even a submarine.
Wang-Ba wastes no time in attacking the Spider. In one fell swoop, he not only captures the Lovely Nita, but also transforms Jackson into a raving lunatic. Wang-Ba is not your typical madman though. He feels that he is doing the world a favor by ridding it of all its criminals. Of course if a few hundred innocents die in the process . . . oh well.
Richard Wentworth plays his violin a bit to clear his mind before heading out against the powerful Oriental. The two literally lock in a struggle of wills, the Spider once again proving why he is called The Master of Men. Wang-Ba has already thrown his plans into action. He will literally hold New York hostage until his demands are met. For each demand the nation does not meet, he will kill ten officials and five hundred citizens.
The Spider is really in trouble this time. Wang-Ba seems to almost play with him at times. But in true Spider form, he shows that until he has breathed his last, the battle is never lost. Thrill to this Spider novel and another full length Spider tale in The Spider Volume 6. Regular Priced $14.95, Christmas Special Priced through December 6 for only $7.47 for the Double Novel reprint and $2.99 for the eBook!
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