Monday, October 29, 2012


Pulp Ark 2013, the official New Pulp Creators' Conference and Convention, created and sponsored by Pro Se Productions, a Publisher of Heroic Fiction, tales of multiple genres, and New Pulp, announced today one of its many fantastic guests already making plans to attend the third annual event in its new location, Springdale, Arkansas, April 26-28th!

"It's a big year for us," Tommy Hancock, Founder and Organizer of Pulp Ark stated.  "We're moving, expanding, bringing in old friends and new favorites, so we want any and all news we have to go out as often as it can, to keep Pulp Ark in the forefront of everyone's mind.  And this guest is definitely news."

Crime fiction and New Pulp writer Gary Phillips has written short stories for Moonstone’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook, the Avenger Chronicles and the Green Hornet Casefiles.  His most current novel is Warlord of Willow Ridge which Booklist said of the work, “Phillips is a veteran crime novelist who creates a plausible postapocalyptic scenario in which the safety of middle-class America can dissolve in a moment. Exciting, violent, and entertaining.”  He has also written essays for the Robert B. Parker tribute book, In Pursuit of Spenser and for The Wire: Race, Class, and Genre, as well is the creator behind the popular detective character Nate Hollis, first seen at Vertigo and most recently in the Moonstone collection Angeltown.  Currently with Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Press, Philips is co-editing and contributing to Black Pulp, pulp stories featuring black main characters, and editing and contributing to a themed linked anthology of short stories, Night of the Insurgents, showcasing America’s super spy before Bauer and Bourne, Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5, for Moonstone. 

Phillips will be a guest at Pulp Ark 2013, participating in Panels as well as visiting with fans, interacting with other creators, and finding all the action there is to be had at Pulp Ark 2013!

For more information on Pulp Ark 2013, go to ! Stay tuned to that page for early registration, guest and vendor applications, and more!