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By Van Allen Plexico
White Rocket Books
189 pages

Getting this book was pretty much like getting an extra Christmas gift for this reviewer.  Go through these archives and you will discover we’ve been reading Van Plexico’s Sentinels series since day one; and applauding all of them.  Of course the inherent danger with any long running series is that the writer will become tired of the concept and characters and begin to offer up deluded stories missing the verve and punch of his or her earlier entries.

Well, rest easy, Sentinel fans old and new, “Sentinels – Metalgod,” is another top notch chapter in the saga of Earth’s mightiest super-heroes.  Without skipping a beat, this new book picks up where the last story arc end; the cataclysmic battle between the Sentinels and a trio of super beings all bent on the complete destruction of our planet. (Note, if you haven’t read those books yet, you have some serious catching up to do.)

So in the wake of the Sentinels miraculous victory over these outer space threats, the team finds itself divided.  With their leader, super powerful Ultraa, locked in stasis in a giant red gem, Pulsar (Lyn Li) returns to Earth with the remnants of the team minus scientist Esro Brachis who has opted to visit the alien worlds of Kur-Bai Empire with Mondrian, a beautiful Captain in the Kur-Bai Starfleet with whom he is infatuated.  They are traveling with aboard a fleet starship commanded by Devenn, leader of the Kur-Bai super warriors known as the Elites.

No sooner does Pulsar and company return to Sentinels HQ then a new super being calling himself Law appears and, taking control of the Earth’s communications satellites, broadcast a warning that the Kur-Bai are actually planning to an invasion the Earth.  It falls squarely on Pulsar’s shoulders to deal with this mysterious new character while at the same time trying to recruit new members to help bolster the team’s decimated ranks.

At the same time the Elites, nearing their home world, are attacked by a Kur-Bai starship crewed by powerful robots called Eradicators.  Esro and the Elites discover a military junta has taken over the governing body of the empire and they have been labeled outlaws to be captured and imprisoned.  Barely managing to foil the Eradicators, they make their way to a Kur-Bai space station and there learn the full extent of the events that have befallen their people.  A power-hungry admiral of the fleet has successfully orchestrated a coup, killing thousands of loyal citizens in the process. A full scale civil war is about to erupt throughout the empire and Devenn and his Elites are caught right in the middle.

Those of you who are fans of this series understand its homage to Marvel Comics’ Avengers.  “Sentinels – Metalgod,” now tips its literary inspiration cap to that classic sci-fi TV series, Babylon 5.  Filled with political shenanigans, outer space battles, empire civil wars this book catapults readers into a whole now universe of action and adventure while at the same time injecting it with a marvelous wry commentary on today’s shallow attitudes about fame and popularity.  The scenes of Pulsar meeting her German based fan club had this reviewer in stitches.  Plexico’s enthusiasm for this series has never been stronger and that is evident on every single page.  If you aren’t a Sentinels fan yet, it’s high time you checked it out. This kind of reading fun doesn’t come along every day.


Ralph's Rants conducted an in-depth interview with New Pulp Author Bobby Nash. Bobby discusses his writing history, what makes a story pulp, what books are coming up from him, how it feels to kill off a favorite character, and much more.

You can read the full interview here.


ALL PULP’S New Pulp Bestseller List, the original concept created by Barry Reese, will debut on Monday, February 4, 2013.   In an effort to make sure that books that need to be included on this list are on our radar, we are asking for the following-

If you are a New Pulp Author and/or Publisher OR You’re a fan of New Pulp and you have had or know of a book published in the LAST 60 DAYS and is available at, please email with the name of the book and the author.  Also, if a book is available in print, for Kindle, or both that has been published in the last 60 days, please let us know that.  Remember, this list only follows books that have an Amazon sales rating.

Also, this list may not follow what some fans/publishers consider New Pulp if it’s published by one of the larger houses.  Although there are works that are published by larger concerns that would be considered New Pulp, this list focuses on the small and medium presses that are the primary reason New Pulp is so prevalent today.  If you send in a title to be listed on the New Pulp list and it does not meet our qualifications, you will receive an email explaining why.

All Pulp is aware that the above information is slightly different from how Barry handled the list.  Even though we are going to very much keep the essence of what Barry created, he has allowed and we have decided that there will be some changes to it.  By the time the first list appears, there may be more changes or there may not.  This is a very organic project, but All Pulp endeavors to continue what Barry started in the best way possible.  

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TARZAN-The Greystoke Legacy
By Andy Briggs
Open Road Media
177 pages

We’d vaguely heard mention someone was going to be re-launching a new, modern version of Tarzan a while back then promptly forgot all about it.  These kind of re-imaginings have been tried before with various pulp heroes; most of them have failed miserably and are better left forgotten.  Thus when one of the marketing agents for Open Road Media contacted us about reviewing Andy Briggs new Tarzan books we were curious enough to accept their gracious invitation.  The books arrived two weeks ago (they are also available as Ebooks) and we were anxious to dig into them.

It is important that we make it resoundingly clear that Tarzan of the Apes as created and written by Edgar Rice Burroughs is one of our favorite fictional characters.  Having discovered Burroughs books in paperback format during our teen years, we devoured most of them and particularly cherish the first two; “Tarzan of the Apes” and “The Return of Tarzan.”  Together they tell one of the most amazing yarns ever put to paper and from which an entire cottage industry was born.  Tarzan is easily one of the most recognizable figures of all times and has been portrayed in movies (starting with the silent era), TV series, comic books, radio and who knows what else.  His venerable tale is of man’s daily struggles with survival, the preservation of his natural environment and the steadily encroaching beast that is modern civilization.

After having read, “Tarzan : The Greystoke Legacy,” we confess to having been wonderfully surprised at just how well it was both conceived and executed.  Briggs is a truly talented writer who is obviously a true fan of Burroughs’ original stories and he reshapes the origin of the Ape Man with both a logical presentation and a great deal of reverence for the classic source material.  Unlike Burroughs, who lived in a time when his background setting for Tarzan was a still largely unexplored “Dark” Continent, Briggs is challenged to offer us a hero whose jungle home is a rapidly dwindling landscape endangered daily by multiple factions.

Burroughs never once, in his many books, ever offered us scientific details of the wildlife and flora of the savage jungle he wrote about.  Not so in this retelling.  Yet, despite his handicap of portraying an authentic wilderness, Briggs never loses sight of the intrinsic nature of his hero; Tarzan is a savage being nurtured by the law of the jungle.  He kills his enemies and protects his friend, be they beast or human.

Jane Porter is a troubled, lonely young woman, who has followed her father into Congo where he and his partner are operating an illegal tree-cutting operation.  When mysterious acts of vandalism begin plaguing the camp and slowing down the work, those in charge believe the sabotage to be the work of militant rebels hiding deeper in the jungle.  One night someone sets fires to the machinery and Jane, disorientated by an explosion, awakens to find herself lost in the jungle.  When he is found and rescued by a half naked white man calling himself Tarzan, she is propelled into an adventure that will both alter her world view and awaken an inner strength and courage she didn’t know she possessed.  All because of this strange, mysterious man who dwells amongst the giant apes of the forest.

The last thing this reviewer desires is to spoil the exuberant, grand adventure this book presents by giving away scenes that are both fresh while echoing the iconic trappings of this legendary figure.  “Tarzan : The Greystorke Legacy,” is a rousing, hugely entertaining read that respects it heritage while offering us a truly exciting “new” Tarzan for our times.  We can’t wait to dig into book two.  Stat tuned, Tarzan fans.

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PRESS RELEASE-The Uchronic Press is proud to announce the third novella in the Uchronic Tales line—The Studio Spectre.

This time around, Clark Tyler finds himself on a movie lot with a killer on the loose. The rumors had always warned that the lot was haunted, but this time it seems the Spectre is out to kill Hollywood's hottest starlet.

W. Peter Miller (The Zeppelin, The Horn) brings another exciting pulp action tale to the Uchronic series. Dames, death, and Tinseltown are the backdrop for this mystery in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Is the Spectre real, or an elaborate hoax? The Jade Monk joins forces with Clark as they hunt for The Studio Spectre!

The eBook is on sale now at Amazon and the Nook store and just about everywhere else eBooks are sold. The paperback is at Amazon. The book features a stunning cover by Mike Fyles and is packed with thrill, chills, and a firetruck chase through the streets of Hollywood! How many books can say that!

The Uchronic Press serves reader that crave action, excitement, and a bit of an edge to their pulp adventure fiction. Or stories take place in a alternate past, a Uchronic world greatly like our own, but with a dash more mystery, danger, and the macabre. Here you will find heroic adventure, outlandish science, ferocious alchemy, and an alternate history just slightly larger than our own.

Look for other adventures featuring perilous airships, lost civilizations, and earth-shattering danger!

For more information visit:


Eighty years ago in February, 1933 the Street & Smith company released the first issue of Doc Savage Magazine, introducing one of the most
popular and influential pulp superheroes ever to hit the American scene.
Doc Savage was the greatest adventure and scientist of his era, and
while his magazine ended in 1949, he influenced the creators of
Superman, Batman, Star Trek, The Man from UNCLE and the Marvel
Universe—to name only a few.

While that first issue of Doc Savage was fresh on Depression newsstands,
RKO Pictures released one of the most important fantasy films of
all time. Everyone knows the story of how King Kong was discovered on
Skull Island and hauled back to New York in chains, only to perish
tragically atop the world's tallest skyscraper, the Empire State

As it happened, that was where Doc Savage had his world headquarters.
For decades, fans have wondered: Where was Doc the day Kong fell?

On the eightieth anniversary of these fictional giants, Altus Press is
proud to release the first authorized clash between The Man of Bronze
and the Eighth Wonder of the World—Doc Savage: Skull Island.Written
by Will Murray in collaboration with Joe DeVito, creator of KONG: King
of Skull Island, Doc Savage: Skull Island is a new pulp epic.

The story opens when Doc returns from his Fortress of Solitude in the
North Pole to discover the cold corpse of Kong lying on his doorstep.

"I know this creature," he tells his dumbfounded men.

Tasked to dispose of the remains, the Man of Bronze then tells the
untold story of his epic encounter with Kong back in 1920, after Doc
returns from service in World War I, long before Kong became King Kong.

Doc Savage: Skull Island is a multi-generational story in which Doc and
his father—the man who placed him in the hands of scientists who
made him into a superman—sail to the Indian Ocean in search of Doc's
grandfather, the legendary Stormalong Savage, whose famous ship has been
discovered floating, deserted, her masts snapped by some incredible

The quest for Stormalong Savage leads to the fog-shrouded Indian
Ocean—and Skull Island! There, Doc Savage faces his first great test
as he encounters its prehistoric dangers and tangles with the towering,
unstoppable Kong.

"When Joe DeVito brought this idea to me," says Will Murray, "I knew it
had to be written with reverence for both of these immortal characters.
So I used the locale of Skull Island to tell a larger story, an untold
origin for Doc Savage. It all started back on Skull Island…."

Doc Savage: Skull Island has already been hailed as "The Doc Savage
novel that Doc fans have been waiting on for 80 years!"

Doc Savage: Skull Island is will be released in March, as the fifth
entry in Altus Press' popular Wild Adventures of Doc Savage series.
Cover by Joe DeVito.
Source(s): Altus Press


PRESS RELEASE: RMP Announces Runemaster: Spell of Blood eBook series

Runemaster Press is pleased to announce the release of the newest eBook, the first in the series introducing Skarl Kirwall, The Runemaster. 

The series will continue in eBook installments each month for the foreseeable future. 

Forged in the fires of Conan, Beowulf and Braveheart, 
steeped in Norse legendry and baptized in the blood of those who would oppose him comes the

Born during the Last Great War, Skarl Kirwall was destined to lead his clan as the next Runemaster. Betrayed by a clansman, Skarl is banished from his village, only to learn of its destruction at the hands of their bitter enemies, the Ysling clan. Mourning his father’s death, he discovers his beloved Lacina is still alive, but taken by the bloodthirsty Yslings as a sacrifice to their god, Ysfang, the world serpent. Now, Skarl must pursue his lost love across the frozen wastes of Njordica and save her from the slathering jaws of the serpent god and in the process, take his rightful place as the next Runemaster. 

The latest in New ePulp from 

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CAPTAIN HAZZARD The Citadel of Fear By Ron Fortier & Martin Powell NEW AIRSHIP 27 EDITION 

Airship 27 Productions is happy to once again announce the availability of its second Captain Hazzard adventure; Citadel of Fear by Ron Fortier & Martin Powell.

 In 2011 Airship 27 Productions parted ways with their former publisher and many of their titles soon sold out at distributors such as Amazon etc. Eventually copies could only be found at various independent bookstores selling for exorbitant prices.

“It was always our intention to get all our titles back out in these new Airship 27 editions,” explains Managing Editor & Co-author Fortier. “Of course we have to juggle doing these reprint editions around our schedule for releasing new titles. It’s not always an easy task. Over the past year, many Captain Hazzard fans have written us complaining of the book’s unavailability at a fair and reasonable price.”

Fortier also notes that the remaining two Captain Hazzard novels that he has written; Curse of the Red Maggot and Cavemen of New York will also be offered in new editions as time allows. “Obviously it’s our goal to have all of them up soon and we thank our loyal fans for their patience in this process.”

When scientists from all studies begin disappearing, Captain Hazzard and his team of adventures take up the mystery which leads them to a secluded city of wonders deep within Rocky Mountains ruled by the daughter of a would-be world conqueror. The book is the first co-writing venture between Fortier and Powell, long time friends and features interior illustrations by Art Director Rob Davis with a stunning cover by Laura Givens.  

Fortier is currently writing a fifth Captain Hazzard novel he hopes to have completed soon.

 CAPTAIN HAZZARD – CITADEL OF FEAR Now available at – Create Space ( Soon at Amazon and Kindle. Currently still available at their website – (


New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico visits The Book Cave to talk about the latest installment in his Sentinels series of books as well as his new Lords of Fire sci fi novel with Art Sippo, Bruce Rosenberger, and Ric Croxton.

Listen to The Book Cave Episode 215: Van Plexico and The Sentinels now at

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For Immediate Release


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces that one of its most consistently popular properties is stepping beyond its covers and into the world of gaming.

YESTERYEAR by Tommy Hancock is a novel featuring a new universe of Heroes and Villains that explores the history of these characters, from their Pulp Roots in the Early 20th Century to the chaotic, power driven modern era of super powered beings.  Centered around a manuscript that disappeared in the 1950s -along with its author -that has resurfaced, YESTERYEAR weaves a tale between two books; The original manuscript that peels back the gilded curtain from the Golden Age and the story of a modern publisher who has possession of the mythic tell all and has to sort out how best to use and it and stay alive.  

Pro Se in conjunction with lost gamers productions announced that YESTERYEAR is being developed into a Role Play Game and will debut at Pulp Ark 2013.  

"It's really great," Hancock stated, "that YESTERYEAR has gone to this level.  In working on the second book (Nomorrow) it became quickly evident that there's even a richer world than I first thought that can be played with in this series, not just by me, but by people who really know how to play.  And to work with the guys at LGP is fantastic.  They're not only experts in game design and mechanics, but they came by that expertise by being gamers themselves.    And to watch them apply their knowledge to my stories and to really breathe a whole new life into the universe I've gladly created, has been awesome."

Not only will YESTERYEAR be a role playing game, it will actually be able to played in two different ways, thanks to a card-based system developed by LGP.  The Quadrant System will allow YESTERYEAR to be a tabletop RPB as well as a LARP (Live Action Role Play) with no required variances.

"Although I've played a few RPGs," Hancock said, "I by no means would qualify myself as a gamer.  Yet, when I participated in one of the first testings of the Quadrant System for YESTERYEAR, it was simple and easy for me to understand.  The ease with which the game can transition from tabletop to LARP is simple and amazing."

YESTERYEAR has been and will continue to be tested in a variety of ways by the minds behind LGP, both internally and through application at conventions between now and April.  The first official unveiling and playing of the game will be April 26-28, 2013 at Pulp Ark in Springdale, Arkansas.

Currently the Game Description is- Former Masked Man Ramsey Long’s  once missing tell all journal has resurfaced and both Hero & Villain alike are determined to take possession of it, by any means necessary. What secrets are kept within the journal? What really happened to Ramsey Long? And when the dust settles, where will your loyalties lie?

As for what materials will be available for purchase at Pulp Ark 2013 related to the game, details are still forthcoming.  "Source books," Hancock stated, "are in the planning stages and will be put together by some of Pro Se's top talent as soon as all the particulars are worked out.   As far as having something available for fans to walk away with at Pulp Ark 2013, we most definitely hope to have just that."

For more information on YESTERYEAR's debut as an RPG at Pulp Ark 2013, please go to, email Hancock at, or call at 870-834-4022!

lostgamers productions (never capitalized), or LGP, is a gaming development group out of Memphis, TN. What started out as a small group of friends, arguing about every type of game available, has grown into tight-knit force of creative innovation. Since its inception, one major focus of LGP has been to evolve beyond the traditional style of tabletop & live action role-playing games and give its audience something different. Something they didn’t have collecting dust on a shelf at home. Along the way, they’ve introduced us to furniture-obsessed soldiers, multi-cultural pitchmen, living miniatures and computerized wrestlers. So, whether you’ve been SHAFTED or manipulated in a game of GEEK BALL, you can attest to their commitment to make sure you’ve experienced something fun. And nothing proves that better than their premiere experience, DEBATE OF THE DEAD.

Pro Se Productions is Your Home for New Pulp!  Come join us as we Put The Monthly back into Pulp at and

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Publisher Announces BLACK PULP Collection
Featuring Best Selling Authors

Batesville, AR – 1/26/2013 – Pro Se Productions, a publisher of Genre Fiction, works to not only harken back to the classic fiction of Pulp magazines and adventure tales, but also to push the boundaries of modern Genre fiction in many directions.   To that end, Pro Se Productions reveals a new anthology to be released in early 2013, a collection featuring the work of various authors, including bestsellers Walter Mosley and Joe R. Lansdale. 

Cover for BLACK PULP
by Adam Shaw
Black Pulp is a collection of stories featuring African characters in leading roles in stories running the genre gamut.   Pulp Fiction of the early 20th Century rarely, if ever, focused on characters of color and the handful of black characters in these stories were typically portrayed as racial stereotypes.  Black Pulp, a concept developed by noted crime novelist Gary Phillips, brings some of today’s best authors together with up and coming writers to craft adventure tales, mysteries, and more, all with black characters at the forefront.

 Also co-editor of Black Pulp, Phillips observed, “While revisionism is not history, as Django Unchained signifies, nonetheless historical matters find their way into popular fiction.  This is certainly the case with new pulp as it handles such issues as race with a modern take, even though stories can be set in a retro context.  Black Pulp then offers exciting tales of derring-do and clear-eyed heroes and heroines of darker hues appealing to all.”

Black Pulp features a new original essay on the nature of Pulp, both classic and modern, by award winning author Walter Mosley.  Known for his bestselling Easy Rawlins novel series as well as books featuring Private Eye Leonid McGill, Mosley is widely published in fiction, both literary and genre, and non-fiction. Mosley has received several honors, including a Grammy, PEN America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and an O. Henry award.

Also featured in the anthology is a classic story by Joe R. Lansdale. Lansdale is not unfamiliar to Pulp, having written such notable characters as Tarzan as well many of his own original creations, including Hap & Leonard.  Winner of the Edgar Award, multiple Bram Stoker Awards, The Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award and many others, Lansdale’s story provides his own take on Black Pulp.

Black Pulp Co-Editor, Contributor,
And Idea Bringer
Gary Phillips
Other contributing writers include Chester Himes Award winner Phillips, two time Shamus Award winner Gar Anthony Heywood, noted author Kimberly Richardson who currently has two works enlisted for Pulitzer Prize nomination, Dixon Medal winner Christopher Chambers, critically acclaimed novelist Mel Odom, hip-hop chronicler Michael Gonzales, Pulp Factory and Pulp Ark Award winner Ron Fortier, Pulp Factory Award winner Charles Saunders, Pulp Ark Award winners Derrick Ferguson and Tommy Hancock(also Publisher co-editor of Black Pulp), and noted writers Michael Gonzales and Alan D. Lewis.

Black Pulp is slated for print and digital release in early 2013 and features an original cover by Adam Shaw.  For more information concerning Black Pulp and Pro Se Productions, contact


New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico’s latest novel is the first in a series of Military Science Fiction New Pulp Space Opera adventure novels called The Shattering, published by White Rocket Books.

Press Release – For Immediate Release

THE SHATTERING: LORDS OF FIRE Arrives in Trade Paperback!

Plexico Brings Military SF/Space Opera to the world of New Pulp!

(January 28, 2013)  White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in trade paperback format of Van Allen Plexico’s THE SHATTERING, LEGION I: LORDS OF FIRE!

Stripped of his authority by the Emperor of Mankind and assigned to duty in deepest space for failing to prevent the greatest robbery in history, former Colonel Ezekial Tamerlane believes his career as a soldier is over.  But strange forces are at work, urging the Emperor to set out on a journey fraught with dangers into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own; and Tamerlane, like it or not, is going along for the ride.  What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find along the way will shake the Empire to its very foundations, and unleash a crisis of galactic proportions that not all the armies in creation can hold back...

"Plexico is the master of space opera." --Pulp Fiction Reviews

LORDS OF FIRE begins a new galaxy-shattering adventure from the author of HAWK: HAND OF THE MACHINE and LUCIAN: DARK GOD’S HOMECOMING, and bridges the divide between those two novels and universes.  Here we see the fallout from the war of the gods in LUCIAN, and the growing crisis that will lead to the creation of Hawk and the other Hands of the Machine.  Futuristic armies clash, godlike beings manipulate empires, and the gateway to the Underverse of the Below is reopened, unleashing slavering demonic hordes upon an unsuspecting galaxy!

Plexico’s previous novel, SENTINELS: METALGOD, reached #1 on the New Pulp Best-Sellers List in December 2012.  “Nobody—not even Abnett and Lanning—does cosmic superheroes like Van Allen Plexico.  Nobody,” said Barry Reese, creator of the Rook and Lazarus Grey.

“I wanted this book to kick off the new “Shattering” saga with a bang—with action from start to finish,” says Plexico of LORDS OF FIRE, “and that’s exactly what it does.  I have no doubt that my loyal cadre of longtime readers will enjoy it, and I’m confident it will appeal to a new readership of bold Military SF enthusiasts who like a mash-up of high-tech combat and supernatural menaces in the vein of the Warhammer 40,000 books.”

White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats.   White Rocket books have hit the Top 15-by-Genre and reached #1 on the New Pulp Best-Sellers List, and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Vice-President Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.

THE SHATTERING, LEGION I: LORDS OF FIRE is a $15.95, 6x9 format trade paperback from White Rocket Books.
316 pages.
ISBN-13:  978-0-61575-419-2  
ISBN-10:   0-61575-419-8  
(6x9” Trade Paperback)

Now available in paperback at Amazon.

Coming soon: 
The Shattering:
Legion II: Sons of Terra


The Shadow Fan podcast returns for his 16th episode! This time around, New Pulp Author Barry Reese talks about his feelings regarding the importance of new Shadow material, Dynamite's solicitations for April 2013, the classic novel "The Wasp Returns" and Rick Lai's reference work, "Chronology of Shadows: A Timeline of The Shadow's Exploits." It's a jam-packed episode, dedicated to the greatest pulp hero ever!

Join the conversation about pulp's greatest hero today at

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Contact: James Palmer



Atlanta, GA—Mechanoid Press, a new New Pulp publisher, is pleased to announce the publication of their first anthology, MONSTER EARTH!

Welcome to a world where the Cold War was fought not with the threat of nuclear destruction, but with Giant Monsters.

Watch as the denizens of this Earth that might have been learn to harness the power of these legendary creatures for good and ill. In these seven tales you'll witness first hand as…

--A young boy learns the value of sacrifice when the Japanese use a giant monster to attack Pearl Harbor…

--An Inuit confronts his heritage to harness a frightening creature of the Great White North…

--A false guru's greed endangers 1960s Boston…

All this and more await you in the pages of MONSTER EARTH!

Join editors James Palmer (Slow Djinn), Jim Beard (Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker) and some of the most talented voices in New Pulp, including Nancy Hansen (Prophecy's Gambit), Edward M. Erdelac (The Merkabah Rider series), and I.A. Watson (Blackthorn: Dynasty of Mars) as they take you on a guided tour of a frightening vision of Earth…


Monster Earth is an original giant monster anthology containing almost 75,000 words of monster mayhem.

MONSTER EARTH harkens back to the classic giant monsters of yesteryear like Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera, and King Kong, while focusing on the human element and what it would be like to live in such a world where giant monsters terrorize the Earth.

“There have been a few other giant monster anthologies over the years,” says Palmer. “But our book is going to be a bit different. It has a unifying concept, as well as a solid pulp style of storytelling.”

Developed by MONSTER EARTH co-editor Jim Beard (writer, Captain Action and the Riddle of the Glowing Men), each story in the book takes place in a different decade of the 20th century, which leads to a Cold War fought with giant monsters rather than the threat of nuclear weapons.

“I really wanted all the stories to have an underlying thread that weaves between all the stories, and Jim really came up with a winner.”

The stories in MONSTER EARTH have a strong human angle as well.

“Focusing in on the human beings living in this world is important to me,” says Palmer. “The monsters are like forces of nature, with the humans trying to control them. But don’t worry, these aren’t just regular human interest stories with a monster thrown in for window dressing. There are plenty of great monster battles and more than enough citywide destruction to please the most discerning kaiju fan – and anyone who loves a good tale.

The book sports an awesome cover by Eric Johns inspired by the American release of the Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters.

MONSTER EARTH is available in print via Createspace

It is also available as an e-book from Kindle:

About Mechanoid Press:
Mechanoid Press is a new imprint specializing in science fiction, New Pulp, and steampunk ebooks and anthologies. For more, visit or follow the robot revolution on Twitter. You can also like Mechanoid Press on Facebook.