Saturday, October 27, 2012


New Pulp creators Martin Powell and Mark Maddox visited Earth Station One for a special Halloween-themed podcast that could only be called Earth Station Boo!!!

You can listen to Earth Station Boo now at

It’s that time of year when the geeks turn into ghouls and the cobwebs in Earth Station One are decorations rather than poor housekeeping – Welcome to Earth Station Boo! Join Phantom Troublemaker and his co-ghosts Mike STABber and Mike GORE-don as we discuss creepy movies, spooky memories, and all things Halloweeny with our very special fiends Stephen SPLATinum, Eddie Cadaver, and Mark “STARK-RAVING” Maddox. With Special undead guest Martin “The Halloween Legion” Powell taking his chances with 13 questions. This is a ghastly and horrifying DEADcast you can’t afford to miss!

Rondo Award-Winning Artist of The Year, Mark Maddox is an artist extraordinaire, with many magazine covers to his name, including work for HorrorHound, Screem Magazine, Undying Monsters, Little Shoppe of Horrors, Monsters From Hell and much more. He can be found at:

Stephen Platinum is the Creator and Owner of Platinum Championship Wrestling, which can be seen LIVE the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at The Main Event in Porterdale, GA. Facebook:

Eddie Cadaver is the Lead Vocalist for The Casket Creatures. Their new album – “Sex, Blood, and Rock N’ Roll” will be out this winter! Facebook: Reverb Nation:

Martin Powell is a professional writer, having just entered his second decade with over 300 published credits. His newest project “Halloween Legion” is coming soon to a spooky store near you. Facebook:

Cover Image Provided by Mark Maddox for Screem Magazine #25

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