Sunday, October 28, 2012


Cover Art: Mitch Foust
White Rocket Books has collected New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico’s second trilogy in the saga of The Sentinels in an omnibus edition. Sentinels: The Rivals: Omnibus 2 is authored by Van Allen Plexico with illustrations by Chris Kohler.

About Sentinels: The Rivals:
The Sentinels and their oldest enemies must band together as four Great Rivals--cosmic beings of unimaginable power, to whom humans are but insects--renew their ancient war high above the Earth.

But even as our heroes and their foes all rush into space in a hopeless effort to drive away these malevolent menaces, new clues to the origins of Ultraa and Vanadium emerge--revelations that will rock the team to its foundations, and challenge everything we thought we knew about the SENTINELS!

This second omnibus volume contains all three novels in the "Rivals" trilogy, including The Shiva Advent, Worldmind, and the PulpArk "Novel of the Year" nominee, Stellarax, along with all fifteen of Chris Kohler's mind-blowing interior illustrations and a new painted cover by artist extraordinaire Mitch Foust.

It's more than 700 pages of cosmic superhero action--continuing the greatest superhero novel saga of them all--from the author Pulp Fiction Reviews calls "The Master of Space Opera!"

Sentinels: The Rivals is now available in trade paperback via at and at CreateSpace at .

Original series co-plotter Bobby Politte will be joining Van Allen Plexico on an upcoming episode of the White Rocket Podcast to discuss their influences in creating the characters and the series.