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APRIL 26-28TH, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leading publisher of Heroic and Action/Adventure Fiction as well as the Founder and organizer of Pulp Ark, a writer's conference/convention that began in Batesville, AR in 2011 announces today the dates for the third annual event, PULP ARK 2013 as well as a change of venue.

Pulp Ark is a Writer's Conference/Convention focused on 'Pulp' fiction.  Although defined narrowly by many, Pulp Ark promotes Pulp Fiction as multi genre multi medium storytelling that typically involves action, adventure, larger than life heroes and villains, and a strong focus on both plot and characterization.  "Pulp," Hancock said, "began as a medium in which many great writers told a lot of wonderful stories and readers could pick 'em up a 100 or more pages at a time for a dime.  Although it's no longer that necessarily, the sensibilities of Pulp storytelling, the style, the methodology, all the stuff fans have remembered and enjoyed for over 80 years about those kinds of tales, all of that is still around and available from all sorts of authors, artists, performers and companies.  That is what Pulp Ark is all about."

"Pulp Ark 2013," stated Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Organizer, "will take place in a new facility and a new town, but remains in Arkansas!  Batesville, Arkansas (the site of the first two Pulp Ark conventions) has been nothing but a positive experience for Pulp Ark and the success we've had there, particularly in 2012, is one of the myriad reasons we decided to make a move.  Pulp Ark 2012 cemented for us the fact that not only would we have faithful vendors and guests willing to return for another go around or two, but that we also had a concept that appealed to fans of all ages and genres and mediums.  With that, the decision was either to grow or not.   Part of the decision to grow was whether or not to stay in Batesville.  Several factors, most notably partnering with an excellent facility that truly will take Pulp Ark to another level, led us to decide that the home of Pulp Ark 2013 would be Springdale, Arkansas."

Springdale is in Washington County located in Northwest Arkansas.  Considered part of the Fayetteville Metropolitan Area, Springdale is one town of several that are considered a piece of one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.  With over 500,000 residents in and near Springdale, Pro Se believes that not only will this increase fan attendance and interest in the Writer's Conference/Convention that blends every genre and medium possible together, but will also attract both the loyal guests and vendors from the first two years of Pulp Ark as well as a whole host of new participants on that side of the table.

"Pulp Ark is a wonderfully unique creature in a lot of ways," Hancock stated.  "We definitely enjoy having that small town, almost family type feel for what we do, but we also have a truly kaleidoscopic reach with all the genres and creators that fall into our umbrella.  Prose, comics, audio, cosplay, even music, all of that and more contributes to what Pulp is.  Classic, new, and even Pulp yet to come all has a home at our convention and it was time to move Pulp Ark to a place where it...and all its wonderful supporters...could truly spread their wings."

Pulp Ark 2013 will be held in Springdale, Arkansas April 26-28, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Springdale Hotel and Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas, 1500 South 48th Street, phone number- 1-479-751-8300.  For a peek at the venue, click HERE!

SPECIAL PRICES UNTIL JANUARY 1ST, 2013!  Any and all who plan to attend Pulp Ark 2013 and want to get the Discounted Room Rate MUST reserve a room or rooms by January 1st, 2013 to take advantage of the Special Pulp Ark rate of $84.00 a night.  To reserver your room online, please click HERE!  

PULP ARK 2013-Springdale, Arkansas!  For further information, go to or contact Hancock at 870-834-4022 and/or  Expect more Pulp Ark Announcements VERY SOON!