Saturday, January 15, 2011


AP:Barry, you're a guest at Pulp Ark.  Tell us about your work in pulp that brings you to this convention.

BR:Well, I’ve been writing professionally since 2003 and I’ve spent most of the past five years writing pulp. There have been five volumes in my Rook series with a sixth on the way… and over the years I’ve gotten to write a handful of classic heroes, including The Avenger and The Green Hornet for Moonstone, while doing original novels as well (Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing). It’s been a blast to work in a field that I love so much.

AP:PULP ARK is billed as a convention/conference. Do you feel like there's a need for an event like this, part opportunity to meet fans and part opportunity to work on skills as creators?

BR:Well from the workshop side of things, it’s always good for aspiring creators (and “established” ones for that matter) to hear how others work and take their advice. So from that standpoint, it’s great… and as for the fan convention part, I think that’s important, too. At larger cons (like Dragon*Con), we’re an afterthought --  but a pulp convention celebrates who and what we are as a community and that’s an important step to “breaking out” into the cultural mainstream.

AP:If you were trying to convince a person who has no idea what pulp is to come to PULP ARK, what would you say?

BR:Do you like Indiana Jones? The Mummy movies? Clive Cussler? Do you know anyone who does? Then you’re familiar with pulp and just didn’t realize it. Pulp is the by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure storytelling that thrilled you as a kid.. PULP ARK is all about that.