Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is the day for new ALL PULP features!!  A BOOK A DAY will cover a title that pulp writers and creators may find useful as a reference tool or for research.  These books can also add to the knowledge base of pulp fans, making their enjoyment of pulp even better!   If you have books that need to be here, then email to with a title, description, and if possible, an image of the book and ALL PULP will make sure its A BOOK A DAY!!  Now, for our first book guaranteed to improve knowledge/provide great information/be a rollickin' good time!!

From Bear Manor Media-

Chicago Jazz and Then Some:
as told by one of the original Chicagoans, Jess Stacy
by Jean Porter Dmytryk


       Jess Stacy was the kindest, sweetest, most generous man to grace this Earth. It was my lucky day when I decided to buy a house in Laurel Canyon, and my husband felt the same. After years of living in Los Angeles and working the Hollywood studios, circumstances took us all over the world and we had sold our Bel Aire home. Children gone, it was just the two of us. Lookout Mountain Ave. was the street we fell in love with, and the neighbors were a bonus! Jess and his darling wife, Patricia were our closest. Jess was a regular guest (their star) in all of the best and biggest jazz festivals. Eddie and I tagged along.
What a great part of our lives!

We celebrated Jess' 90th birthday together and we could see that he was losing strength... but he still have that twinkle in his eyes...'til the very end... and then some.
Jean Porter Dmytryk

"The world of jazz has created a community all of its own. "Chicago Jazz and Then Some, as told by one of the original Chicagoans, Jess Stacy" looks into the history of Chicago Jazz through the eyes of Jess Stacy. Writer Jean Porter Dmytryk tells Stacy's stories of the old days of Jazz and gives readers an exciting and thought provoking history of the music's scene over the decades. "Chicago Jazz and Then Some" is a must for any Jazz fan or Chicago music fan"
- Midwest Book Review