Wednesday, January 19, 2011





Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, announced the creation of a new position within its company today.  "Although Pro Se is still in its infancy," Hancock stated, "we are definitely growing quickly.   Wonderfully, a part of that growth is a continuing and increasing number of writers showing interest in writing for our magazine line and actually submitting proposals and even complete stories for possible publication.  This has been a duty I've handled as EIC since our inception, but due to other commitments within the company, the time has come to turn this duty over to someone else.  To that end, I would like to announce the creation of the position of Submissions Editor within Pro Se.  This individual will focus on all submissions coming in from this point on for our magazine line.  At this time, I will continue to oversee the submissions for anthologies and book length manuscripts."

"This position," Hancock continued, "needs to be filled by a person with a few qualifications.  The Submissions Editor not only needs to have a good handle on what generally qualifies as Pulp, but also be able to identify what falls within the parameters of Pro Se.  We work with a broad brush, but still we're looking for particular kinds of stories.  This person will also need to be able to identify what's ready for publication upon submission and what may need a little help and grooming before publication.  It also wouldn't hurt if this person was someone known to the Pulp community and with a good reputation as a writer and in all things pulp related.  That's why I'm proud to say that Barry Reese is now the Submissions Editor for Pro Se Productions."

Reese, noted pulp author and creator of The Rook, Lazarus Gray, and the writer of novels including RABBIT HEART and the recently released THE DAMNED THING, formerly served as one of Pro Se's Magazine Line Editors, handling editing chores for MASKED GUN MYSTERY, one of the imprints of the PRO SE PRESENTS line.   Reese's new position becomes effective immediately and Hancock informed ALL PULP that the search for a new Line Editor for MGM was already under way.

When asked to comment on what his plans were for this position, Reese stated, "Well, my intentions are to not only maintain the high quality that Pro Se's become known for but to really get out there and beat the bushes, looking for new blood. I think the best thing about Pro Se's products so far has been the way they've mixed established writers with newcomers -- it's very important to not only provide a venue for well-known types like Derrick Ferguson or Ron Fortier, but to also provide a nurturing starting ground for the next generation.

In terms of specifics, I'd love to see a wide range of submissions that cover all the genres of pulp: sword-and-sorcery, hardboiled P.I.s, masked vigilantes and everything in between!"

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