Sunday, January 16, 2011


AP: Wayne, you're attending PULP ARK as a guest and a 'Classroom' presenter. Tell us what to expect if we attend 'All You Ever Wanted to Know About Doc Savage'?
WS: You can expect more than the commonly known Doc Facts as well as some Doc Trivia that will seperate the casual fan from the true Doc-o-phile. We'll also try to have a few Doc rarities to show off.

AP: Why is knowledge of Doc important to pulpsters, particularly pulp creators?
WS: He's the original super-hero. An Icon and the blueprint for countless characters who have come after him. From Superman to Indiana Jones. If you love adventure you NEED to know Doc Savage.

AP: You're also a publisher. As such, what does participation in events like PULP ARK mean to you?
WS: Its a way to reach new audiences and make more contacts. Networking is always good.
AP: There's also a 'Everything You Wanted To Know about Sun Koh' Classroom scheduled. So, who wins in a cage match, Doc or Sun? Seriously, though, do these characters share any similarities or roots? Do they represent things that are generally common across pulp fiction?
WS: One on One it would be an amazing fight, but i'd have to give it to Doc. Sun Koh's arrogance might well cause him to slip a bit. ;)
They certainly do have much in common. For elaboration on just that you'll have to attend the Doc Savage discussion!