Monday, January 17, 2011

MOONSTONE MONDAY-More Green Hornet Movie Comments-From the Camp Who Won't See The Movie!


Art by Ruben Procopio
For the past few months there has been a fierce debate on the merits of the new Green Hornet movie pro and con. Several younger movie goers have argued that any interpretation of the character is valid and each should stand on its on merits. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Green Hornet was born on the radio in the era of pulps. He was created to be a serious melodrama about a man so dedicated to fighting crime and corruption, he would sacrifice his own life, put himself harm’s way to defend the innocent and bring the guilty to justice. When the character was later adapted to the cinema in two serials from Universal, that basic premise remained, it was a melodrama. It remained so during all its comic book interpretation through its television debut in the 1960s.

To suggest that any concept can be legitimately converted into its polar opposite and still remain true to its origins is ludicrous and illogical. The Green Hornet is a heroic action melodrama. To reimagine it as an action comedy, emphasis on the comedy, is impossible. The mere transition of the core identity transforms it into another property altogether. Oh, with the same trappings, but its core is now something completely different.

In plain English, people. I have always loved the character of the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen made a comedy about a character called the Green Hornet. It is not the authentic Green Hornet, it is a sophomoric joke which has absolutely no appeal to me as a fan of the Green Hornet. Why on earth would I wish to see such a travesty of something I’ve always admired? Seth Green could have just as easily done a true parody and called it the Green Turkey and I might have actually bought a ticket. I do understand parody. That he and the people behind this production, chose to purposely denigrate a classic American hero is simply disgusting in my eyes and no argument or flimsy excuse will ever legitimize this film.

Ron Fortier