Tuesday, January 11, 2011



From Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator/Pro Se Press Editor in Chief-

PULP ARK,  a pulp convention/creators’ conference scheduled for its inaugural  weekend  May 13-15, 2011 in Batesville, Arkansas, is also host to the First Annual PULP ARK AWARDS.  These awards cover ten categories related to the Pulp field and nine of these are chosen by nominations from anyone interested in participating in the vote (Nominations open until 11:59 PM January 31st, 2011.).  The tenth one, however, was chosen in a different manner.

The PULP ARK Lifetime Achievement Award will be selected each year by an invited committee of ten people representing various areas within Pulp.  These ten committee members will nominate a maximum of three contenders for this award.  To qualify, a person must have been involved actively in the Pulp field for at least ten consecutive years and must have made considerable contributions to the genre either through creating, promoting, supporting, or a combination of those and other ways.  The three most nominated names through that process will then be put on a ballot and that ballot sent to the committee.  The one of those three receiving the most votes from the committee will receive The 2011 PULP ARK Lifetime Achievement Award.

Twenty seven initial nominations were made.   The numbers were tallied and the three who received the most nominations were determined. The ballot was formed and sent to the committee members who included-
                                                           Wayne Skiver (Age of Adventure)
                                                           Michael Brown (Reviewer)
                                                           Ron Hanna (Wild Cat Books)
                                                           Bill Cunningham (Pulp 2.0 Press)
                                                           Ron Fortier (Airship 27 Productions)
                                                           Ric Croxton (The Book Cave)
                                                           Barry Reese (Noted Pulp Author and Editor)
                                                           Derrick Ferguson (Pulpwork Press)
                                                           Win Scott Eckert (Noted Pulp Author/Historian)
                                                           Tommy Hancock (Pro Se Productions/Pulp Ark)

Following the above process, the 2011 PULP ARK LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is awarded to Tom and Ginger Johnson.  Both authors within the field, The Johnsons have contributed a great amount of support, effort, and research to the Pulp genre.  Publishers in their own right, Tom and Ginger were the force behind the ECHOES magazine, noted as a pivotal publication by many creators today.   A more extensive biography will follow in the coming days.

Congratulations to Tom and Ginger Johnson, recipients of the 2011 PULP ARK LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!