Saturday, December 4, 2010


Known for his interesting 'pulp' voice, his merging of pulpy worlds with our own, and his overall enthusiasm for all things Pulp, ALL PULP's own Sarge Portera has little special thoughts and lists and other such miscellany that he finds from time to time...and shares with ALL now we will share it with you...A PULP EXTRA FROM SARGE PORTERA!


I am always amazed & astonished by the sheer number of literary genres that paperbacks & pulps encompass! The following list is far from exhaustive. I’m, also, well aware that some genres & subgenres below may overlap each other. Hopefully, at best, it will give any pulp fan a general idea of the vast variety of fiction themes that are out there.

  1. Action Adventure
  2. Airport
  3. Arabesque
  4. Aviation
  5. Campus Life (School Life or Military Academy)
  6. Character Pulps (Both heroes & villains)
  7. Circus
  8. Combat (Military)
  9. Crime
  10. Fantasy
  11. Gothic Horror
  12. Gothic Romance
  13. Hard-boiled Detective
  14. Historical
  15. Hollywood
  16. Intrigue (Spy Fi)
  17. Jungle
  18. Mystery
  19. Northern
  20. Occult Detective
  21. Orient
  22. Parody
  23. Pirate
  24. Prison
  25. Railroad
  26. Regency (Ruritanian, too)
  27. Romance
  28. Science Fiction
  29. Seafaring
  30. Shaver Mystery
  31. Shipwreck
  32. South Sea Adventure Romance
  33. Space Opera
  34. Sports
  35. Sword & Planet
  36. Sword & Sorcery
  37. Thriller
  38. Time Travel
  39. Urban
  40. Western

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