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And with this final FLASHBACK, ALL PULP's archiving is complete!!  Enjoy news from the earliest days of ALL PULP!!

Announcing the newest place for Pulp Writers, Artists and Fans to come together!

MAY 13-15, 2011

Pro Se Productions, LLC. ( in conjunction with Main Street Batesville of Batesville, AR announces PULP ARK 2011!! Pro Se Productions, a company specializing in pulp storytelling in various mediums, primarily magazines and comics, made its debut in March, 2010! Pro Se also seeks to bring all the over the top, grandiose, slam-bang impact of pulp to the South! PULP ARK, scheduled for May 13-15, 2011 will be a convention dedicated to the Pulp Genre as well as a conference made up of panels, workshops, and activities to appeal to the Pulp writer, the Pulp fan, and that most unique creature, The Pulp Writer/Fan!

PULP ARK will be held in the historical town of Batesville, AR. Nestled in the scenic Ozark foothills, Batesville provides most definitely a small town charm, but has facilities of all sorts, including hotels, major and local restaurants, and several venues for hosting panels, conferences, and vendors. Batesville also affords a relaxed setting, different from most large cities where conventions are held, but also conducive to creativity, relaxation, and a furthering of Pulp fandom!

MAY 13-15, 2011-Prepare for the Flood of All that is Pulp-Get your place on the PULP ARK today!

For more information, contact Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Audio Director for Pro Se Productions at  or call or text at 870-834-4022 



Prior to the 1939 World Science Fiction convention, editor Mort Weisinger dreamed up a new character to present to the hordes of ravenous science fiction fans: Mr. Future. Weisinger handed the idea over to young and talented writer, Ed Hamilton, who retooled the initial concept into Captain Future: Wizard of Science. Wiesinger knew they were on to something, but had little idea his initial idea would lead to the birth of the space opera sub-genre that spawned such undying favorites as Flash Gordon, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Over 70 years later, Captain Future returns to serialized fiction in the pages of Moonstone Books with stories penned by Mike "Phantom" Bullock with spectacular art from Norm Lanting and Bullock's fellow Phantom creator Silvestre Szilagyi. Look for the first Captain Future tale, Voices, in the upcoming Moonstone Pulp Magazine.


Pulp writer and Owner/Publisher of Age of Adventure Publishing, Wayne Skiver announces today that his dream project (He's also a master chef as well!) will be opening its doors for a special preview party tonight!  Skiver is owner and proprietor of RAYGUN CAFE (Rue St. Francois, in Historic, Old Town. Florissant, Mo.  That's St. Louis basically, folks!).  This experience is described as "AMAZING Food served in an explosion of Retro Sci-Fi, Super Hero, and Pulp Art. You won't believe your tastebuds or your eyes!"

The preview party being held this evening at 6 PM is the (invited) public's first look at this exciting dining adventure!  It is also a fundraiser for a very worthy cause.  According to Skiver, "A $10 Donation (Not necessary for kids 12 and under) gets you any menu item, side and drink as well as mountains of appetizer sized versions of our other menu items! Part of the proceeds from this event will go towards St. Judes Childrens Hospital." In a 'sort of' All Pulp exclusive, Skiver has provided the menu for tonight's event as follows:
Chicago style Hot Dogs
Loaded Chili Cheese dogs
Italian roast beef with spicy Giardianera
Italian Sausage with grilled onions
Rosemary Chicken Breast and Bacon Panini
Chipotle Turkey Panini on Herbed Focacia
Signature Spicy Deviled Eggs
Fresh Chili
Summer Vegetable Soup
Red Skinned Mustard Potato Salad
Home made Chocolate chip pecan pie

Raygun Cafe will be open to the public in October and All Pulp will carry the news of the grand opening!!  The intent as Skiver noted, is for Raygun to be more than eating, but to be education and truly an experience.  "Where can you learn about the history of the Pulps? The forgotten heroes of the Golden Age? Where can you experience Science Fiction art from the 1930's to the 1970's? Online? Sure...But why not LIVE and IN PERSON? RAYGUN Cafe' will feature a constantly rotating dreamscape of art and exhibits from Pulp, Comic, and... Pop culture! Its a place to meet, explore, and of course EAT! Feed your body and your imagination!"

 NEW JERSEY – Modern pulp publishers Episodes from the Zero Hour! are proud of their latest installment, Volume Three, featuring globe-trotting adventure with Rex Rockwell, Weird Game Hunter and Mac Samson: The Secrets of the Lost City.

Volume Three, on sale at the Zero Hour! electronic storefront,, also marks the publishers’ first book away from the hard-boiled, neo-noir world of Federal City and its resident Tough Guy for Hire, Tommy “Knuckles” McNichols.

“When Jason and I first imagined Episodes from the Zero Hour!, we never believed that it should be restricted to the hard-boiled stories we featured in Volumes 1 and 2,” said publisher and book designer Anthony Schiavino. “The original pulps ran the gamut from weird fantasy to far-flung science fiction, from tough guy detectives to war heroes and even prototype superheroes. From the beginning, we said we wanted to tell good stories, and didn’t want to be tied down to a specific genre.”

“Volume 3 has been a long time coming, but we think it’s worth the wait,” said author and editor Jason Butkowski. “Rex and Mac are completely different characters from Knuckles, but the stories live up to the standard of good story-telling we strove for with our first two volumes. If you’re looking for a good read that stays true to the sense of adventure from the original pulps, Episodes from the Zero Hour! is your destination for modern pulp.”

Episodes from the Zero Hour! Volume Three contains three tales of adventure featuring Rex Rockwell, Weird Game Hunter, written by Butkowski (author of Episodes from the Zero Hour! Volume One: Featuring Knuckles, Tough Guy for Hire) and illustrated by Rich Woodall (artist of creator-owned comic Johnny Raygun and art director for the ZombieBomb! comic anthology) and three stories featuring Mac Samson: The Secrets of the Lost City, written by newcomer S.E. Dogaru and illustrated by Duane Spurlock (proprietor of The Pulp Rack Web site,

The volume also features the first part of a serialized story, C.T. and the Savage Chimps of Cannibal Mesas, written by Schiavino (creator/writer of the Sgt. Zero independent comic) and Butkowski and illustrated by Dave Flora (artist/writer/creator of independent comic Ghost Zero) and the usual back-ups and special features that Zero Hour! Productions have become known for.

The synopsis for Rex Rockwell, Weird Game Hunter, from the book jacket: Behind the walls of Blaylock Manor, hidden from prying eyes, lies the Evy Rockwell Nature Preserve for the Weird and Unusual, home to some of the strangest animals ever to roam the Earth. Rooted in the myths, folklore and fables of primitive people, these beasts – collected by Rex Rockwell and his band of adventurers – live out their lives, protected from a world that would fear and kill them. Rockwell and his team travel the world, employing the latest technological marvels and ancient mystical relics to discover the undiscovered and protect mankind from threats beyond human understanding.

“Jason’s created a universe where myths come to life, and a team of adventurers protect us for the things that go bump in the night,” said Schiavino. “He takes inspiration from steampunk and gothic fiction, as well as a litany of world folklore and legends, and weaves a cryptid Victorian fantasy that draws you in from page one.”

The synopsis for Mac Samson: The Secrets of the Lost City from the book jacket: Mac Samson’s been a lot of things in his years: hired muscle, treasure hunter, thief, rum runner… but it’s when an exotic women from his past shows up that he gets pulled into the greatest adventure of his life! What secrets does the mysterious journal of Professor Jennings hold?! Why is the Third Reich tirelessly pursuing his lovely companion?! And will Mac survive this pulse-pounding, globetrotting, gun-toting escapade wrought with intrigue, danger, explosion and fearsome air battles to discover the secrets of the Lost City?!

“Stefan has created a reluctant hero who can stand toe-to-toe with the best of the best in terms of pulp and pulp-inspired protagonists,” said Butkowski. “Mac Samson is a tough-talking, two-fisted throwback to an era when the world was in turmoil, and heroes stepped up to do the right thing, whether it was convenient or not.”

Episodes from the Zero Hour! Volume Three is now available at in hardcover for $21.60 and paperback for $14.00. In addition, all three volumes of the Zero Hour! publications will soon be available in eBook format, to bring the best of modern pulp to the latest platforms in book distribution.



Written by Jason Butkowski and S.E. Dogaru
Cover by Rich Woodall
Illustration by Rich Woodall and Duane Spurlock
Production and design by Anthony Schiavino

180 Pages
PRICE: $14.00 for paperback / $21.60 for hardcover

Find them on Facebook and at their electronic storefront: LULU.COM/ZEROHOUR


Cover by Ruben Procopio

Cover by Kaluta
Moonstone Books announces the title and cover art to its follow-up to The Green Hornet ChroniclesThe Green Hornet Casefiles will feature more great stories featuring the fabulous '60s version of The Green Hornet and Kato.

Rubén Procopio's cover
effectively teases the mysterious and thrilling tales to be found on the pages between the covers.
And Moonstone doesn't stop there! The alternate cover is by none other than Michael Wm. Kaluta!

Co-Editors Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert are currently hard at work editing the stories. The book is due out in April 2011.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for Volume One, The Green Hornet Chronicles, hitting shelves any day now!

Pro Se Productions, LLC, the company putting monthly back into pulp with its PRO SE PRESENTS titles (Peculiar Adventures, Masked Gun Mystery, and Fantasy and Fear) announces the SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT!  Three writers join together to undertake the building of a Pulp Universe in a grand style!
Derrick Ferguson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Barry Reese begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and Tommy Hancock, all published pulp authors and fans to boot, are the creators of THE SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT.   “The task,” Hancock stated, “was not only to come up with three ideas that shared the same space, but to figure out how to develop that space in a way that blends creativity and design was the trick.  But then we came up with Sovereign City.”
The city, so named because of its prime location, having access to any and all a city needs to grow into a metropolis, is as much a character as the three action packed, two fisted concepts the three writers have placed in Sovereign-
FORTUNE McCALL by Derrick Ferguson-An enigmatic, charming man makes his mark on Sovereign City by fighting crime and injustice from the deck of his floating casino!  With a cast of characters as exciting as the adventures he leads them into, Fortune McCall is a man of muscle, mind, and means to bring Sovereign City out of the darkness!

Barry Reese's LAZARUS GRAY
(Art by Tarik El)

LAZARUS GRAY by Barry Reese begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting-A man wakes up on a Sovereign City beach.  No name, very few clues, but with a purpose.  To seek out evil in every shadow and hole that Sovereign City has and to save the city some thought would save the world from its own version of Hell.  Surrounded by skilled, colorful aides, Lazarus Gray delves into the mysteries of Sovereign as well as his own!
DOC DAYE, 24 HOUR HERO by Tommy Hancock-Born to heroism.  Raised for perfection.  The Savior of Sovereign City.  Doctor Tempus Daye, scientist, scholar, adventurer, hero, and more, but also a man with a curse that could not only destroy his life, but could ultimately mean the fall of Sovereign itself.  How does a man who was created to save the world protect it from himself??
THE SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT debuts in September’s PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES #2, with the first LAZARUS GRAY story.  FORTUNE MCCALL debuts in October’s issue of PSP MASKED GUN MYSTERY #2, followed in November by DOC DAYE in PSP FANTASY AND FEAR #2.   Each issue of PRO SE PRESENTS starting in September will have at least one SOVEREIGN story within its covers. 
“I'm thrilled to be a part of this collaboration” reported Barry Reese begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, “and think that my new character, Lazarus Gray, will have a lot of legs. The idea of a shared universe is something that I think a lot of pulp fans will really embrace and the nice thing about it is that all three of us have the freedom to maintain our own natural styles, while simultaneously sharing the load of building a whole new world!”
For release dates on all of Pro Se’s wonderful Pulpiness, check out!


Wild Cat Books is proud to announce the fifth volume in The Rook Chronicles. Thrills and chills galore, featuring many characters, both old & new, and villains & enemies from The Great Old Ones to Count Dracula himself... Not to mention the death of a Pulp Hero!

The book will be 6"x9", 316 pages, and priced at $14.95. Great artwork by Anthony Castrillo and a special bonus "Rook" story by Stacy Dooks... and there's even have a Pin-Up by the legendary Fred Hembeck!


Springfield, Ohio played host to the second annual Champion City Comic Con this past weekend. A show dedicated and focusing not only the collecting of comics, but the independent creators who make and self-publish their own books. Among the half-dozen guests invited to the show was comics veteran (and pulp writer and publisher), writer Ron Fortier. Later, during the awards ceremony, the Champion City Comic Con Award for Best Continuing Independent Series went to Mr.Jigsaw - Man of a Thousand Parts, by Ron and artist Gary Kato. Mr.Jigsaw, a comedy super hero has been around for over twenty years and has appeared in a half dozen comic publications in that now. This is the first on-going series of his adventures and is published by Rob Davis' Redbud Studio through on-demand facilities of Ka-Blam.

The books are sold via the Indy Planet internet store and by Ron and Gary at their con appearances.

There have been seven issues released in the past year and a half with number eight currently in production.

PULP 2.0 PRESS UPDATE:  13 September, 2010

Los Angeles, CA : Pulp 2.0 Press Mad Pulp Bastard Bill Cunningham announced today that the publisher is adding a never-before-seen Lester Dent tale to its upcoming wild west book release RADIO WESTERN ADVENTURES (RWA).  Dent of course is the world-famous pulp writer of the 30’s and 40’s who created the legendary DOC SAVAGE and THE AVENGER pulp characters. This wild west tale, “Snare Savvy” written in 1932 will join Donald F. Glut’s cover tale,  “Who Really Was That Masked Man?” to create a western “double feature” tribute to Jim Harmon,  the Old Time Radio historian and author, to whom this special book is dedicated.
The contract for “Snare Savvy” was negotiated by the author’s agent, noted pulp writer and historian Will Murray on behalf of the Dent estate.  The story is a classic western featuring Dent’s smart alec cowboy character Haw Kain who rides into town and a whole mess of trouble when he goes up against greedy land grabbers looking to strike it rich.
“We are pleased as punch to be able to add Dent’s ‘Snare Savvy’ to Radio Western Adventures,” said Cunningham. “ It makes an already unique book like RWA that much more special to western and pulp fans. As I read it I could easily see Roy Rogers and Dale Evans as the lead characters Haw Kain and Genie Quayle. Their banter matched perfectly, each giving as good as he or she got. I’m ecstatic over the prospect of publishing a pulp master like Dent’s work, and grateful that Will Murray thought Pulp 2.0 would be a good publisher for the tale.”
Radio Western Adventures will be published on Amazon’s Kindle platform for digital reading and will later come out as a print release via Createspace.  The Kindle edition will feature both stories as well as an essay tribute to Jim Harmon whose love for radio western heroes was well known amongst fans. This digital edition will also include several photos resurrected from Don Glut’s archives showing the profound influence these radio cowboys had on the author and his peers. Pulp 2.0 Press’s print edition will include all of the above plus even more bonus features exclusive to the print version.  Both versions will feature a stunning cover by artist Nik Macaluso ( who created the fantastic blaxploitation cover art for Pulp 2.0’s first release BROTHER BLOOD (also by Glut).
For more information on this book please visit our website at:  
About Pulp 2.0 Press:
Pulp 2.0 Press, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA was initially formed to republish classic pulp and paperback series which had fallen out of print. The company’s mandate is to place affordable pulp entertainment into eager fans’ hands using the latest internet technology. This includes print, ebooks, video, audio, merchandise and games. To us, ‘pulp’ is not a particular genre, format, medium nor literary time frame. Pulp is an attitude.
In this way, Pulp 2.0 Press is positioned in a slightly different, more expansive manner than other publishers. The company is poised to create, develop and distribute ‘pulp entertainment’ across a variety of media through the portal of the internet and mobile devices.

Black Coat Press, a publisher known for its international pulp fiction, announces the following releases for September, 2010.

In Helgvor of the Blue River (1929), two desperate women flee their barbarous tribe, and cross paths with a prodigious warrior. The Giant Feline (1918) features two friends of different races who set off in search of greener pastures for their tribe, befriend a wild creature, and ally themselves with Wolf-Women... Rosny’s final, action-packed prehistoric adventure novels chart the domestication and integration of savage human instincts into sympathetic culture. Together with Vamireh and Quest for Fire, they combine the restless vigor of youth, the violence and wisdom of ages, the species-imperative of accepting difference and diversity, and the exhilarating joy of defying tyranny and death.

Daniel Diersant drives his Volkswagen up to the factory gates and presents his pass to the guard. Over and over and over, Daniel Diersant drives his Volkswagen up to the gates, in the course of this narrative, only sometimes they are not quite the same gates, nor is the guard the same, nor does the pass read precisely the same, and perhaps the picture on it is of another man's face. But then, Daniel Diersant may be Dr. Robert Holzach from time to time, despite the fact that Dr. Holzach may not have been born yet...

Chronolysis is one of the most important French SF novels of the 1970s. It deals with time and its manipulation through the use of chronolytic drugs. Its protagonists are psychronauts, helpless explorers of a confusing, multidimensional universe, facing threats from alternate realities, such as Harry Krupp Hitler 1st, Emperor of the Undetermined, or the mysterious Phords from the future world of Garichankar. They search for secret paradises, hidden within the folds of space and time, away from their bleak realities, such as the tropical realm of Oblivion-by-Ruaba.

This volume also includes a foreword by Theodore Sturgeon, a biography and illustrated bibliography of Jeury and a never-before-published short story translated by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier.

A team of spelunkers is found dead in mysterious circumstances in the shadow of the once-proud Cathar redoubt of Montségur, in Southern France. What mysterious treasure were they seeking--and did they find it? A ruthless battle over long-buried secrets is going to pit the Roman Catholic Church against an ancient secret society and descendents of the Nazis who once looked for the Holy Grail in Montségur, with the very future of Humanity at stake...

Published in France two years before the world-famous Da Vinci Code, The Song of Montségur is an award-winning, fast-paced supernatural thriller which blends elements from French history with modern-day conspiracies.

Brian M. Stableford has been a professional writer since 1965. He has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as several authoritative non-fiction books. He is also translating the works of Paul Féval and other French writers of the fantastique for Black Coat Press which also published his most two recent fantasy novels: The New Faust at the Tragicomique, The Wayward Muse and The Stones of Camelot.

Age of Adventure is currently in production on an anthology that will pit two sets of classic monsters against one another! Featuring a cover by the incredible Rob Moran, this anthology will feature tales that run the gamut from traditional horror to post-modern reinterpretations of the classic myths. Expect this one to arrive in time for Halloween!

For a limited time, Joel Jenkins' newest foray into the world of pulp fiction, The Sea-Witch, will be available for pre-order via the Pulpwork Press website! And if you order from the US, you'll receive free shipping, with reduced shipping for everyone else!

To get a taste of what it's all about, visit Pulpwork Press' UPCOMING RELEASES page at Then stop by our store and order your copy today!

And later on this month, ALL PULP will be interviewing Joel Jenkins about not only The Sea-Witch but his other Pulpwork Press projects, including the acclaimed Dire Planet series.

Alternate histories!!!  Unknown worlds!!!  Heroes that save the world right after their morning coffee!!! What, you say you don't know where to get all that, plus a weirder than weird tales comic adventure starring some guy named Gary Wooten?? Well, look no further!  Coming in September from Pro Se Productions, PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES #2 will meet all your strange tales and high adventure needs and then some!  Read stories by newcomers Lee Houston, Jr. and Robert Butt!  Marvel at the continuing adventures of Perry Lell, Girl of a Thousand Earths by Megan Smith begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and the Cerberus Clan by Ken Janssens!  Thrill to the wild, weird world of alternate realities by veteran Joshua ReynoldsDO NOT MISS THE DEBUT OF THE SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT!  The first story in this fantastic endeavor appears in this issue, introducing a mysterious character who walks the supernatural line in Sovereign City!  Be sure to read Lazarus Gray's debut adventure by veteran author Barry Reese!  And discover a sneak peek at an upcoming anthology from John Morgan Neal and friends that defines adventure!  And lastly, concerning the title character, hold on tight, Oddfellowians, for the debut of pages of the official Fan's Guide to the Varied Adventures of Peculiar Oddfellow, recently rediscovered and written by his number one fan!  There's even more than that coming to you this month in PRO SE PRESENTS PECULIAR ADVENTURES #2 from Pro Se Productions!

Edited by Nancy Hansen begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Editor in Chief, Tommy Hancock
Watch and this site for release details!

Shipping this week! Doc Savage # 6 from DC's First Wave line!
Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO & IVAN BRANDON · Co-feature written by JASON STARR · Art by NIC KLEIN · Co-feature art by SCOTT HAMPTON · Cover by J.G. JONES · Variant cover by JOHN CASSADAY
The US government has offered Doc and his men a deal: run a secret mission in the war-ravaged, blockaded ruins of the Middle East, and they'll wipe the slate clean of the frame-up job that the Secretary of State ran on them. Doc Savage is nobody's errand boy – but if the mission involves saving the life of one of his former compatriots, he might just have to cut a deal with the men who set him up! Eisner Award-winner Brian Azzarello joins Ivan Brandon for a six-part epic that reveals the most dangerous corner of the FIRST WAVE world!

And in the JUSTICE, INC. co-feature, a new story sheds light on the criminal past of Smitty, one of Benson's most trusted detectives… and sets both men on a bloody odyssey that will clearly draw the line between "Vengeance and Murder!"


Before Batman, Superman, Daredevil, Punisher and Wonder Woman there was a group of heroes who influenced those who created today's icons. From Gladiator, Spider, Black Bat and Golden Amazon to Captain Future, Phantom Detective, Rocketman and many more sprung all that comic readers know and love today. Now, Moonstone Books is bringing back those original characters, some for the first time in comics, so you can enjoy what laid the foundation for the entire comic book medium. As a primer to this new originals universe, Moonstone is releasing the Pulp Handbook, packed from cover to cover with everything you need to know in order to embrace the characters Stan Lee, Joel Simon, Jack Kirby and many other comic book pioneers loved.
(Written by Mike Bullock, Art by Mike Metcalf, Layout/Assembly by Josh Aitken)

On Sale Now!

THE PHANTOM UNMASKED #2, Written by Martin Powell, illustrated by Hannibal King, cover by Franchesco.

Investigator Laughton Brice, brilliant as she is icily beautiful, traces the true origins of The Phantom into the Deep Woods, ultimately meeting the Ghost Who Walks face to face. In a deadly cat-and-mouse game of deceitful double-crosses and unexpected alliance, the Man Who Cannot Die finally faces his most evil and ancient adversary. Conclusion of the Moonstone series.

Coming October 1, 2010 - the newest pulp thriller from author Bill Raetz: SIN CITY SPY!

"Las Vegas. It's known as the city of sin. But beneath all the sleaze lies the underworld of shady deals, thugs, and double-crosses—the stomping ground of a spy!"

More details on the author ad his works can be found at The World Espionage Bureau!

 Dateline:  Friday, September 3, 2010
BROTHER BLOOD is now on Kindle! The modern horror classic by Donald F. Glut is now electronic!  Only $2.99 delivered direct to your devices. Yes, this book is DRM free.  Its publisher, Pulp 2.0 Press wants you to read it how and where YOU want to read it.

Pulp 2.0 Press is also readying BROTHER BLOOD, as well as other books in its catalog, for other devices like the IPad.

Check out Pulp 2.0 Press' website,, for more information in coming days!!

Dateline: Friday, September 3, 2010                                                                          
The Green Hornet Chronicles is at the printer and is shipping soon from Moonstone Books!

Edited by Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert
Covers by Glen Orbik and Rubén Procopio/interior illustrations by Procopio


"Reflections on The Green Hornet": Introduction by Van Williams

"The Night Car" by Will Murray

"I Had The Green Hornet’s Love Child!" by Greg Cox

"Weakness" by C.J. Henderson

"Topsy-Turvy" by James Chambers

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Richard Dean Starr

"Just a Man" by Thom Brannan

"The Cold Cash Kill" by James Reasoner

"Flight of the Yellow Jacket" by Howard Hopkins

"By Scarab and Scorpion" by Mark Ellis

"You Can’t Pick the Number" by Rich Harvey

"Eyes of the Madonna" by Ron Fortier

"Stormy Weather" by Patricia Weakley

"The Auction" by Terry Alexander

"Go Go Gone" by Robert Greenberger

"Mutual Assured Destruction" by Bill Spangler

"The Crimson Dragon" by Mark Justice

"Fang and Sting" by Win Scott Eckert

"The Inside Man" by Matthew Baugh

"The Soul of Solomon" by Harlan Ellison(R)

"Life at 90 MPH": Afterword by Dean Jeffries

"The Green Hornet's Hunch" by Dennis O'Neil (bonus story in Limited Editions only)

The Green Hornet Chronicles is at the printer and is shipping soon from Moonstone Books!

Shipping to comics shops 9/9/10!
Domino Lady Noir
(W) Nancy Holder (A) Shawn Van Briesen (C) Michael J. Williams
Great jumping on point! Bram Stoker Award-winner and New York Times best-selling author Nancy Holder tells of bad love gone bad in the comic novella "D.O.A." Steamy white hot passion, the business of violent crime, and a girl who should know better! Gorgeous greyscaled art by Shawn Van Briesen!

Coming from Moonstone Books in September 2010! Part of Moonstone's "Return of the Originals" line! By the team of Bullock and Metcalf!

DA Anthony Quinn is sick of watching criminals slip through his fingers due to legal technicalities. When a mobster’s attempt to destroy evidence goes horribly wrong, Quinn finds himself blinded by acid and hopelessly broken. Now sightless, Quinn sharpens his other four senses to near superhuman levels and develops a sixth ‘radar’ sense. He vows to work outside the law to do whatever it takes to bring criminals to justice. 

Before the caped crusader patrolled the streets, before horn head prowled the back alleys, the original dark avenger hunted evil men. The Black Bat is back and hell’s coming with him!

The second feature stars Death Angel, the avenging hand of justice. The critically acclaimed new pulp character co-stars in this gritty, noir battle of good versus evil on the mean streets and in the darkest recesses of the human mind.

Dateline Friday, September 3, 2010

Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book "One Shot!" now available!

Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is now available at Indy Planet:

November, 1941. Ace Air Adventurer Lance Star accepts a dangerous mission into an enemy stronghold to stop the Nazi’s from uncovering plans for a weapon long believed destroyed. Lance flies a solo mission to Kiev where he is to plant explosives and destroy a weapons facility when he runs into an old enemy. Now, Lance is faced with a choice. Complete the mission? Or take down the Sky Ranger’s greatest adversary? He’s only going to get one shot at this. Will he choose the mission or revenge?

Featuring high-flying adventure, aerial dog fights, explosive action, and stunning artwork, Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is pure pulp fun from start to finish.

"Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is exactly the sort of high-flying, action-packed air war yarn I really enjoy. It's fine pulpish fun from start to finish. Bobby Nash and James Burns are aces!"

-- James Reasoner

Lance Star: Sky Ranger
"One Shot!"
Written by Bobby Nash
Art/Letters/Colors by James Burns
24 pages

Read Bobby Nash's work. Your life will be better because of it. Trust me, I know!
--Beau Smith

Based on the characters created for the Airship 27/Cornerstone Books Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthologies that can be found at or wherever your favorite pulp fiction is sold. More high-flying action is on the way with the Lance Star: Sky Ranger novel, "Cold Snap" by Bobby Nash. Coming soon.

Since 2006, Lance Star and his air aces, the Sky Rangers have thrilled readers with their amazing adventures. The first Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthology was published by Wild Cat Books in 2004. Vol. 1 was reissued in 2006 by Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Books where they remain available today. A second volume of anthology tales was released in 2009 and is also still available. You can find out information on the Lance Star: Sky Ranger Pulp Anthologies, volumes 1 and 2 on the site. Additionally, Bobby Nash is currently working on the first Lance Star: Sky Ranger novel, "Cold Snap." Nash says that he hopes "Cold Snap" and "One Shot" will be the first of many Sky Ranger projects to come.

Keep watching and for updates.

Lance Star: Sky Ranger and all related characters are © copyright 2010 Bobby Nash. All Rights Reserved.

Dateline Friday, September 3, 2010
(A New Hero in Old Chicago)

Airship 27 Productions & Cornerstone Book Publishers are happy to announce the release of their thirtieth title, TALES OF THE BAGMAN by B.C. Bell. This book features the debut of a brand new pulp hero, the Bagman, and he’s unlike any other crime buster you’ve ever seen before.

In the 1930s, Chicago was one of the fastest growing metropolises in the country. Situated on mighty Lake Michigan, it was the home to millions of hard working Americans looking to a better themselves. The Windy City was also shackled by its bootleg history, a time of violent gang wars that had permanently established a brutal underworld empire second to none. Corruption was the order of the day and both the police and government were in the pay of the mob bosses.

Frank “Mac” McCullough was a foot-soldier in one of the city’s toughest families until he was ordered to rough up his uncle; a decent man with a gambling problem. The innate decency in Mac rebelled and suddenly he found himself up against the very men he had once admired and followed. Determined to put an end to their lawlessness, he put a bag over his head as a crude disguise only to become labeled the Bagman by the press.

Now writer B.C. Bells tells the amazing stories of old Chicago’s most unique hero. Aided solely by a tough, black WW I veteran named Crankshaft, Mac wages war against the mobs in these fast pace, non-stop action tales pulp fans will cheer. “Bell’s writing is a terrific mix of pulp action and wry humor,” applauds Airship 27 Productions’ Ron Fortier. “It’s really a breath of fresh air in the pulp genre and we know our fans are going to love the Bagman.” Designed by Rob Davis, the book features nine illustrations by Kelly Everaert and a gorgeous cover by Laura Givens. Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present pulpdom’s newest avenger, THE BAGMAN.

ISBN: 1-934935-76-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-76-7
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers
Release date: 09/03/2010
Retail Price: $21.95
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