Wednesday, December 1, 2010




SNM HORROR MAGAZINE ( has announced its 2011 magazine line up.  This would be of interest to writers interested in submitting stories to SNM.  The planned issues are as follows-

January Jambalaya: open themed; only open to our previously published SNM authors.

February Freaks: mutants, deformity, mutilation masochists, midgets, gender benders.

March Marionettes: mannequins, marionettes, evil puppets, voodoo dolls, wax figures. 

April Addictions: drug addiction, gambling, sex-alcoholics, self mutilation and gluttony.

May Medievals: Medieval times, Dark Ages, Salem Witchtrials or Holocaust stories. 

June Jinxes: jinxes, hexes, curses, spell casting, dark superstitions or black magic.

July Jealousies: jealousy, envy, obsessive control, possessiveness -- erotica welcome. 

August Antichrists: Satanic cults, demonic possession, dark religions, stories of Hell.

September Silhouettes: haunting ghosts, poltergeists, wayward souls or distraught spirits.

October Opiates: wordsmith visionary stories written in the tradition of Poe or Lovecraft.

November Nosferatus: Dracula, Nosferatu, “scary” vampires, or human Goth vampires.

December Doomsday: End of the World, 2012, Post Armageddon; all horror related.
For more information on submissions, go to! 
Taken from the SNM Website-
Welcome to SNM Horror Magazine, a premiere online publication featuring the best new talent in horror today. We will showcase 8 new short stories each month and publish on the first day of each month, unless posted otherwise. The best part is it’s FREE! Whether it’s to browse around and read the featured authors or even submit a story yourself, we welcome and embrace you into our dark realm of true horror. This mortuary was built by my own grimy appendages from sordid ceremonial grounds and drenched in the blood of disdain and rejection. My ghoulish hands have woven together this underworld to feature some great works from horror authors who haven’t had their imaginative scrolls of horror presented in this inner sanctum from the crypt and into the daylight. We dare to publish what other mags don't, but only in the best of taste! Now come and see why we are the new underground of true horror. You will soon be coming back for more.


PULP ARK, the newest pulp convention/creator's conference, taking place in Batesville, Arkansas May 13-15, 2011 announces that there will be awards and recognition given for costumes as well as various activities for cosplayers to participate in throughout the event!  According to Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator, "Pulp Ark is being done by fans, our guests are fans who happen to be writers and artists, our vendors are fans or they wouldn't be selling what they do.   It's only right that those fans who really get into what they love so much, the ones who love costumes, get to come play at Pulp Ark as well and can be awarded for it!"  Hancock even stated that if someone who had a long background in costuming for conventions wanted to do a panel, that would be welcome as well!  For more details, contact Hancock at or 870-834-4022.

Also Hancock announced that Guest Tables were still available.  If a writer, artist, or publisher would like to be a guest at Pulp Ark, contact Hancock and your table will be FREE OF CHARGE.  Vendors do not get free tables, but they are extremely affordable and vendor tables are still available as well!!  Contact Hancock at or 870-834-4022 for more details.  "We'll fill tables as long as they're open," Hancock stated, "even if that's the day before Pulp Ark, but hotel rooms are going fast in our reserved location, so we want to make sure everyone who wants to come gets the best rate we can provide!"