Sunday, November 18, 2012


Pro Se Productions, a publisher of Heroic Fiction and New Pulp, announces a different sort of project for 2013 as well as adding a new artist to its already top notch team of cover creators.

"It's always great," Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, states, "when you come across tremendously talented people who not only are good at what they do, but have a passion for Pulp.   That's Adam Shaw to a T."

Shaw, an artist living in Memphis, Tennessee, met Hancock at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention in early November and expressed an interest in providing covers for upcoming Pro Se titles.  "I was immediately impressed with his work," Hancock stated, "and glad to be able to arrange for Adam to be a part of the great books Pro Se has coming up.  I was also quite taken with one particular image that Adam showed me from his portfolio.  An image that just screams for a story."

With Shaw's permission, Pro Se Productions announces what could be the first in a new series of imprints.  Tentatively under the title of 'Write To The Cover', the submission process for this digest anthology is simple enough.    

1.  The story must be based on the following image created by Adam Shaw.  This scene MUST be included in the story.
Property of Adam Shaw, 2012

2.  The story must be 5,000 minimum to 10,000 maximum words.  A 1-3 paragraph proposal must be submitted to by December 10th, 2012 to be considered. 

3.  If accepted, submitted stories will be given a first come, first print deadline.  When a total of 30,000 words has been received, then the digest will go to publication.  Any other stories received after 30,000 words will go into a second digest, if required.  

4.  Pay for this anthology will be royalty based and percentages will be discussed with accepted writers.  Please note that Pro Se pays agreed upon percentages on every dollar made from the sale of its books.

Hancock points out that this idea was inspired by suggestions and comments made by several writers and players in the Pulp field, including Jeff Deischer, David White, and Derrick Ferguson.  One of those suggestions even inspired a completely different, yet similar project coming from Pro Se in 2013! 

Any questions or comments as well as proposals for the 'Write To The Cover' Digest based on the art work of Adam Shaw should be emailed to  And stay tuned for further announcements very soon concerning books featuring Adam Shaw's Pulp themed artwork.