Monday, November 26, 2012


Cover Art: Rob Davis

Wild Wolf Entertainment releases a new edition of the 2010 Pulp Ark Award title, Boston Bombers.

Press Release:


The new Wild Wolf Edition of THE BOSTON BOMBERS is now available at both  Barnes and Noble on-line and Amazon.  This pulp inspired graphic novel was written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Chris Jones, Bob Cram Jr. and Gary Kato .  The first edition, self-published by Rob Davis’ Redbud Studio won the 2010 Pulp Award for Best Pulp Comic.

THE BOSTON BOMBERS is the story of an alternate world where Jesus was female and accepted as the Messiah by the Jewish people.  Where the last vestiges of the Roman Empire continue to exist in South Africa and the center of the Catholic Church is located in Jerusalem.  After this reality’s World War One, the League of Nations became a military force to maintain peace throughout the globe.

Indra Devine and her all girl team are special agents of the League on a mission to uncover the machinations of the Roman Empire whose quest for world domination is once again being felt.  From politics to religion, from gun battles and giant airships, this epic saga has everything but the kitchen sink.

“I want to thank Sean Collins of Wild Wolf Entertainment for offering up this new edition to what we hope will be a much larger audience,” Fortier applauded enthusiastically.  “This project has always been one of my personal favorites and we continue to sell lots of copies at pulp and comic shows every year.”

THE BOSTON BOMBERS is now available at the following:

The Redbud Edition is also still available here.