Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In honor of monsters, October, and the number 13 (okay, ALL PULP added all that hyperbole, but it still works!) veteran pulp writer Joshua Reynolds is giving away copies of his newest work!! From the writer's own blog-

" here's the deal: seeing as it's the unluckiest day of the most spooktacular month, I'm offering THIRTEEN FREE electronic copies of Dracula Lives! to the first thirteen people to do a Dracula-related post on their blog, journal, facebook, tumblr or what have you which also links back to my 'Dracula Month' posts (just click the tag at the bottom of this post). When you've made your post, simply drop the link into a comment on this blog, and I'll send you your free e-book. How much easier could it get?
If you're interested in reading the first chapter of Dracula Lives! or giving a gander to MD Jackson's superlative cover, wander over to the Pulpwork Press website and take a look at the Upcoming Releases page. Too, if you're interested in helping out with Dracula Month, get in touch with me either via the comments section or through my e-mail. And be sure to come back tomorrow for another daily dose of DRACULA!"