Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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"Greetings one and all,

I spoke to the good doctor about Deaf Mute Press and The Library putting out a joint venture. What made the most sense would be "These Terrible Times" an anthology featuring the dead.

For some history on what pulps are (or were), they were showcases for some of the greatest sci-fi and horror writers the world has ever known. Pulps were most prominent from the 1920's through the early 1960's as the medium died off. Not before Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, R.E. Howard, H.G. Wells and many others first printed original stories and characters that have become icons.

Well, I decided to bring it back. Pulps were developed to be a cheap alternative to books and in the early years, comics.

Guidelines are as follows:

This will be published Quarterly starting in Jan/Feb 2011

There will be 3 "feature" stories each issue. They will compromise about 3-10k words each. Depending on the quality of stories, SERIALIZED stories are strongly requested but not a requirement.
The featured stories will be handpicked from the best submissions, i would like to have at least 1 serialized story in each issue.

Flash is welcome too, about 7-8 flash stories could be included in each issue. Short stories between 500-2k will have space for 3 or 4.

Cover artists are welcome, painted or fully colored line art is requested.

Payment will be .01 per word or an equal # of contributor copies, whichever the writer or artist prefers. Payment of the cover artwork will be negotiated prior to acceptance.

I will have updates weekly to let everyone know what type of story is required to fill the issue. Projected to have between 40-52 pages each issue.

Dimensions will be 6.75" x 9.75"

The stories? Wide open, there are no types of guidelines, just have zombies in the story.

I know i am missing something but i can' t think of it, either pm me or post whatever questions you have.

SUBMIT stories to deafmutepress (at) starting september 10th."