Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Cover Art: Amar Djouad
New Pulp Publisher Black Coat Press has released SHADOWS OF THE OPERA: RETRIBUTION IN BLOOD by Rick Lai.

"We are the Acolytes of the Shadows! We are the dispensers of justice! We are the punishers of the guilty! We are the executioners of the sinful!"

About Shadows of The Opera: Retribution In Blood:
"The Revenant's bounty shall be paid by me personally. The Revenant's killer must present her head to me." Such was the decree of Colonel Bozzo-Corona, all-powerful master of the Black Coats. For years, the female vigilante had used the methods of her late mentor, the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, to foil the schemes of that sinister criminal conspiracy. Now they, in turn, marshal their forces in a vast venture to strike back at their enemy and gain mastery of Europe.

They create their ultimate assassin, a true Lord of Terror. They forge an alliance with the diabolical, green-eyed mandarin who dominates the Asian underworld. And, finally, a new Countess Cagliostro emerges from their midst as a seductive siren who shall control the destinies of all the great men of France.

As the Revenant and her Acolytes of the Shadows combat these threats, an even more dangerous force interferes in the form of an ageless witch from Martinique!

"Rick Lai's most obvious gift lies in his ability not only to envision obscure connections between diverse works of fiction, but to embellish those connections and weave a tapestry that proves enthralling as a literary work able to stand independent of the celebrated originals." -- William Patrick Maynard (author of The Terror of Fu Manchu).

Introduction by William Patrick Maynard
Legacy of the Phantom
The Fire Eater
The Heir of Pistolet
The Face of Fu Hsi
A Bullet for the Colonel
The Brigand Princess
The Werewolf's Daughter
Dance on My Grave
Cast of Characters

US$22.95/GBP 14.99
6x9 tpb, 276 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-188-0

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