Monday, July 22, 2013


For the third interview in the BAD TIGER series, ALL PULP corners Writer/Creator/Marketing Director D. C. Golightly!

ALL PULP: Tell us about yourself, your personal background, and how you got into writing/art/etc.

 DCG: I reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my wife and kids. I love comics, cookies, and characters. Follow my freelance rumblings at I've always been a huge comic fan, and growing up I really got into more adventure pulps as my comic collection grew. Since I wanted to weave a wonderful world myself, I started scribbling little stories. I've been lucky enough that some people are willing to pay for those stories. I always wanted to be an artist, but I lack talent. Therefor the pen is the only version of the brush that I can manipulate as a creator.

AP: What is your role at Bad Tiger?

DCG: I write The Skull, a bi-monthly strip, as well as the prose for The Black Kingdom. I've recently agreed to take on the role of Minister of Propaganda...or Marketing Director...or whatever you want to call the guy that advertises our junk.

AP:  In our modern society, some would say that there's nothing new or original anymore. What makes Bad Tiger stand out?
 DCG: It's a group of like-minded people that have a single goal: create awesome stories. We're not doing this to get paid; we're doing this because we love these characters and this genre. There's a lot of work being put into this venture, and a lot of talent to recognize. This group is populated by people that are not only good enough to make it in the industry, but to an extent already are. We choose to take the time to build this initiative because we believe in it and want to get our stories told.

AP: What are your inspirations, influences for the work you do?

DCG: Jim Butcher is always on his game, and I would buy lunch for Mark Waid any day of the week. Jeffery Deaver can write a character out of any corner.

AP: What do you think appeals to the public about heroic/genre fiction and/or comic strips? Why will people come to Bad Tiger?

DCG: Bad Tiger Studios will quickly become a place fans recognize as a platform for creative talent, free of charge. We'll toss incredible projects to the wall, see what sticks, and then turn them around for readers. The quality of the material is out of this world and the people interested in this genre will undoubtedly return after they get a sample of what we have to offer. These are the kinds of stories that people want to see, and we're more than happy to offer them.

AP:  Free response! Say whatever you'd like to about Bad Tiger, yourself, or the experience!

DCG: I'm flattered to be associated with such uniquely creative people. These people are putting in many long hours of work just to provide entertainment, and all they are asking for is a shot to be viewed.