Monday, November 1, 2010

MOONSTONE MONDAY-Sneak Peek Review of opening of SAVAGE BEAUTY #1

TIPPIN' HANCOCK'S HAT-Reviews by Tommy Hancock
Savage Beauty #1-The Prologue
Written by Mike Bullock
Interiors by Jose Massaroli
Moonstone Books

Cover by Thomas Yeates

OK, before the hat even comes off, let me state this will not be a typical it is only the opening salvo of the first issue of SAVAGE BEAUTY.  Mike Bullock, the writer of said series, sent the prologue essentially of the first issue to ALL PULP to share the excitement he is feeling about the great work that will debut in February.

Consider it shared, Mike.

The prologue introduces us to our protagonists, the lovely sisters that have an integral part in who we will know as Savage Beauty.  In a very short time, just a handful of panels, Bullock and Massaroli firmly establish who these women are and effectively set up the character of...these characters.  A wonderful contrast is struck when Bullock and Masseroli shift the scene from a photo safari to  a village overrun with modern day pirate types and arms dealers.   Again, Bullock establishes the good and the bad very quickly and Massaroli's art shows the fiercenenss of the fierce and the fear of the afraid aptly.  If a prologue is meant to wet your whistle, consider mine ready to blow.

Although I won't give tips of the hat per se to an unfinished issue, I'll say this...My hand is raised and on the fedora ready to tip away, probably multiple times.