Wednesday, November 10, 2010


An Earthman falls in love with a Venusian woman via interplanetary radio… Super-smart mastodons rule mankind… Travel to other worlds in 19th century rockets… Explore the Microverse and the Hollow Earth… Behold lei-powered planes and extra-dimensional entities… Discover a world where electricity has suddenly vanished… See how men in 1878 pictured the world of 2000…

These themes and more will be explored in a new series of translations of classic novels of French science fiction and fantasy, spearheaded by award-winning writer and translator Brian Stableford, under the editorship of Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier.

After the publication in 2010 of high profile works, such as the novels of Maurice Renard, J.-H. Rosny Aîné and the first Goncourt Award-winner J.-A. Nau, Black Coat Press will be releasing a new series of French classics in 2011.
Among these will be the ground-breaking 18th century novels Lamekis, Giphantia and Amilec. At the top of the list are Albert Robida with Chalet in the Sky (1925), Achille Euyraud with Voyage to Venus (1865), Jules Lermina with The Secret of Zippelius (1893), Henri Allorge with The Great Cataclysm (1927), Renée Dunan with Baal (1924), Jean Richepin with Wings (1911), as well as works by Charles Cros, André Bleunard, Alphonse Brown, Gabriel de Lautrec, Han Ryner, Paul Vibert and more.

In total, over 20 new translations will be released during 2011, the continuation of an unprecedented and award-winning effort in the history of genre publishing. A complete list of authors and titles is available on the Black Coat Press website at:

Since its inception in the summer of 2003, Black Coat Press has been the foremost publisher of French science fiction and crime thrillers in the English-language.

A division of Hollywood, LLC, Black Coat Press, named after Paul Féval’s seminal 19th century crime thriller saga The Black Coats, which it also publishes, is an Encino, CA-based small press publisher whose products are listed on the Bowker’s Books in Print â index and Publishers Authority Database. Its books are produced by Lightning Source, a subsidiary of Ingram Industries, Inc.

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