Wednesday, November 24, 2010


(release from Tom Johnson)

Ric Croxton and Art Sippo, hosts of THE BOOK CAVE, ALL PULP'S official podcast, are the recipients of the ECHOES Award for 2010/2011. Their dedication to the preservation of pulp culture has been clearly displayed over the past year since Ric Croxton started the Podcast a couple of years ago. Art Sippo has been a co-host for over a year now, and both men’s knowledge and dedication to the pulp community clearly comes through in their interviews with writers, artists, and publishers in the current pulp field. The pulp fan can learn of current books on the market, as well as what’s in the works from their favorite writers and publishers. The weekly Podcasts covers comics and movies, plus their Thursday night pulp interviews.

Ric and Art’s love of the pulps, and devotion to the pulp community has earned them the respect from their contemporaries that puts them above a mere fan, and it is with great honor that we bestow the ECHOES Award for 2010/2011 to these fine gentlemen.

The Echoes Award was created in 1992, the second award to honor members of the pulp community, the first being the Lamont. From 1992 until 1997, the Award consisted of both plaque and paper certificate. Between 1998 and 2004, only the paper certificate was given out, then the Award ceased until 2009, at which time it was resurrected. The Award is not voted on, but the determination of who is doing the most to promote the pulps and pulp fandom is selected by Tom & Ginger Johnson. It is not a writer or artist award, those awards are being given out by The Pulp Factory and Pulp Ark. 

The awards were given beginning in 1992 until 2004.  Although records were lost for the years 1998-2004, winners in prior years include-

1992: Nick Carr/Ron Wilber/Francis Saint Martin
1993: Steve Mitchell/Kevin Duncan
1994: Burt Leake/Ray Capella
1995: David Burton/Shawn Danowski
1996: Bill Thom/Albert Roberts
1997: Will Murray/Albert Tonik

With the resurgence of pulp interest, and the sudden escalation in print on demand - POD - technology, there appeared to be a revival of the pulps, we decided to take another look at the feasibility of presenting the Echoes Award once more. And so the plaque returned in 2009 and winners thus far are-

2009: Matt Moring
2010/2011: Ric Croxton & Art Sippo

We are already looking at several names for the 2012 Echoes Award, but no decision will be made until the proper time.
Tom & Ginger Johnson.

And a word of thanks from Art Sippo-

I am utterly speechless (but I am still able to write)! I am deeply honored by the Echoes Award and I thank you so much for considering me. I have loved Pulp Literature since I was a kid and it helped to form me as I became a man. I am eternally grateful to Dent, Gibson, Nanovic, Burroughs, Howard, Lovecraft, Farmer and all the other great contributors to this wonderful form of American literature. And I am equally gratefull to folks like you and Ginger, Ric Croxton, Will Murray, Ron Fortier, Barry Reese, Wayne Skiver, Ron Hanna, Andy Salmon, and all our other friends who have carreid Pulp writing into the 21st Century. I am so pleased that folks have enjoyed the worrk I have done with Ric Croxton on The Book Cave and my stories. I hope I can continue to live up to the honor you have paid me so that we can alll continue to enjoy the adventures of real heroes who both light a torch and curse the darkness!

Art Sippo