Monday, November 8, 2010


Pulp Character Spotlight

The newest original project from Moonstone Books is the re-imagined jungle girl genre project, Savage Beauty. Created by Mike Bullock, Ed Catto and Joe Ahearn, Savage Beauty chronicles the adventures of the Goddess Anaya as she metes out justice to those who would persecute the innocent. With artwork from veteran penciller Jose Massaroli, Savage Beauty slams onto the stands in February with an over sized, under priced debut issue.

Today on All-Pulp, we have the special pleasure of interviewing the Rae sisters, Lacy and Liv, co-stars of Savage Beauty.

All Pulp: Please tell our readers, who is Anaya?

Lacy – She’s one of the ancient gods, a protector of the righteous and punisher of the evil.
Liv – She’s definitely not someone you should mess with. All Pulp -     In five sentences or less, Anaya’s origin

Lacy – You want to handle this one, Liv?
Liv- You’re the writer, Lacy, you do it.
Lacy – Alright, but don’t interrupt me. Anaya was born in fire, raised in-
Liv –A little melodramatic, don’t you think?
Lacy – Why? Why do you interrupt me? Didn’t I just tell you not to interrupt me?
Liv – Are you going to answer the question?
Lacy – Forget it. Next question.
All Pulp -     Anaya’s first appearance.

Liv – Savage Beauty #1.
All Pulp -     The 5 (at most) most important people in Anaya’s life.

Lacy – Dad, mom, Mr. Eden.
Liv – Not that guy you met on the flight?
Lacy – Who him? No way, he doesn’t even own his own plane.All Pulp -     The 3 (at most) top villains Anaya has faced/will face.

Lacy – Lumus Okoye and the PLA. They’re going down!
All Pulp -     Anaya likes...

Lacy – Justice.
Liv – children, peace. All Pulp -     Anaya dislikes...

Lacy – Evil people. Warlords, guerillas, pirates, mercenaries, terrorists…
Liv – Anyone who would prey on the innocent.
Lacy –No melodrama there, pfft.
Liv – Seriously, Lacy…
All Pulp -     Any existing characters Anaya has met/had/will have a crossover with?

Lacy – Does Uncle Walker count?

All Pulp -     Anaya 's greatest fear is...

Liv – That she would be unable to defend the innocent.

All Pulp -     If Anaya couldn't be there to save the day, who would she want to take her place?

Lacy – Uncle Walker.

All Pulp -     Links for more of Anaya include...