Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Press Release-

Four New Pulp creators and proclaimed members of what some are calling The New Pulp Movement, announced today that they have united to present the world with the first official New Pulp Podcast!  PULPED!, a podcast focused on the works and trends that comprise and contribute to works created after the heyday of the Pulps that have the sensibilities of classic Pulp works and yet are new tales, debuted with its first episode on June 20th.

Tommy Hancock, Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, and Ron Fortier, all noted pulp authors and personalities within New Pulp, make up the core circle behind PULPED!  Functioning as a rotating circle of hosts, the PULPED! Four will spotlight different creators and New Pulp works each week as well as discussing trends in the sub genre.  There will be a News section of the podcast, but it will be slightly different than traditional newscasts.  Each co-host will bring a topic of New Pulp news to the table and then the assembled hosts will discuss and/or debate it.  Also, PULPED! will be the home of reviews done by THE PULPTRESS, the spokesperson for New Pulp!  Each week, she will deliver a review of current New Pulp books, audio, movies, tv, and other things that qualify as New Pulp.

"New Pulp," said Tommy Hancock, "is a vibrant, relevant part of the fiction Pulp fans love and enjoy.  Edgy at times, traditional at others, New Pulp shows that the fantastic heroic adventure fiction enjoyed by so many in the early 20th Century is not only still alive and well, but is on the verge of being an important part of literature of the 21st Century.  PULPED!'s focus will not simply be on books, but on all aspects of how New Pulp permeates our society. It will also focus on everyone from major players in publishing and other fields right down to the small press publishers and independent creators that truly are the lifeblood of this movement."

PULPED! will post a new episode every Monday at and will be available in the coming weeks via ITunes and other providers.

"Anyone who is a writer, artist, publisher," Hancock stated, "that wants to be a guest on PULPED!, all they need to do is to send an email to or contact any of the four hosts."

The first episode is now available at and its description is as follows-

PULPED! The Official New Pulp Podcast-Episode 1-PULPED! For The First Time!

PULPED! is a Podcast dedicated to the creators and fans of New Pulp!  New Pulp, heroic fiction by modern artists written with the sensibility and in the tradition of the Pulp genre!  Pulp creators Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Tommy Hancock kick off this podcast dedicated to the promotion of The New Pulp Movement by explaining what the podcast is about, defining and discussing New Pulp, and letting know listeners what they're in store for. 

Then Tommy and Barry take off their hosts hats and climb in the guest spotlight to discuss Barry's latest book, THE ROOK-VOLUME SIX, published by Hancock through the company he's a partner in, Pro Se Productions.  The origins of the Rook, Reese's inspirations, and the logic behind Pro Se acquiring the Rook as well as future plans for the well known character are discussed in length.  Following that, our intrepid co-hosts take on the PULPED! News.  Each week, the co-hosts will bring one topic of New Pulp news to the table and they will discuss, analyze, explore, and debate it!  If you like your fiction heroic, if you seek adventure and action in every word you read, then come on in, take a seat, and get PULPED!

PULPED! will post each Monday!

Check out PULPED! and the New Pulp Movement at and at the New Pulp forum hosted by Comic Related at under NEW PULP!  Also, like New Pulp on Facebook!