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June 24, 2011

It's a Sherlock Holmes Weekend at!

* Just Released: Classic Whodunits with Sherlock Holmes
* In the Treasure Chest This Week
* New in Pulp Fiction: Doc Savage Volume 45 and The Shadow Volume 50
* Now Available: Doc Savage in Python Isle Audiobook
* New: Orson Welles in The Lives of Harry Lime, Volume 3
Exciting News! Thanks to an arrangement with Diamond Distributors, you'll soon be seeing audio compact disc collections from available from booksellers and on-line book stores world-wide! So the next time you visit your favorite bookseller or comic book store, ask for "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", "The Adventures of Doc Savage", and other great audio collections from!

Just Released: Classic Whodunits with Sherlock Holmes

In the annals of detective fiction, there are many investigators who could lay claim to legendary status. But, for many, the most famous, the most unique, and the most emulated would be the pipe smoking, violin playing, and deer-stalker clad gentleman known as Sherlock Holmes.

Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes and his faithful friend and companion Doctor Watson have been a significant part of popular culture ever since their adventures first appeared in the Strand Magazine in 1887. In the years that have followed, Holmes and Watson have made their way to the stage, the movies, television, and even graphic novels - but, for fans of classic radio, "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" remains among the best interpretations of these two unforgettable characters and their often baffling cases.

The two actors most associated with the roles during radio's Golden Age were, of course, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. But Rathbone's departure from the series in 1946 resulted in another actor taking on the part: Tom Conway, the suave and handsome leading man who had recently been seen as The Falcon in the popular RKO movie series. Though long-time fans were understandably dubious of the change, Conway's talents fit the role like a glove and he, along with Nigel Bruce, continued to broadcast the series from Hollywood for another successful season.

In "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1", brings you ten exciting and fully restored episodes from this little-known chapter in the life of the World's Greatest Consulting Detective, just as originally aired in 1946 and starring Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce. Priced at just $14.98 for the five audio CD set, or $9.98 for the digital download, this collection also features original cover art by Timothy Lantz. Visit and add Sherlock Holmes to your personal library of mystery favorites right away!

(Note for long-time customers: this 5-hour collection is a repackaged re-release of the first half of a 10-CD set which we previously offered in our catalog. In addition to new cover art, all of the shows in this collection have been newly restored from the original masters to ensure outstanding audio fidelity.)

In the Treasure Chest This Week
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have appeared in many mediums - but two of their most fascinating cases were recently featured in an exciting graphic novel from Moonstone, offering tales of two of their most challenging foes: Dracula and The Invisible Man!

"Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, Volume 1", a colorful 200 page softcover book, is normally available for sale on our website for $22.95. But, from Friday June 24th thru Monday June 27th, these suspenseful stories of crime and terror can be yours for Just 99 Cents with any purchase of $35.00 or more.

But that's not the only bargain you'll find this week in the Radio Archives Treasure Chest:

On Tuesday, June 28th, you'll enjoy two action-packed tales of The Man of Bronze in "Doc Savage, Volume 18". Normally priced at $12.95, for one day only, this book can be yours for Just 99 Cents with your purchase of $35.00 or
more. And, if detective stories are your passion, you can't do better than Bob Bailey starring in "Let
George Do It, Volume 1", a 10-CD set featuring twenty long-lost radio shows from the 1940s. This collection is normally priced at $29.98 but, on Wednesday June 29th and Thursday June 30th, it too can be added to your personal library for Just 99 Cents with any purchase of $35.00 or more.

Whether it's tales of mystery and suspense with Sherlock Holmes, the thrilling adventures of Doc Savage, or the detective cases of George Valentine, you'll find some great bargains in the Treasure Chest this week at!
New in Pulp Fiction: Doc Savage Volume 45 and The Shadow Volume 50
Great news! Two brand new double novel pulp reprints have just been released and are now available from!
In "The Shadow, Volume 50", priced at just $14.95, Sanctum Books celebrates the publication of its 100th Shadow novel with an extra-length volume showcasing tales by each of the pulp wordsmiths who wrote as Maxwell Grant. First, "The Man from Shanghai" is caught in the web of a murderous mastermind in one of Walter Gibson's greatest thrillers. Then, blood sapphires drip a deadly trail across Manhattan in Theodore Tinsley's "The Golden Dog Murders". Finally, Lamont Cranston and Joe Cardona go undercover to investigate murders at an Alice in Wonderland ball in Bruce Elliott's "Jabberwocky Thrust".
Next, in "Doc Savage, Volume 45", you'll thrill to two original pulp adventures as the Man of Bronze returns in two action-packed thrillers by Harold A. Davis and Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson. First, the War Department calls in Doc Savage after a weird wave of mass suffocations decimates the U. S. military. Can the Man of Bronze defeat "Merchants of Disaster" to restore national security? Then in "Measures for a Coffin", Doc Savage announces his retirement to a stunned world after a fiery accident. This alternate cover edition, issued with a classic cover earlier this year, features artwork by Bantam artist James Bama.

When it comes to thrills, chills, and excitement, there's nothing like a great pulp fiction story to really get your heart racing. Visit and pick up these new releases right away!

Now Available: Doc Savage in Python Isle Audiobook
For over eighty years, the name Doc Savage has meant thrills and excitement to millions of readers worldwide. Now, for the very first time, the Man of Bronze comes to vivid life in "Python Isle", the first audiobook adventure from!

In "Python Isle", a long-lost pioneer flyer returns to civilization accompanied by an exotic woman who speaks in a lost tongue. From his towering skyscraper headquarters in New York, through a dangerous Zeppelin journey to Cape Town, climaxing on a serpent-haunted island in the forbidden reaches of the Indian Ocean, Doc Savage and his iron comrades race to untangle a weird puzzle so deep that the only clues can be found in the Bible!

Written by Will Murray and produced and directed by Roger Rittner - the same team that brought you "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series - "Python Isle" features dramatic narration by Michael McConnohie, cover art by Joe DeVito, and two exclusive interviews with Will Murray on the history of Doc Savage and the discovery of author Lester Dent's long lost manuscripts.

"Python Isle", the first in a new series of unabridged audiobooks from, is available now as an eight audio CD set, priced at just $25.98, or as a digital download for just $17.98. In the weeks to come, be sure to visit often for more exciting audiobook adventures featuring the top heroes of pulp fiction, including The Spider, Secret Agent X, and many, many more. If you're looking for adventure, excitement, and suspense, you'll find it on "Python Isle", available now from!

New: Orson Welles in The Lives of Harry Lime, Volume 3
For film buffs, it's a memorable image: Harry Lime - criminal, thief, and black market racketeer - has been killed by a runaway car in the ravaged streets of postwar Vienna. But suddenly, out of the darkness of a moonlit night, a stray spotlight happens upon a doorway - and there he is: Harry Lime, in the flesh, alive...and smiling.

"The Third Man" is a film noir classic, combining a stellar cast, an intriguing story, and images of a once glamorous European city damaged by war, greed, and intrigue. Though brief, Orson Welles performance as Harry Lime remains one of the most memorable characterizations in his long and varied career. Luckily, for fans of audio entertainment, Welles revisited his role in "The Lives of Harry Lime", a radio series that recounted the adventures of this memorable scoundrel in a series of tongue in cheek adventures that remain some of the best and most imaginative programs ever produced for radio.

In "The Lives of Harry Lime, Volume 3", brings you ten more light-hearted and colorful tales of crime and criminals starring the legendary Orson Welles. Available as a five-CD audio collection for just $14.98 or a five-hour digital download for just $9.98, these fascinating programs have been transferred directly from original transcriptions and fully restored for sparkling audio fidelity. Visit and pick up your copy right away!
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