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Doc Savage Audiobook Debuts at!

* Now Available: "Python Isle"
* The Treasure Chest Deals Keep Coming
* New in Pulp Fiction: Doc Savage Volume 48 and The Shadow Volume 49
* Also New in Old Time Radio: The Unexpected, Volume 2

Now Available: "Python Isle" For over eighty years, the name Doc Savage has meant thrills and excitement to millions of readers worldwide. Now, for the very first time, the Man of Bronze comes to vivid life in "Python Isle", the first audiobook adventure from!

In "Python Isle", a long-lost pioneer flyer returns to civilization accompanied by an exotic woman who speaks in a lost tongue. From his towering skyscraper headquarters in New York, through a dangerous Zeppelin journey to Cape Town, climaxing on a serpent-haunted island in the forbidden reaches of the Indian Ocean, Doc Savage and his iron comrades race to untangle a weird puzzle so deep that the only clues can be found in the Bible!

Written by Will Murray and produced and directed by Roger Rittner - the same team that brought you "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series - "Python Isle" features dramatic narration by Michael McConnohie, cover art by Joe DeVito, and two exclusive interviews with Will Murray on the history of Doc Savage and the discovery of author Lester Dent's long lost manuscripts.

"Python Isle", the first in a new series of unabridged audiobooks from, is available now as an eight audio CD set, priced at just $25.98, or as a digital download for just $17.98. In the weeks to come, be sure to visit often for more exciting audiobook adventures featuring the top heroes of pulp fiction, including The Spider, Secret Agent X, and many, many more.

If you're looking for adventure, excitement, and suspense, you'll find it on "Python Isle", available now from!

The Treasure Chest Deals Keep Coming
Here at, we love to add something extra to every order we receive - and that's why, every day of the week, we offer our customers a special Treasure Chest Bonus offer. Sometimes it's one of our classic radio show collections, other times a double-novel pulp fiction reprint or bargain priced DVD set, but you'll always find it waiting for you on our homepage.

Here are the deals you can look forward to seeing this week:
* Today through Monday June 13th, you can get our newest CD set - "The Lux Radio Theatre, Volume 2", a $17.98 value - for Just 99 Cents when you submit an order of $35.00 or more.

* On Tuesday June 14th, pulp fiction's legendary Knight of Darkness returns in "The Shadow Volume 7", featuring two classic stories by Walter Gibson:
"The Cobra" and "The Third Shadow". This beautifully reformatte
d double-novel reprint is normally priced at $12.95 - but you can enjoy these two exciting adventures for Just 99 Cents when you submit an order of $35.00 or more.
* On Wednesday June 15th, "America's Favorite Free-Lance Insurance Investigator" is featured in "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Volume 1", a ten-CD collection featuring ten high-flying five-part detective adventures. Starring Bob Bailey in the title role, this set has long been a favorite with Radio Archives customers - and its now been updated with a specially commissioned cover painting by artist Douglas Klauba. This thrill-packed compact disc collection normally sells for $29.98 - but, for one day only, it can be yours for Just 99 Cents when you submit an order of $35.00 or more.

* On Thursday June 16th, sing along with a show business icon in "Bing Crosby: The Screen Legends Collection", a 3-DVD set offering five of the crooner's classic movies from Hollywood's Golden Age. Normally priced at $26.98,
you'll be able to get this beautifully packaged collection of fully restored films for Just $3.99 when you submit an order of $35.00 or more.
Make it a habit to visit often and see what's waiting for you in the Treasure Chest. You'll find a deal we know you won't want to miss!

New in Pulp Fiction: Doc Savage Volume 48 and The Shadow Volume 49If you just can't get enough of the page-turning adventures of the great pulp heroes, stop by today for two new double novel pulp reprints:In "Doc Savage Volume 48", priced at just $14.95, you'll thrill to the classic adventures of the Man of Bronze in two original novels by Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson. First, what is the bizarre connection between the appearance of "Red Snow" and the disappearance of a United States senator? Our national security may depend on Doc Savage's discovery of the sinister secret! Then, in "Death Had Yellow Eyes", Monk Mayfair is abducted while the Man of Bronze is framed for bank robbery and murder. This classic pulp reprint is available in two editions: one features the original color pulp covers by Walter M. Baumhofer and Modest Stein, while the alternate edition features an impressive painting by Bantam artist James Bama. Both feature Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by historian Will Murray.

Next, the radio origins of the Knight of Darkness are showcased in "The Shadow Volume 49", priced at just $14.95 and featuring two classic pulp novels by Walter Gibson, writing as Maxwell Grant. First, the Dark Avenger teams with Secret Service agent Vic Marquette to investigate a far-reaching counterfeiting ring in "The Shadow Laughs!", the landmark novel that introduced the real Lamont Cranston. Then, how can The Shadow prove that an innocent man is not a murderer when several witnesses have identified the young man as the "Voice of Death"? This instant collector's item features the original color pulp covers by Jerome Rozen and Graves Gladney, classic interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier, and commentary by popular-culture historians Will Murray and Anthony Tollin.

There's nothing like the action and excitement you'll get from a great pulp fiction adventure story. Visit and browse our extensive array of pulp classics right away.
Also New in Old Time Radio: The Unexpected, Volume 2 If you're a fan of suspenseful mysteries - and particularly if you love surprise endings - you'll enjoy "The Unexpected, Volume 2", a new classic radio collection from Featuring such talented performers as Lurene Tuttle, Lyle Talbot, Barry Sullivan, and Virginia Gregg, this series of fascinating and suspenseful tales offer the kind of twist endings that you'll never see coming.
Transferred directly from original transcription recordings and fully restored for sparkling audio fidelity, "The Unexpected, Volume 2" is now available in two formats: a five-CD set priced at just $14.98 or a digital download, available for just $9.98. If you love a mystery, you'll love "The Unexpected" from

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