Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lance Star: Sky Ranger joins the iPulp Fiction Library
Flying high in the pages of the Airship 27 Productions anthologies and eBooks, Lance Star: Sky Ranger’s writers and creators have partnered with iPulp Fiction to bring exciting pulp stories directly to your mobile device. The fiull story and artwork can be read at
iPulp Fiction is releasing a story a day throughout June and July including tales featuring Lance Star: Sky Ranger. Bobby Nash’s story, "Where The Sea Meets The Sky" will be released July 18th for the low price of $1.00. Visit iPulp at for more information.

iPulpFiction is a cloud-based reading service that publishes classic and contemporary short stories that are accessible from any device with an up-to-date browser and an Internet connection. iPulp is on the cutting edge of a new generation of web apps.
Beginning this week, look for new Lance Star: Sky Ranger based interviews with the writers, editors, and the crew at iPulp Fiction and airship 27 Productions at the official Lance Star website,
Make sure you check out Bobby Nash’s Lance Star: Sky Ranger story, "Where The Sea Meets The Sky" on July 18, 2011 when it is released for the low price of $1.00 at Print and digital editions from Airship 27 are also available.
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