Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YESTERYEAR Interior Art Revealed for upcoming Pro Se Novel!!

Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and author of his first novel, which is also Pro Se's first foray into novels, YESTERYEAR, announces today that the interior artist for the novel will be Peter Cooper. 

Cooper, an artist who has worked for Pro Se recently as well as others for both comics and book covers, is an excellent largely self trained artist continually pushing to improve his craft.  Hancock said, "These four examples of what Pete can do are the best work I've seen him do in the almost ten years I've known him.  The book will contain probably 15 illustrations, these four included, spotlighting the Heroes and Villains of YESTERYEAR's first era of Heroes, basicallyfrom 1929-1955.   There will be a mixture of styles as well as genres, including comedy, pulp, and straight super hero and Pete adjusts extremely well to the demands put upon an artist to make such transitions.  The love he has for his craft comes through in his work, especially in these images."

With the help of Cooper's interior art, the cover art by Jay Piscopo, and the fantastic design skills of Sean Ali, Hancock endeavors to tell a satisfying complex tale with YESTERYEAR.  Focused around a manuscript that has been missing for over fifty years before it finally reappeared, this novel will not only detail the chase and mystery surrounding the newly recovered artifact, but it will also dissect this particular universe's first era of Heroes and Villains, looking at both the public perception as well as the shadowy truth behind that concept.  This novel is on track to be available from Pro Se Productions in the next 4-6 weeks.  For more information, contact Hancock at or check out Pro Se's new blog site,