Saturday, February 5, 2011

ALL PULP'S A BOOK A DAY-A History of the Serial!!

A history of the serial!

"Congratulations on publishing Ron Backer's excellent and insightful book Gripping Chapters which is probably the very best book on serials I have read in many years. The research and observations were a treat and I've already spent TOO much time reading and re-reading it for the great pleasure and education it provides."
- Steve Kaplan, for

Gripping Chapters is much more than a history of the sound motion picture serial. Here you'll find all of the sources for sound movie serials, including comic strips, comic books, the pulps, novels and radio shows. There are chapters analyzing the cliffhanger endings of serial episodes, with information focusing on cheat cliffhanger endings, such as time expansion cheats, "survived through it cheats," and re-shot footage cheats, as well as a study of some of the cleverest and most exciting cliffhanger endings of all time.      
Other topics include serial sequels and series, the stars who appeared in serials, prolific contributors to serials, and stock footage and bloopers. Plus an appreciation of three very special serials: The Phantom Empire, Flash Gordon and Zorro's Black Whip.
Ron Backer is an attorney who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. He is an avid fan of old movies, and in particular, the movie serials of the sound era. Mr. Backer has previously written for law reviews and other legal publications.