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Unit 13 is the fourth title from Granton City Press.

The Unit brings a rag tag special force under the wing of rough and rugged Sgt. Crake, who must take the unit behind the German lines to stop the enemy from creating a legion of abomination which could turn the tide of the Great War.

While a World War rages in the trenches of Northern France, Sergeant T.S. Crake leads Unit 13, a secret elite military force, deep behind enemy lines. The diverse force follows the rumors and vague reports of diabolical medical experiments back to a small occupied village where the Germans have created something monstrous -- an unexpected weapon that will fundamentally change the very nature of modern warfare. 

When one of their own is captured during their escape, Sgt. Crake must decide whether to risk the rest of the Unit in a daring rescue. Reuniting with the Unit's support team, they are joined by two new powerful allies and the question becomes that much more pressing. Do they return to their temporary base in England or do they follow their friend's trail into the very heart of darkness?

Crake ultimately decides he cannot leave a comrade to suffer at the hands of madmen and will risk everything to save his friend. Half the German Army and a host of other dangers stand between them and success, but they have their own secrets that may just give them the edge. 

Their journey takes them halfway across Europe to the German's main medical facility  hidden in the ancient Altenschatten Castle. Will they survive the treacherous road into the lion's den? And what will they find when they get there? What horrors are lurking in the shadows of  Altenschatten?

The story comes from the co-writing team of Canadian Calvin Daniels and American Tyrell Tinnin, who met through the social networking site Facebook which has been a key networking tool for Granton City Press, although it wasn’t always a process which worked.

“I’ve made attempts with several writers, but styles and visions don’t always mesh, so several efforts went to the trash bin,” said Daniels.

But Daniels did find Tyrell Tinnin, a writer from Wichita, Kansas.

“Tyrell has been a blast to work with,” he said. “We get along great and are really on the same page in terms of the spin-off title Unit 13.”

Tinnin said he decided to give the project a try because he liked the premise.

“History with a dash of science fiction, who really could resist that combo?” he said, adding he has found co-writing with Daniels, “Working with Calvin is crazy, you never know what story curve balls that guy will throw at you.”
Unit 13 is a sort of prequel set in World War One.

“Some of the characters show up in Granton City years later,” said Daniels. “Others are unique to Unit 13, at least for now.”

Tinnin explains the ‘feel’ of the title as being “a mash-up of pulpy ‘Weird War’ and ‘Kelly's Heroes’ or ‘Inglorious Basterds’.”

Book #1 of Unit 13 is now available.

In preparation for the book’s release, Granton City Press did some pre-selling which Daniels said was important to bolster interest in the book, and to offset initial costs. People were provided a chance to pre-purchase the book, however, not just a regular copy of the book. 

Instead, the first 100 pre-sales were sold as signed &_numbered copies of the book. They were numbered 1/100, 2/100, 3/100 etc., and signed by both Daniels and Tinnin.

Anyone purchasing a book through the offer will have an opportunity to purchase signed & numbered editions of future Unit 13 novels with the same sequence number. That will mean ensuring every book you purchase has a matching number such as 3/100, said Daniels, adding there are a few S&N copies of The Horrors of Altenschatten still available.

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