Sunday, February 20, 2011


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The Shadow, the Phantom, Doc Savage, the Green Lama, Fu Manchu, the Lone Ranger. These are all characters that share the heritage of pulp magazines. Not the only ones of course, in fact only a very small fraction of the characters that have had stories told about them for over eighty years.

Think of it. It’s a tradition that dates back even farther, to the mid 1800s. They have given readers enjoyment and escapism during the darkest times of the 1900s, and enjoyed a renaissance in the 1960s and ‘70s. Even now, care of publishers such as DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics, new readers are getting exposed to some of these great characters. It’s not enough. As good as these characters are, they are, as I said, a small contingent. Unfortunately, most people have never heard of the vast majority of characters that were published on the cheap wood-pulp paper that was the only commercial option for some of these publishers.

Part of the problem is that most people only think of characters like The Shadow or Doc Savage as pulp characters. Yet, The Phantom, The Lone Ranger, and Zorro are all pulp hero characters. Tarzan, Sheena and Hopalong Cassidy are as well. To me, everything that was published in that time, on that paper, are pulp stories.

I’ve been told that I’m being overly broad with this definition. I suppose I understand that, but my goal here is to celebrate the glorious history of an, in my opinion, under-appreciated meta-genre of stories that deserve to be shared with as many people as possible.

Fantastic Pulp is dedicated to those wonderful and sometimes cheesy stories of old, but also the newer generation of stories that have started to appear. Both my co-publisher and myself have written stories inspired by these great stories, we have a Doctor Who enthusiast who is eager to share his appreciation of the character, who I feel is the embodiment of the newer pulp tradition. We also have a pulp researcher, a comics enthusiast and more.

In short, enjoy this ongoing tour through the pulp tradition. If you would like to join in, feel free to email us at or join us on our forums. Have your own pulp related website? Let’s talk about advertising or link exchanges. We want people to contribute and talk, be able to meet other enthusiasts. Please, join us and have fun!