Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been a while, but the ALL PULP Panel is back!  And this time around we're asking a simply phrased question that is really quite a complicated conundrum.    We are all pulp fans, writers, artists, creators, etc. here at ALL PULP and with what many are calling the Pulp Renaissance in full swing, one question begs to be asked...Just what qualifies a story as pulp?  What things have to be in a tale for it to be considered pulp fiction?

Now, here are some rules-You can only list three things that you believe make a story a pulp story.  They can be the same three things as someone else, they can be different, but only three.  Now, it may take more than three things to make a tale pulp, but you can only list three.

You can discuss your three, argue for or against someone else's choices, and just tear loose-AS LONG AS YOU ARE RESPECTFUL.  ALL PULP reserves the right not to post replies or comments that are rude or disrespectful to individuals.

OK, so there it is...What three aspects need to be in a story to make it pulp? 

If you want to join in, send your comments to and your response will be posted!  Comment as many times as you without further ado, let the Panel procede-

From Luis Guillermo Del Corral
Well, in my humble opinion, there are the 3 aspects that make a pulp story:

-Plot driven. A solid charismatic plot. Pulp is about things happening. Even when the characters are talking between them, the dialogue must flow in a way that makes flow the plot and story.

-Adventure!: This can be space opera, or a mystery story. A PI doing his job, a hero battling evildoers. An expedition searching a lost city in the Arabic desert... must be something larger than life.

-Fun!.Ok, this is very subjective, but pulp is evasion, entertainment. get away from anxieties and problems for a moment, allowing us to relax and believe in other, more appealing worlds.

Oh, and thanks for this chance of being on the Panel ^^