Wednesday, November 16, 2011


JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER #3 by Chris Madden will be in comic shops on Wednesday, November 16th. 

IDW Publishing is thrilled to introduce JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER, an exciting, month-long, weekly comic series for the five-Wednesday month of November. Created, written, drawn, and lettered by rising star Chris Madden, the artist on the upcoming Danger Girl: Revolver series, this special five-part series is timed specifically to release one issue a week for each Wednesday of the month.
In issue #3, Newly minted Courier Jack Avarice and his partner Sam Kind are off in a race against time to find the deadly Eyes of Fate -- but their mysterious enemy is hot on their heels! With their only lead dead and the fuse lit, they'll lead a trail of destruction and burning tire tracks across India from Jaipur to the lost temple of Angkora -- but will they find the answers they need in time? And who is behind their mysterious opposition, blocking them at every turn?
32 Pages.

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