Thursday, November 10, 2011

Airship 27 adds new titles to its Indy Planet Library

Airship 27 Productions Air Chief, Ron Fortier announced that three more Airship 27 titles have been posted at Indy Planet, the new POD site where the entire Airship 27 library is being re-released. This is in addition to the mass market Cornerstone Book Publishers editions and Airship 27's digital editions of each title.

Airship 27's latest release was CHALLENGER STORM - Isle of Blood by Don Gates & Michael Kaluta, SHERLOCK HOLMES Consulting Detective Vol II, and GREEN LAMA UNBOUND by Adam Garcia.

This brings to 11 the total of our 42 titles Rob Davis has been able to get up at Indy Planet in a relatively short time. Come Jan 2012 Rob will be creating the Airship 27 Super Site where all our books, of all formats, will be available at one handy location for all our fans to find.
Thanks for you continually support.

Airship 27 has released the following titles at Indy Planet:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 1:

Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 2:

Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3:

Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 1:

Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 2:
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective 1:

Robin Hood King of Sherwood:

Challenger Storm - Isle of Blood -

More to come.