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November 25, 2011
The Treasure Chest overflows at Christmastime! It's busting at the seams with DVDs! Radio Archives has put all of our DVDs in the chest and priced at a 50% discount! Just in time for the Holidays!
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'A Classic Christmas' with Ed Sullivan on DVD for only 99 cents and the Famous Guest Stars two hour CD set for only Ten Cents. There's enough of these two products for everyone to enjoy them this Holiday Season.
Merry Christmas from Radio Archives!


NEW Radio Set: The Lives of Harry Lime, Volume 4
Zither music. A gun shot. And a haunting baritone voice. "That was the shot that killed Harry Lime. He died in a sewer beneath Vienna, as those of you know who saw the movie "The Third Man". Yes, that was the end of Harry Lime - but it was not the beginning. Harry Lime had many lives - and I can recount all of them. How do I know? Very simple: because my name is Harry Lime." This opening, considered one of the classic introductions of old time radio, along with the exquisite talent of Orson Welles makes The Lives of Harry Lime one of the richest, most intriguing programs ever produced in Radio's heyday.
Orson Welles played Harry Lime in the 1949 film The Third Man and in The Lives of Harry Lime. Welles had a unique and distinctive talent for radio; he had learned a great deal about dramatic production during his time as "The Shadow" in the 1930s and while creating and starring in "The Mercury Theatre on the Air" and "The Campbell Playhouse" and he brought many of radio's production techniques to his films.
The character of Harry Lime is a somewhat difficult one to describe. Lime is a rogue, a scoundrel, and an opportunist - an amoral character whose main interest in life is making money and living well, no matter what underhanded activity is required. A criminal? Yes. A thief? Most certainly. And, of course, a man who is not to be trusted under any circumstances. But, for all of this, Harry Lime is a fascinating character that listeners have always found undeniably attractive - an anti-hero whose life, in some ways, bears a close resemblance to that of Welles himself, who was not above a bit of chicanery or performing a disappearing act to avoid responsibility. Harry is, above all, a survivor - and, to his credit, he has a habit of taking advantage of those who would readily be taking advantage of him if they had the chance.
In this final volume from Radio Archives, all of the nuances in the programs can be heard in sparkling high fidelity sound - an important consideration for a program chock full of plot details, overlapping conversations, and multi-layered sound patterns. The Lives of Harry Lime, Volume 4 is the perfect closing chapter for a classic program that deserves exactly what it gave listeners-the best of everything. The five hour collection is $14.98 for the Audio CD version and $9.98 for the Digital Download version!
by Tommy Hancock
Christmas is a time of many things. A time of remembering. A joyous celebration for children. And most definitely a time of tradition. Radio Archives brings you a timeless tale that is fondly remembered, speaks to children of all ages, and is a part of Christmas tradition in families all over the world. Looking for a Christmas adventure to enjoy with your family? Then look no further than Radio Archives' The Complete Cinnamon Bear.
A 26 episode adventure that originally played six nights a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, The Cinnamon Bear relates the adventures of Judy and Jimmy, The Barton Twins, in Maybeland, a world they discover while hunting for decorations in their attic. On a hunt for the silver star to top their tree, the twins meet Paddy O'Cinnamon, the 'Cinnamon Bear'. With shoe-button eyes and a growl that would make any bear envious, Paddy guides Judy and Jimmy through the fantastical realm of Maybeland in pursuit of their silver star. Along the way they confront the Crazy Quilt Dragon who has stolen the star as well as characters like Fe Fo The Giant, Captain Tin Top, Mr. Presto, and of course Santa Claus himself.
The Cinnamon Bear appeals to listeners of all ages. For some it will spark nostalgia of a simpler time, for others it carries hints of tales and stories they read as children, and for all, The Cinnamon Bear is an excellent example of what can be done with a good story in an audio format. Some of the best voices of the period participated in this program and that, combined with the wonderful musical score and the sparkling audio quality to which its been restored makes The Cinnamon Bear a must have. It's available now for $20.98 on Audio CDs and $13.98 as a digital download.
And if you're already a Cinnamon Bear fan and looking for great serials to add to your Christmastime collection, then Radio Archives has two other fantastic shows to offer! Jump Jump and the Ice Queen follows the adventures of an orphan named Tim determined to find Santa and make sure that he visits the orphanage. Lost in the woods, Tim encounters a three inch tall elf named Jump Jump, very appropriate indeed. The two set out on a quest to find Santa and save Christmas! Also available is Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon. Elves on a moonbeam enter six year old Jonathan's room, causing his teddy bear Guz to give chase. Jonathan follows right up the moonbeam after them and straight into a mission to save Santa Claus, held captive in the land of Squeebobble. Teaming up with the Man in the Moon and others, Jonathan races through one wild land after another trying to rescue Santa and save Christmas! Each collection is $17.98 on Audio CDs and $11.98 as a digital download.
Christmas is also of course a time of giving! Here's a handful of Audio gems that would make great presents for your favorite audio fan!
Thrill to ten fantastic hours of the hard boiled adventures of 'America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator," in Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Volume 1 for $29.98 on Audio CDs and $19.98 for digital download!
Enjoy quality family entertainment and a slice of small town life with Dr. Christian only $17.98 on Audio CDs and $11.98 for digital download!
Cheer for a classic Comic strip character as he fights his way to success in and out of the boxing ring! Pick up Joe Palooka on CD for $14.98 or as a digital download for $9.98!
Ride into Yesteryear with one of the West's best known heroes-It's O'Henry's frontier Robin Hood in The Cisco Kid, Volume 1! On CD for $29.98 and Digital download for $19.98!
Blast off this Holiday Season with classic Sci Fi Camp! Listen to great galactic adventures on The Planet Man, Volume 1, on CD for $29.98 and Digital download for $19.98!
Pack all these great Audio classics and more onto your sleigh this Christmas from Radio Archives!
The Jade Ogre Is Doc Savage's Epic Adventure
Will Murray's monumental Doc Savage adventure The Jade Ogre is now available in a 12-hour audiobook from
Based on an outline by Lester Dent, The Jade Ogre tells the story of one of Doc Savage's most exciting and exotic adventures. Accompanied by his five aides, his cousin Pat Savage, and a cast of unique characters, Doc races to unlock the secret of the Jade Ogre, a fantastic Oriental villain who unleashes death in the form of disembodied flying arms, capable of disintegrating its victims in a flash of fire. But the lethal flying arms are merely the cover for a more deadly menace – the mysterious Jade Fever, which strikes down its victims with a deadly virus that turns its victims green as jade.
"In this tale of mistaken identity, Oriental mysticism, and high adventure, Doc faces one of his most formidable and mysterious foes," says Producer/Director Roger Rittner. "More than 11 hours in length, this tale never flags in excitement, mystery, and thrills."
As Will Murray says in his liner notes, "The Jade Ogre is my greatest pulp epic – a wild quest into the darkest heart of Asia to track a malevolent monster."
Narrated by Michael McConnohie – whose previous Doc Savage audiobook, Python Isle, was an instant hit with listeners – Michael essays every role in the story with unerring vocal impressions that give life to Murray's distinctive characters.
In addition to the 36-chapter story, the 12-CD set includes two bonus audio features: a continuation of Will Murray's discussion of the creation of Doc Savage, and his memory of creating The Jade Ogre from Lester Dent's notes, plus how Pat Savage has contributed to the Doc Savage canon.
Listen to a sample of The Jade Ogre. The Jade Ogre is available now from at $37.98 for the deluxe 12-CD set, or $25.98 for instant digital download.
Listeners are enthusiastic about Prince of the Red Looters, the first audiobook from featuring the pulp hero, The Spider.
Bobb Lynes writes:
"Listening to The Spider on audio is as close as you can get to the movie serial version ... and you don't have to use your eyes! Your production is as good as the serials, but with pulp 'blood n' guts' thrown in."
Eric Troup writes:
"The narration is perfect for the over-the-top style of The Spider. Nick Santa Maria sweeps you along in an adrenaline-filled, nonstop wave of action and suspense that simply does not let up until the end of the book. Robin Riker's performance complements the narrative well.
"The sound effects made the production even more immersive, making me feel like I was watching a narrated movie. And the music! It put the final touch on my 'movie-going' experience. It sounded for all the world as if the sound were bouncing off the back wall of a theater. By the third chapter, I was popping popcorn and grabbing myself a soda, with my earbuds jammed into my ears all the while.
"This story has it all – sword fights, escapes, insurmountable odds, nail-biting suspense, unexpected twists, a superb villain, and so much more. This is an audiobook – as well as a great Spider story – that you simply can't afford to miss!"
Prince of the Red Looters is available in an 6-CD deluxe set at just $19.98, or as a digital download at just $14.98.
Fans are flocking to to tune into to the audio tales of Doc Savage!

The full-cast NPR series The Adventures of Doc Savage continues to garner accolades from Doc fans as well as those just discovering the greatest adventure hero of the 1930s. With a full cast of voice actors, and special scripting by Roger Rittner and Will Murray, The Adventures of Doc Savage is non-stop action in 13 exciting installments.
In Python Isle, Doc Savage and his iron comrades race to untangle a weird puzzle so deep that the only clues can be found in the Bible! Written by Will Murray and produced and directed by Roger Rittner, Python Isle features dramatic narration by Michael McConnohie, cover art by Joe DeVito, and more!
A super-criminal emerges in White Eyes, the second Doc Savage audiobook from! From his skyscraper headquarters high above the streets of New York City to the sugarcane fields of Cuba, Doc Savage races to crush gangland's latest uncrowned king! White Eyes features dramatic narration by Richard Epcar, cover art by Joe DeVito, plus fantastic extras!
Need a unique gift for the Adventure fan in your life? Looking for that surprise for that special someone who loves tales of Heroes and Villains? Want to put a bow on the best Mystery, Horror, Sci Fi Pulp available? Then you're in the right place. The Pulp Book Store is your Christmas Connection for fantastic Classic and New Pulp books and other products!

Girasol Collectables Inc. is one of the world's largest reprinters of classic 1920s through 1940s pulp fiction. There are more than 300 different issues available in their Pulp Replica line, plus their quarterly Spider Pulp Doubles trade paperbacks, in addition to several thousand pages of classic material in various hardcover collections available under their imprint. The primary goal is to produce high quality facsimile page reproductions, scanned directly from the original pages, with no editing or reset text. The Pulp Replica series is assembled pulp-style, on off-white paper, offering not only a complete reprint of the full magazine, but a sense of the original format as well. While other reprints often call themselves replicas, the Girasol line is the only one assembled pulp-style, the others are trade paperback format. The wraparound covers and spine are carefully retouched to be as close to 'new' as possible. The only thing missing is the flaking paper and the smell! They are also one of the few pulp reprint publishers who adhere rigidly to their self-imposed schedules, providing regular output consistently.
Girasol began as an offshoot of the pulp collection of brothers Leigh and Neil Mechem. Pulp collectors since the late 1970s, the Mechems decided to expand into buying and selling original pulps on a wider basis in the late 1990s, incorporating the company in 2003. The name is taken from one of their favorite characters, the Shadow, who wears a ring with a Girasol gem; the stone is a type of fire-opal, which changes hue in different lights, and is an identifying feature of the character. The Replica line began in the late 1990s with occasional offerings, which soon went to a twice-a-month schedule, then to three-a-month, which it continues today. Leigh and Neil are involved in all aspects of producing the Replicas, which involve considerable digital work, as well as hand-assembly of the final product. The original concept, which is still their mandate, is to offer high quality facsimile versions of classic issues that are otherwise unaffordable or unobtainable to many collectors, and to continue the spirit of the classic magazines into current times.
One of the great things about the vintage material is the understanding writers and artists had of the nature of the heroic; while there are certainly followers of flawed and anti- heroes, the pulps offer excitement and adventure with inspiring, clear-cut characters who follow their chosen path admirably. Pulp cover art also continues to be impactful and dynamic, in spite of the changes in styles and mediums over the years. Current pop culture devotees are appreciating not only the place the original magazines hold historically, but also their influence on comic books and movies. With their emphasis on short format, fast-paced, exciting reading, the pulps are ideal for readers looking for immediate thrills.
Among the Mechem brothers' personal favorites is the Spider, and they have been particularly excited to tackle bringing this great hero to new audiences through the Pulp Replica line, as well as the Spider Doubles trade paperbacks series. The Replicas offer the originals in chronological order, from #1 on up, with 12 new issues each year. January 2012 will see the start of 1940, with issue #76. The Mechems are looking forward to having the complete run of 118 original issues available in Replica form in a few short years' time. No other major pulp character has ever been completely reprinted in a facsimile edition. The brothers are also especially pleased to have made available the early years of Weird Tales magazine, which was a major influence on horror and weird fantasy as it is today; the 1923, 1924 and 1925 issues are all but impossible to obtain in original form.
Girasol Collectables has been concentrating in recent years mostly on maintaining top quality reprints for fans of not only the original pulp material, but the format and style of the physical magazines themselves. Leigh and Neil hope that the Replicas will not only provide existing collectors and enthusiasts with items for their collections, but will also introduce newcomers to a better understanding of these vintage classics via a convenient but faithful reprint medium.
Sanctum Press unleashes two new Reprint Volumes of Pulp's Greatest Heroes into the Pulp Book Store!
DOC SAVAGE Volume 53!
The Man of Bronze battles the supernatural in classic pulp thrillers by Lester Dent writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, Doc Savage follows his stolen dirigible to a magic island and discovers the lost city of Ost, in an expanded novel with never-before-published text from Lester Dent's original manuscript. Then, Renny Renwick awakens in the body of a fugitive gangster after encountering a strange impish man. What is the bizarre connection between the One-Eyed Mystic, a stolen military secret and a Nazi plot? This classic pulp reprint features the original color pulp covers by Robert G. Harris and Modest Stein, Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray, writer of eight Doc Savage novels.
THE SHADOW Volume 55!
The Shadow's true identity takes center stage in two classic pulp novels that inspired the classic 1940 Shadow movie serial. First, explorer Kent Allard is invited to join The Green Hoods, a hooded secret society whose true purpose is an enigma. Then, airplanes carrying wealthy passengers disappear over the Rockies, setting The Shadow on the trail of the criminal mastermind called Silver Skull. PLUS "Prelude to Terror," a 1939 radio classic. This instant collector's item showcases both classic pulp covers by George Rozen, the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and commentary by popular-culture historians Ed Hulse and Will Murray.
Knightraven Studios brings Epic Pulps to the Book Store
Radio Archives is proud to welcome Knightraven Studios and Wayne Reinagel to the Pulp Book Store!
Pulp Heroes - More Than Mortal
Pulp Heroes - Khan Dynasty
Modern Marvels - Viktoriana
Review of "The Murder Master" from Doc Savage, Volume 15
By Dr. Art Sippo

The Red Spider is an authentic lost Doc Savage novel that had not been printed in any magazine. It was rediscovered by Will Murray in the late 1970s among Lester Dent's papers. The original title was "In Hell, Madonna" which was a quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Scene Five: "I think his soul is in Hell, madonna."
It is 1949, and the world is buzzing with this question: "Do the Russians have the atomic bomb?" Doc Savage is sent on a secret mission to the heart of the Soviet Union to discover the answer. He is flown in by a supersonic aircraft and does a high altitude parachute jump into the heart of Mother Russia. Monk Mayfair and Ham Brooks are already there under deep cover. The plan is to infiltrate the heart of the Kremlin and discover the truth.
Doc and his aides must make their way through hostile territory where the secret police hold the populace in thrall and everyone is considered a spy until proven innocent. The Bronze man battles with both his wits and fists to carry out his mission.
During this adventure he meets a host of intriguing characters: Zardnov, the Russian spymaster, Seryi Mitroff, a beautiful female Russian agent whom Doc Savage starts to fall for, the mysterious Frunzoff who holds all of Russia's secrets and Josef Stalin, the mad dictator of the Soviet Union whom Doc Savage confronts face to face. This is a cold war spy novel that presaged the work of Ian Fleming, John le Carre, and Len Deighton. Don't miss it! Available now for $12.95 from Radio Archives!

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Great quality and great programs. At 76 I have many fine memories of what is called Old Time Radio. I heard my dad tell my mom, years ago..."I know he has that radio on under his blankets"
Jim Gaudet:
Now that you are carrying the Altus books, among others, I plan to make a series of very large orders. Let me offer my congratulations on your audio productions! They are terrific. Also, congratulations on your expanded line of pulp reprints! I was requesting this back at the start of this year, and apparently I am not the only one doing so. I have been buying Shadow, Doc Savage, and Spider reprints from you for about a year now, and look forward to enjoying your expanded selection. Many thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!
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