Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pulp 2.0 Press Unleashes The Terror Of Frankenstein!

Cover Art: Mark Maddox
The 2nd volume in our NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN series, TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN by Donald F. Glut is now being processed by Kindle and Nook and should be available tomorrow for your devices.

In this adventure, the Frankenstein monster is captured by a notorious group known as OGRE and spirited away to their island headquarters. Under the leadership of the Mandarin, they use the monster to further their plans, by kidnapping the lovely Lynn Powell, assistant and fiancee of Dr. Burt Winslow - the man who brought the terrifying creature back to life.

In order to rescue Lynn and stop the creature once and for all, Winslow invents a robot into which he can place his consciousness and control the metalloid. But Winslow doesn't realize the deadly power of the Mandarin and the hordes of men at his command on OGRE Island.

As always, the price for this volume of pure digital pulp entertainment is a mere 99¢. It is available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE (Germany) and Nook.

The cover for this spectacular showdown between creator and creation is our own Mark Maddox. The art can be seen at

Pulp 2.0 is also finalizing edits for our first graphic novel THE MIRACLE SQUAD which will come out in print first through Amazon/Createspace. Expect this edition to be ready in October, and will feature a ton of bonus features never before seen.

We will also be releasing an ERB THRILLOGY for digital-only and featuring brand new cover art and interior illustrations by Doug Klauba! Three classic heroic novels by the Master of Adventure Edgar Rice Burroughs - TARZAN OF THE APES, A PRINCESS OF MARS and THE MUCKER. Available in a new digital edition for only 99¢. It will make a great 'Kindle-stuffer" this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas - Pulp 2.0 will be releasing our 2nd graphic novel - the 25th Anniversary edition of SCARLET IN GASLIGHT. The horror-mystery will be out in time for the holidays and the new blockbuster movie coming out starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. This will be a print-first edition that must go under your Christmas tree. This 25th anniversary edition features an in-depth interview with creator Martin Powell who discloses all of the mystery behind the creation of the 1st meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Dracula.

To learn more about Pulp 2.0 Press, please visit them at

Addendum -

The sales of this digital edition of TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN are now on hold. Artist Mark Maddox is not satisfied with his work and is revising the already spectacular cover art to meet the exacting standards he wants to set for this series.

Keep checking this space for details on the updated release date.