Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lance Star: Sky Ranger Flies Into Indy Planet

Pulp Anthology Vol. 1
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Flies Into Indy Planet

Airship 27’s Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthologies volumes 1, 2, and 3 are still available to bookstores and on-line outlets via Cornerstone Books. In addition to these outlets, the pulp anthology series joins the Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book at Indy Planet at a new low price. A quick find search for Lance Star will pull up all four titles.

Pulp Anthology Vol. 2


Ron Fortier & Rob Davis of Airship 27 Production are happy to announce all three volumes of their pulp aviation series, LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER are now available for sale as Print-on-Demand books from ( for the price of $15 each plus shipping handling.

"Eventually all our books will be available at Indy Planet," Fortier announced recently. "We’ve thirty-nine titles in our catalog and it will take a few more months before all are available there."

Pulp Anthology Vol. 3
"Readers should log on to the main menu page at Indy Planet and type in the book’s title in the upper right hand search slot," Fortier continued. "We are thrilled with partnering with Indy Planet and the quality of their product is as good, if not better, then all other POD outfits on the market today."


Comic Book Vol. 1
If you’ve been at all interested in picking up the entire Sky Ranger saga, you can get all three volumes and the comic book adventure for just $48. Now that’s a steal on any planet.