Friday, September 9, 2011

Moonstone’s Domino Lady joins the iPulp Fiction Library

Cover Art: Uwe Jarling
Moonstone’s Domino Lady joins the iPulp Fiction Library at

Decades before Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, pulp fiction's sultry Domino Lady intrigued and enchanted and then disabled and destroyed evildoers in her vengeful quest for justice as she dismantled political machines and exposed corruption in the courts and in the Capitol.

The Domino Lady stories available for $0.75 digital release include:
The Domino Lady and the Crimson Dragon by K. G. McAbee
Blondes in Chains by C. J. Henderson
Target: Domino Lady by Bobby Nash
Cover Art: Jeff Butler
Stealing Joe Crick by Chuck Dixon
The Claws of the Cat by Ron Fortier
The Strange Case of The Domino Lady and Mr. Holmes by Nancy Holder
The Devil, You Know by James Chambers
Plus, read the Forward by Joan Hansen for free

Moonstone’s Domino Lady tales are now available at iPulp Fiction for only $0.75. Learn more at
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