Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Pulp Interviews: Moonstone’s Return of the Monsters - Jay Piscopo

Cover: Dan Brereton
This Halloween, Moonstone heads back to their monstrous roots with the Return of the Monsters Event. Return of the Monsters features four stand-alone tales of pulp’s mightiest heroes facing off against some classic monsters. One of those titles called The Spider vs. The Werewolf by writer Martin Powell with art by Jay Piscopo. All Pulp sat down with Jay Piscopo about this upcoming book.

All Pulp: Tell us a little about yourself and your pulp interests.

Jay Piscopo: Well, I’ve been working as a commercial artist for over 20 years and I'm very engaged with my own company Nemo Publishing and The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli graphic novel series. As to pulp interests, I remember seeing Doc Savage paperback covers when I was little and when Marvel and DC created the comic adaptations of Doc, The Shadow and The Avenger I was hooked- and it prompted me to seek out the prose. I love the primal aspects of pulp heroes and created an homage character in Capt'n Eli named Commander X.

Art: Jay Piscopo
AP: You’re providing the art and tones for the Return of the Monsters Halloween event book, The Spider vs. The Werewolf. What can we expect from this titanic throw down

JP: As I mentioned before-- the 70s pulp comic adaptations really hooked me- and finally to work on a pulp/comic was really a thrill. The Spider is primal, savage energy and The Werewolf is as well- Let's just say when they clash, the fur is flying!

AP: The Spider Vs. The Werewolf has a pulp hero battling a classic monster, a combination that even though done in some regards hasn't ever really been done the way Moonstone is doing it with the Return of the Monster event. What do these genres have in common and how do they differ in ways that complement each other?

Art: Jay Piscopo
JP: What is interesting to me is how The Spider is very much like a classic monster as well as a hero. The Werewolf and The Spider seem to be opposite sides of the same coin. Both are primal and savage, but the legend of the werewolf is rooted in tragedy, where The Spider always triumphs. And The Spider seems to be in control of his bloodlust and savage nature enough to focus it.

AP: The Return of the Monsters Halloween event brings back several classic monster archetypes to Moonstone’s lineup. How does this version of the werewolf compare and contrast to previous versions of the character?

JP: I think the writer, Martin Powell has added a new human element we haven't seen before to the werewolf human host. I don't want to spoil anything, but this werewolf is very much in the vein of other incarnations but has his own tragic twists.

Art: Jay Piscopo
AP: What appeals to you about pulp heroes battling classic monsters? What was it that excited you about visually pitting the Spider against a werewolf?

JP: To overuse a word, I'd have to say the characters are both primal.. Constantly in movement and unpredictable -- pitting two characters like this against each other and drawing them in action is a dream.

AP: What, if any, existing pulp, monster, or comic book characters would you like to try your hand at drawing?

JP: I think like most pulp fans and creators- Doc Savage and The Shadow would be first choices-

Return of the Monsters Covers By Dan Brereton
Art: Jay Piscopo
AP: What does Jay Piscopo do when he’s not drawing?

JP: ah--- i try to take a breath once in awhile.

AP: Where can readers find learn more about you and your work?

JP: would be the best place and here’s a facebook link

AP: Any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

JP: Our 4th annual Commander Xmas free online book will be available this December at the Capt'n Eli website- featuring comic and new pulp creators-

And Ive got some new characters that are going to finally see print soon- as well as a third Capt'n Eli book on the way.

AP: Thanks, Jay.

JP: Thank You!

The Spider vs. The Werewolf is solicited in August Previews for an October in store release.