Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Pulp Interviews: Moonstone’s Return of the Monsters - Jeff Austin

Cover: Dan Brereton
This Halloween, Moonstone heads back to their monstrous roots with the Return of the Monsters Event. Return of the Monsters features four stand-alone tales of pulp’s mightiest heroes facing off against some classic monsters. One of those titles is Domino Lady vs. the Mummy by co-writers Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. All Pulp sat down with artist Jeff Austin to talk about this upcoming book.

All Pulp: Tell us a little about yourself and your pulp interests.

Jeff Austin: Well, I'm a freelance artist who spends a lot of time inking-embellishing others. My pulp connections come largely from my book collection, which contains many anthologies comprised of pulp stories.

Art: Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
AP: You’re providing inks and tones for the Return of the Monsters Halloween event book, Domino Lady vs. The Mummy. What can we expect from this titanic throw down?

JA: Guns, mummies, a strong female character and guys in trench coats.

AP: Domino Lady vs. The Mummy has a pulp hero battling a classic monster, a combination that even though done in some regards hasn't ever really been done the way Moonstone is doing it with the Return of the Monster event. What do these genres have in common and how do they differ in ways that complement each other?

JA: I'm sure many pulp readers back in the day wished for a merging of story action character with a dash of supernatural overtones [think Doc Savage meets Weird Tales]. Moonstone is allowing readers to finally see it on paper.

AP: The Return of the Monsters Halloween event brings back several classic monster archetypes to Moonstone’s lineup. How does this version of the Mummy compare and contrast to previous versions of the character?

Art: Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
JA: Imagine an ancient Egyptian pinup queen...the Betty Page of her time...resurrected from the dead to win over the hearts of modern man... well, maybe not... it's a female, anyway...

Art: Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
AP: What appeals to you about pulp heroes battling classic monsters? What was it that excited you about visually pitting the Domino Lady against a mummy?

JA: Good looking woman battles undead ancient woman.... it's a study in texture and tone. Smooth-sexy versus crusty-dusty.

AP: What, if any, existing pulp, monster, or comic book characters would you like to try your hand at drawing?

JA: My dream assignment would be to work on an Addams Family comic. That's close, isn't it?

Art: Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
AP: What does Jeff Austin do when he’s not drawing?

JA: Watching movies, sleeping or thinking about different ways to draw.

AP: Where can readers find learn more about you and your work?


AP: Any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

JA: Well, there's always FemForce...I'm slowly planning out some solo projects.... I do various things for Main Publishing.... Still need to finish up inking a Lance Star story over the talented Rock Baker [same penciler on this Moonstone book]... and about half a dozen other ink assignments crying for my attention.... crying..... begging......

AP: Thanks, Jeff.

JA: My pleasure. Now go away... I got pages to ink....

Domino Lady vs. the Mummy is solicited in August Previews for an October in store release.