Monday, September 19, 2011

All Pulp Interviews: Moonstone’s Return of the Monsters - Nancy Holder

Cover: Dan Brereton
This Halloween, Moonstone heads back to their monstrous roots with the Return of the Monsters Event. Return of the Monsters features four stand-alone tales of pulp’s mightiest heroes facing off against some classic monsters. One of those titles is Domino Lady vs. the Mummy by co-writers Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. All Pulp sat down with Nancy Holder about this upcoming book.

All Pulp: Tell us a little about yourself and your pulp interests.

Nancy Holder: I absolutely love pulp fiction. I grew up reading a lot of comic books—I had subscriptions to so many! I loved Tarzan, Justice League, and lots of DC. I also read the scary ones even though they completely freaked me out. I loved Kolchak (and still do, to this day.) I love the resurgency of pulp fiction. You have to give it your all as a writer or it’s just a watery pastiche. I love feeling that engaged with what I’m doing.

Cover: Uwe Jarling
AP: Your story, co-written with Bobby Nash, for the Return of the Monsters Halloween event is called Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy. What can we expect from this titanic throw down?

NH: Bobby is so amazing and wonderful. I love Bobby. Let’s put it this way—our mummy’s a female. And our "Ardath Bey" is a female. I guess it’s no surprise that a dame like the Domino Lady has many, er, admirers.

Domino Lady doesn’t usually delve into the supernatural. So this is a very cool departure for her.

Art: Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
AP: Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy has a pulp hero battling a classic monster, a combination that even though done in some regards hasn't ever really been done the way Moonstone is doing it with the Return of the Monster event. What do these genres have in common and how do they differ in ways that complement each other?

NH: Moonstone gets how much people love the pulpy feel of some kinds of fiction—adventure, horror, romance. That’s why I love to write for them. Moonstone writers are writing love stories to the flat-out investment readers in the 30’s had in this kinds of stories. One of my favorite movies of all time is Karloff’s THE MUMMY. That is one classy, scary movie. I’ve watched it a gazillion times and it never fails to thrill me. The Domino Lady is an anomaly in pulp fiction—smart and sassy, an adventuress and a sex goddess, but not a superhero per se. All she’s got is some knockout drops (and powder, but she uses that sparingly), a shiny silver gun, and some great gams to use in her battle against evil. But when you’re Domino Lady that’s all you need.

AP: The Return of the Monsters Halloween event brings back several classic monster archetypes to Moonstone’s lineup. How does this version of the Mummy compare and contrast to previous versions of the character?

Art: Rock Baker and Jeff Austin
NH: This mummy is all female—a true "femme fatale." As ambitious and ruthless as other Karnakian incarnations. She spends a fortune in moisturizers. That’s a joke.

AP: What appeals to you about pulp heroes battling classic monsters? What was it that excited you about pitting the Domino Lady against a mummy?

NH: I love writing Domino Lady and as I mentioned, I loved that Karloff version of the Mummy. Lucky for me, Bobby was as enthusiastic as I was.

AP: You’ve been spearheading the Domino Lady’s comic book adventures for Moonstone. What’s ahead for the book and character?

NH: Domino Lady is teaming up with Sherlock Holmes and going to Egypt again. And of course there’s a guy for her to love up… I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s a two-parter and it’s going to be a stunner.

Art: Rock Baker and Jeff Austin
AP: What, if any, existing pulp, monster, or comic book characters would you like to try your hand at writing?

NH: The Crypt Keeper! More Kolchak. I’d love to do Vampirella.

AP: What does Nancy Holder do when she’s not writing?

NH: Sleeps. Actually, I’m a devoted mom and I love all that that entails. I also teach in the Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing Program offered through the University of Southern Maine. I love it.

AP: Where can readers find learn more about you and your work?
I’m on facebook and I tweet. @nancyholder.

AP: Any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

NH: I’m writing a lot of young adult dark fantasy these days. I work with another partner, Debbie Viguié. Our second book in our Crusade series, DAMNED, is out now. UNLEASHED, will come out on November 22—two days before Thanksgiving. I’m stuffing my turkey with the first draft.

AP: Thanks, Nancy.

NH: Thank you!!!

Domino Lady vs. the Mummy is solicited in August Previews for an October in store release.