Monday, June 24, 2013


New Pulp publisher, Big Pulp has released their June newsletter.
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Big Pulp Newsletter
June 24, 2013
LGBT Collection now in print and for the Kindle!
+ Big Pulp Summer 2013 and APESHIT!

Looking for great fiction? Visit the Big Pulp Store on Amazon!

Every issue of Big Pulp magazine is available for the Kindle for just $2.99!

But there's more! You can also find links to short stories, novels, and story and poetry collections by our Big Pulp authors, in either print or ebook editions.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of books competing for your dollars on Amazon. Let us help you find the good stuff! Though these collections are not published by us, these authors have all received the Big Pulp thumbs up, appearing at least once in our pages. Why gamble when we've gone through the slush pile for you?

Like Big Pulp, our Amazon Store has a wide range of work - SF, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, and romance. Check it out! You'll be glad you did!

Clones, Faires & Monsters in the Closet
Clones, Fairies 
& Monsters in the Closet
Gay warlocks, lesbian warriors, bi-curious neighbors, super-queeroes, prison bitches, freedom fighters, and drag queens occupy this collection of LGBT-themed SF, mystery, horror, fantasy, and romantic fiction! Available now in print and for theKindle on Amazon!

Support our IndieGoGo campaign! 
Big Pulp can't survive on submissions alone! Check out our newest IndieGoGo campaign to get copies of our Summer 2013 issue, our LGBT book, our upcoming monkey-themed anthology, original art, Jankies, and other goodies! 

Big Pulp Summer 2013: Catskin
The son of a smalltown sheriff takes crime prevention into his own hands, but curiosity may kill the cat, in Arley Sorg's "Catskin", the cover feature to the Summer 2013 issue of Big Pulp! This issue has a spooky cateye cover by Phil Good and more than 20 SF, Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery stories and poems! 
Who doesn't love a monkey? This collection is chock-full of 200+ pages of giant apes, detective chimps, helper monkeys, gun-toting gorillas, occult orangutans, militant marmosets, time-traveling capuchins, zombie fighters, winged servants, astronauts, missing links, ice cream treats and infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters!  

Big Pulp is CLOSED for submissions

Big Pulp's latest submissions period closed on May 31. We are reading and selecting work for publications scheduled for 2014. If you submitted during this period and haven't heard from us, be patient! We're reading and re-reading and making tough decisions from among the great work we received. 
We plan to announce our next themed collections soon! Join ourFacebook page or follow us on Twitter to be sure you get the news! 

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