Monday, May 16, 2011


NOTE-All PULP ARK reports during the next two-three days, unless otherwise noted, are written by Tommy Hancock, ALL PULP Editor in Chief and PULP ARK Organizer and Creator)

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Tommy Hancock, PULP ARK Founder and Coordinator
in front of the con location!
 Even though the first ever PULP ARK Creators Conference/Fan Convention didn't officially open its doors until 12 Noon Friday, a few stalwart individuals made their appearance in the humble little burg of Batesville the night prior.  Bobby Nash, writer and Conventioneer extraordinaire was the first to appear at 151 West Main Street, formerly the Batesville Grand Opera House, currently the Cinnamon Stick Restaurant and Coffee Shoppe.  Not long after Bobby came Dr. Art Sippo, one half of the Book Cave Podcast duo and author of SUN KOH: HEIR OF ATLANTIS.  Art actually stayed until the set up and rehearsal for...well, that'll come in a bit...

Pro Se writers Ken Janssens and Lee Houston Jr at PULP ARK!
 Following set up on Thursday night and meeting up with Joe Gentile from Moonstone and Nancy Hansen, Ken Janssens, and Lee Houston Jr. from Pro Se Productions, all grew quiet until the following morning.  Other faces showed up at the Comfort Suites for breakfast on Friday, including Rob Davis and Ron Fortier with Airship 27 Productions and veteran author Barry Reese and his fantastic family.  Good conversation was had by all, basically the how-are-yous and get-to-knows...then it was off to the venue!

Wayne Skiver of Age of Adventure getting ready for business!
 For those who did not come, even pictures won't do much justice to how awesomely cool the building we held PULP ARK in was.  Originally built in the 1880s, much of the original woodwork and such is still there, but its not a pristine glowing artifice.  It's a cool, old building with an awesome below ground room.  Lovingly called 'the dungeon' by PULP ARKers this weekend, this room was originally the dressing rooms and props area for the Opera House and the walls are the exposed original stone.  Also, the lighting is low and the air is just slightly musty, so it gave a great 'cavern' feel to the room, easily everyone's favorite part of the venue.

Wayne Reinagel's epic table for his epic tales!
Once set up was done that morning, we'd added Scott and Patrick Cranford, Scott being a writer with Age of Adventure, and Ric Croxton, the other half of the Book Cave, and unlocked and opened at 12 Noon.  Although business was slow from a 'fan' standpoint, some selling took place between those of us that made up the 'Pulp crowd' as well as people curious as to just what a 'Pulp Ark' was.  The biggest plus of the day...and of the entire weekend actually...was the opportunity to meet people most of us had never physically met before and the resulting fellowship.  Not to mention the ideas...ohhh, the ideas that blossomed.

Dr. Art Sippo (left) and Derrick Ferguson at PULP ARK
 Most of our other guests and such ventured in in the late evening, including Derrick Ferguson with Pulpwork Press, Carol Fuller Samelson, Bob Kennedy, Van Plexico with White Rocket Books, Wayne Reinagel with Knightraven Studios, writer Terry Alexander, artist Pete Cooper, Pulp Dealer David White, Springfield Comics' Ron Hamilton, and Megan Smith, writer for Pro Se Productions.

OK, so Domino Lady on the right...
But who is that masked adventuress with her? hmmmm...
 Also, PULP ARK had a couple of visitors on this first day, visitors of the female AND masked variety.  One was very familiar to most Pulp fans in her black DOMINO mask and her LADY like dress and cape.  The other, however, was a mystery for much of the that revealed its bubbly, actiony adventury self later...

The official programming began at 4:30 PM with...well, that'll wait until the next report, now won't it?  Not long, kiddoes, not long!