Sunday, May 29, 2011


Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and member of the New Pulp Movement announced today that the first ever tale of THE PULPTRESS, 21st Century Pulp Heroine and spokesperson for Pro Se and New Pulp, would be available for anyone interested for FREE for a period of one week.

"The Pulptress," Hancock said in his statement, "is a concept and a figure that has already drawn much interest since her debut two weeks ago at Pulp Ark. But she's more than that.   She is just a hint at all that New Pulp has to offer any reader, from the uninitiated person to the avid, obsessed Pulp fan.  There's a vibrance, an excitement to The Pulptress that draws directly from the vibrant exciting pace and and action that New Pulp is rifled with.  And to celebrate that connection as well as to put a little more New Pulp out there, we'd like to offer this first tale of The Pulptress for free to any takers for a limited time.  And New Pulp fans take note-There is a special guest star in this first tale that many New Pulpsters may recognize."

The tale, written by Hancock, is one of a collection that is being written and will be printed by Pro Se Productions when complete.  Other writers currently participating in this collection include Derrick Ferguson, Robin Bailey, Ron Fortier, and Barry Reese.  

In order to get your free copy, email Hancock at between now and Sunday, June 5th, 2011 and the story will be emailed to you directly.

"This is an opportunity," Hancock pointed out, "to introduce your friends who may know nothing of New Pulp to the Movement and get others interested in the heroic fiction some of today's best writers are producing!"