Friday, December 2, 2011

Read Ardden Entertainment’s Flash Gordon #1 And #2 For Free


Ardden Entertainment LLC is excited to offer the critically-acclaimed and sold-out FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS #0 and #1 for free! See where Ardden’s Flash Gordon series got started!

Find out why Publishers Weekly, Ain’t It Cool News, Newsarama and others have given it such raves, saying such things as: "With each new issue in (Ardden’s) series we are witnessing the definitive modern take on the Flash Gordon mythos" (Geek Goggle Reviews).

To read FG: TMW #0 and #1, simply click on the following link:

Additionally, any comic book retailer who sends Ardden Entertainment a copy of Dynamite’s FLASH GORDON: ZEITGEIST #1 will receive a FREE copy of FLASH GORDON: THE SECRET HISTORY OF MONGO, the 80 page trade paperback original that features stories by J.M. DeMatteis, Denny O’Neill, Joe Casey, Jim Krueger, Len Wein, Tom DeFalco, and more!

This 80 page book retails for $7.95! For more information, please email us at or visit us at

Ardden Entertainment LLC was formed in 2008 and is the proud publisher of FLASH GORDON: THE MERCY WARS, FLASH GORDON: INVASION OF THE RED SWORD, and many more quality comics. They are also the publisher of the upcoming Flash Gordon arcs: THE VENGENACE OF MING, in which Ming invades Earth, and KING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, promising a Flash Gordon unlike any ever seen before!